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White Collar Where There's a Will
Season 3, Episode 2 Air Date: June 14, 2011

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“The crime isn't the hard part. The hard part's getting away with it.” – Neal Caffrey


The Cons

Neal, Mozzie and Satchmo pull a "blind man's bluff" on the Planetarium staff. Mozzie posed as a blind man with Satchmo runs into a locked office and Mozzie seeing the security code.

Neal pulls a "traveling salesman" where he poses as Chris Gates from Interpol and chats up Melissa at the bar.

Interesting Facts

The planetarium featured in this episode is the Frederick Phineas & Sandra Priest Rose Center for Earth and Space. It is an extensive update of the old Hayden Planetarium

Character Information

The Bad Guy

Brett Gelles is a tech-savvy salesman who updated Roland’s security system. He had credit problems after his business dried up and he asked Roland for money, but Roland refused. Gelles then devised a plan to kidnap Savannah and hold her for ransom.

Nazi Nonsense

Mozzie has lined up a buyer for one of the Degas paintings. Neal meets a woman named Melissa with D.C. art crimes. He later arranges a meeting with her at a bar and learns that Peter has a page of the manifest from the submarine. He then calls Mozzie to tell him not to sell the painting.



"Well, to paraphrase the man who brought down the Soviet Union, it's easier to trust when you can verify."

"Trust, but verify" was a signature phrase of President Ronald Reagan and the man Mozzie is crediting with bringing down the Soviet Union. Interestingly, this quote was mentioned by Peter in The Portrait.

Glen Close

"Did you pick a name?" "Close." "Glenn Close?""

Glen Close is a five-time Academy Award nominated actress.

"A rose by any other name, Neal."

Mozzie is quoting the famous line from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

"It sounds like they're ripped from a Salinger novel."

J. D. Salinger was an American author who wrote the 1951 novel The Catcher in the Rye.

"Tycho Brahe."

Tycho Brahe really is a 16th century Danish astronomer and he really did right a poem to his dead twin that was published in his first book.

"Her attaché it's from the Smithsonian."

The Smithsonian Institution is a complex that includes 19 museums and galleries and the National Zoological Park in Washington D.C.

"Roland is like a Copernican cross between Dan Brown and Scott Turow."

Copernican refers to Nicolaus Copernicus, the first man to formulate a theory that displaced the Earth from the center of the universe. Dan Brown and Scott Turow are authors of thriller fiction. Brown is best known for the 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code. Turow for his 1987 novel Presumed Innocent.

"Yeah. 'Be prepared.' Eagle scout."

Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America.

"I already lined up a buyer for the Degas."

Edgar Degas is a 19th century French painter that is best known for his paintings of dancers. (I haven't been able to identify which--if any--of the paintings is seen in this episode.)

"Well, this is the first time a G-man has come to the planetarium on official business."

G-man is short for Government man.

"Donated by an equally eccentric, recently deceased modern-day Howard Hughes."

Howard Hughes was a very wealthy businessman and philanthropist.

Bob Vila

"What, you want to come down and give it a go, Bob Vila?"

Bob Vila is an American home improvement television show host.

"He ran his own paper mill, primarily from tulip-tree stock, which has a very low acetic content."

Tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) is a hardwood tree native to the Eastern United States.

"Look, the real manuscript could be left in a Turkish bathhouse without risk of harm."

Turkish bathhouse are basically saunas or steam baths.

"The one from the planetarium turned into a Shrinky Dink the second it hit the air."

Shrinky Dinks are children's toys that you color and then bake, which takes large pieces of plastic and shrinks them into hard pieces.

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Writer:Mark Goffman Director:Sanford Bookstaver
Regulars Guest Stars
Neal Caffrey
Peter Burke
Elizabeth Burke
Clinton Jones
Diana Barrigan
Sara Ellis
Matt Bomer
Tim DeKay
Tiffani Thiessen
Willie Garrison
Sharif Atkins
Marsha Thomason
Hilarie Burton
James Roland
Josh Roland
Brett Gelles
Melissa Matthews
FBI Agent
FBI Agent
Danny Masterson
Chris Masterson
William Sadler
Anna Chlumsky
Richard Bekins
Kaitlyn Fay
Sheena Colette
Alex Kruz

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