Quotes from White Collar Episode "Unfinished Business"

Season 2, Episode 5 Air Date: August 10, 2010

Caffrey: Are we going to Montebello?
Burke: Yup.
Caffrey: Times Food Critic called it the best new restaurant in Manhattan.
Burke: Yep. Gave it three stars.
Caffrey: Wow. They practice molecular gastronomy.
Burke: What?
Caffrey: It's a revolution in fine dining where chefs use biochemistry to create new and exotic dishes.
Burke: A grill works just fine for me.

Caffrey: Peter, this is like me taking you to the Yankee stadium and listening to the game in the parking lot.

Burke: Someone stole a hundred million dollars in Japanese bearer bonds.
Caffrey: Samurai bonds, nice. That's what they call it on the street.

Sara: Agent Burke, nice to see you. Neal Caffrey, it's been a while.
Caffrey: Sara. Nearly five years since you testified at my trial —against me.
Sara: Well, you did steal a painting insured by my employer for several million dollars.
Caffrey: Not according to the jury of my peers.
Sara: Your peers were in prison.
Caffrey: A few of us managed to stay out.
Sara: I could fix that.
Burke: Sorry to break up this happy reunion, but we're here to talk about the Samurai bonds. That's what they call them out on the street.

Burke: You should stop walking. Put your hands above your head.
Caffrey: Yeah, running just annoys him.

Caffrey: So you're basically a high-class repo man.
Sara: I prefer white collar bounty hunter.
Caffrey: You should put that on your business card.

Mozzie: Definitely no accident.
Caffrey: Did you ever think that it was?

Caffrey: She testified against me.
Burke: I testified against you.
Caffrey: Oh, that's different. How can I work with her? I'm the cunning art thief who slipped through her fingers.
Burke: I don't think she used those words.

Caffrey: Sara, I feel we got off on the wrong foot here. Let's start over.
Sara: You want to be friends?
Caffrey: Why not.
Sara: Okay, what? Coffee...grab a bite?
Caffrey: Sure.
Sara: How a dinner? Or maybe a movie. You like classics, right?
Caffrey: Good memory.
Sara: You name the date Neal. I'd love to spend time with you. Anything to keep you talking...
Caffrey: You're recording me?
Sara: Mm-hmm. Everything you say can and will be used to nail your ass to the wall and recover my painting.
Burke: Everything okay, Neal?
Neal opens his mouth, but doesn't say anything.
Burke: What was that?
Neal smiles and gives a thumb's up sign.

Caffrey: Any time you guys wanna break that safe distance you're maintaining, I'd appreciate it.
Burke: He's back up!
Caffrey: Have I mentioned how long my flight was? Lawrence of Arabia long.
Burke: He's giving us the take-down signal. Where is he?
Jones: GPS is coming up.
Caffrey: I hope you guys are close because I think I'm supposed to kill somebody.
Burke: Did he just say "kill somebody"?
Caffrey: I'm walking into a house with a loaded gun. Please stop me. The driver has a gun also. If I don't do this, he might. So I'm gonna go through with this until you get here.

Caffrey: It's not what it looks like.
Sara: It looks like you're trying to kill me.
Caffrey: Okay, it is what it looks like—I was sent here to kill you.

Caffrey: You're really redefining business casual.
Sara: Hardly recognized you without the ruger.

Sara: First things first, I need some pants.

Mozzie: You were supposed to be here an hour ago.
Caffrey: Yeah, well we can't all spend the night sipping wine on my couch.
Mozzie: Not with that attitude you can't.
Caffrey: I was a little busy posing as a professional killer.
Mozzie: As you said.
Caffrey: Are you tipsy?
Mozzie: A little bit.

Caffrey: She put a gun in my face.
Mozzie: And cocked it?
Caffrey: Yeah.
Mozzie: You've come back from worse.

Sara: What do you want from me, Caffrey?
Caffrey: Who says I want anything.
Sara: I do. You're a con man. You smile for a living. And you're smiling at me right now, so I know that you want something.

Burke: Hey kids. Playing nice?
Sara: Neal brought me a gift.
Burke: The stolen Raphael? Cute.
Sara: He wants something from me.
Caffrey: I can't get you a gift?
Sara: When someone like you gets someone like me a gift, there's a reason. Peter, what do you think Neal wants?
Burke: He's never given me a present.
Caffrey: I sent you birthday cards.
Burke: Was it a present? Neal, do you want something from Ms. Ellis?
Caffrey: I'd like her to stop pointing guns at me.
Burke: That can be arranged.

Mozzie: Now explain to me why your hair was slicked back. Amateur production of Grease? I do think you'd make a sublime Danny Zuko.
Caffrey: Not Kenickie?
Mozzie: Please. You're not a follower.

Caffrey: You know what they said about curiosity...
Sara: Curiosity can't kill me if I'm already dead.

Sara: What do you want from me, Caffrey?
Caffrey: Who says I want anything?
Sara: I do. You're a con man. You smile for a living. And you're smiling at me right now, so I know that you want something.
Caffrey: All right. I would love... For you to pass me that fortune cookie. You first.
Sara: Apparently excitement and intrigue follow me. How about you?
Caffrey: I make delicious soups.
Sara: Confucius has you pegged.
Caffrey: Well, it's true, actually. I do.
Sara: Yeah?

Sara: Dress how you want to feel, right?

Sara: Neal came by. We had a nice little chat.
Burke: Is he in one piece?
Sara: Yes, I left him whole.
Burke: Good. I prefer him that way.

Burke: My advice? Get a life. You work too hard.
Sara: And you don't?
Burke: Mm.
Sara: What is it they say? "We can sleep when we're dead."
Burke: That's a good idea. You're dead. So get some rest.

Mozzie: You had a very specific syrah here that I wanted to try, but it's gone missing.
Caffrey: I drank it. The pinot is fine.

Sara: Get me a cab.
Caffrey: I'm headed that way.
Sara: You have a car now? Which agent's ride are you about to steal?
Caffrey: Borrow. I'll leave a note and everything.
Sara: Mm-hmm.
Caffrey: I'll get the Raphael. Don't want you to forget it.

Sara: You know, Neal, for an art thief...
Caffrey: Alleged art thief.
Sara: Yeah. For an art thief, you certainly have your moments.
Caffrey: Well, I doubt you'll be saying that after a shower and a few hours of sleep.
Sara: Yeah, you're probably right.

Sara: Excitement and intrigue follow me wherever I go.
Caffrey: That's probably true for both of us.
Sara: Yeah. Looking forward to trying that soup.

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