Quotes from White Collar Episode "Withdrawal"

Season 2, Episode 1 Air Date: July 13, 2010

Diana: Where are you going?
Burke: To see an old friend.

Caffrey: How are you holding up?
Burke: They don't let me wear ties.
Caffrey: Overrated.
Burke: Food's as bad as I remember.
Caffrey: Coffee?
Burke: Instant.
Caffrey: Cruel and unusual punishment.

Burke: Talk some sense into him.
Mozzie: We'll take that under advisement, Suit.

Burke: I hope you're not planning on walking with that.
Caffrey: No law against thinking about it.

Caffrey: "We'll catch him." That's your halftime speech?
Burke: Well, you could have said something.

Mozzie: I need a new nickname.
Caffrey: Mozzie's not cutting it anymore?
Mozzie: What about, um, The Question, or perhaps The Skeptic. Con man!
Caffrey: If you left a calling card, how would you sign it?
Mozzie: I would never leave a card. It's way too brazen. Would you? Of course you would.

Caffrey: Since when are you concerned with FBI cases?
Mozzie: Uh, since you started spiraling into the dark place.

Burke: You're just a hedge-fund manager with too much time on his hands.
Walker: Well, having a hobby is not illegal, is it?
Burke: Depends on the hobby.

Walker: Mr. Caffrey a suggestion for the next time you commit a crime: don't get caught. And on your back swing, just keep it smooth.

Whitney: You know, do you wanna look at these back at my place?
Caffrey: Where’s that?
Whitney: Gramercy Park.
Caffrey: Yeah, that’s within my radius.
Whitney: Your what? Oh um… Is that a tracking anklet?
Caffrey: Electronic monitoring anklet actually. It's a... a funny story though. A couple years ago, the Feds came after me for everything from art theft to counterfeiting. The only thing they got me on was bond forgery.
Whitney: I thought you worked for the FBI?
Caffrey: Oh yeah, yeah, with Peter. He caught me. Both times. Anyway, this is a big day for me. You’re the first girl I’ve had a drink with since I got out of prison.
Whitney: Wow.
Caffrey: That’s not… not a problem, is it?
Whitney: I should really go.
Caffrey: OK, is it something I said? Or you... You know where to find me. Have a good one.

Mozzie: Neal Caffrey on paper, not so good.

Elizabeth: What do you think he was going to say?
Burke: I don't know.
Elizabeth: Do you think he was going to leave Kate?
Burke: I don't know. Doesn't matter.
Elizabeth: I think it matters.
Burke: Why, it's kind of a moot point now.
Elizabeth: It matters to you.

Caffrey: They've been in there for almost an hour. Yeah. Do you think we'll lose the case?
Diana: With the Department of Justice, we'll be lucky if that's all that happens.
Caffrey: C'mon. We were set up.
Diana: They know that.
Caffrey: Yeah.
Diana: And they think that Peter should have known that. This is the FBI, Neal, we don't act unless we're sure. Peter trusted your lead.

Caffrey: There's something you should know. When we were at the hanger that day before everything happened I was gonna tell you something.
Burke: What?
Caffrey: I didn't want to run anymore. If I'd have gotten on that plane, regardless of whatever deal was made, it wouldn't have felt like freedom.
Burke: Why?
Caffrey: Because it was an escape. You're right Peter, I have a life here.

Burke: It's not fun being tweaked by the bad guy, is it?
Caffrey: Especially when you see him make one of your friends look like an idiot.
Burke: What?
Caffrey: Not that you looked even—
Burke: A little bit?
Caffrey: Yeah, you kinda...
Burke: Yeah.

Burke: Vanity is not cause for indictment.

Caffrey: Hell hath no fury like a fed scorned.

Caffrey: What do you say? Want to break into a bank?

Caffrey: There's always another way…

Caffrey:We make a pretty decent team.
Burke: Bank robbers?
Caffrey:I see you smiling. Come on. The infamous Caffrey and Burke? We'd be legend.
Burke: Yeah, I can see the wanted posters now, but it would be Burke and Caffrey.

Walker: If I did it, would they make me a junior FBI agent too?

Caffrey: They're going out the back.
Burke: It doesn't matter.
Caffrey: I'm going after them, Peter.
Burke: Let them go. They've got guns. Neal! Damn it, he never listens to me.

Burke: Do you really think you can outrun the FBI?
Caffrey: For the record, it's a marathon, not a sprint.
Burke: You would know.

Caffrey: Because you'll get caught.
Burke: Again, he would know.

Mozzie: I saw a mockingbird in the park. (Peter doesn't answer) Then you say, "What color is the mockingbird?"
Burke: I'm doing the newspaper thing. I'm not doing the stupid bird thing.

Mozzie: I can't rat out a friend.
Burke: It's to protect him.
Mozzie: That's the same rationale that was used by the Gestapo and the KGB.
Burke: Look, he's my friend too.

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