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Unfinished Business White Collar
Season 2, Episode 5 Air Date: August 10, 2010

Sara Ellis, an insurance investigator from Neil Caffrey's past, returns to request Peter Burke's help recovering stolen samurai bonds. Neil is brought in to pose as a courier believed to be transporting the stolen bonds. Much to his surprise, the courier ends up being a hit man hired to kill none other than but end up posing as a hit man hired to kill Sarah. Sara decides to fake her death to lure out the man she suspects has the bonds and ordered her death, Edgar Halbridge. This brings Sara into Neal's playground which makes him nervous since she is still after him about a Raphael she thinks he stole five years earlier.

While Sara camps out at the FBI, Neal puts pressure on Halbridge hoping he will slip up and reveal why he wants her a dead or where he has hidden the bonds. Instead, Halbridge hires a construction crew to dig up an apartment complex he owns. Peter swoops in with a warrant and discovers Halbridge's true secret. He is really a man named Steve Price who lived at the same apartment complex as Halbridge in the 1980s. Price murdered the real Halbridge in order to assume his identity and steal his inheritance. For more information, check out Quotes from "Unfinished Business" or "Unfinished Business" Nitpicks.

“You're a con man. You smile for a living. And you're smiling at me right now, so I know that you want something.” – Sara Ellis


The Con

Neal lifts Halbridge's bodyguard's gun at Halbridge's house.

Interesting Facts

One of the most famous lost paintings is Raphael's "Portrait of a Young Man." It was taken from the Czartoryski Collection in Cracow by Hans Frank, the Nazi Governor-General of Poland during the World War II. Frank was later captured by American forces in Bavaria but the Raphael had vanished and is now regarded as the most celebrated work of art to disappear in wartime. It has never been recovered.

Character Information

The Bad Guy

Edgar Halbridge is a bi-international real-estate guy that stole some Samurai bonds and hired a hit-man, Mr. Black, to kill Sara Ellis. He is actually Steve Price. Back in the 80s, Price and Halbridge were tenants at Ridgemont Apartments. Price killed Halbridge in order to collect Halbridge's inheritance. Price then buried Halbridge at Ridgemont and assumed his identity.

Mr. Black is an American ex-pat that is hired by Halbridge as a hit-man to kill Sara Ellis. Black said he would be recognized by wearing a Diesel leather jacket and carrying a copy of Atlas Shrugged.

Kate Clues

Neal and Mozzie investigate the wreckage of the plane. The bomb destroyed the back end of the plane. They attempt to get the cockpit voice recorder, but it ends up in Sara Ellis's possession



White Collar allusion Raphael

The stolen Raphael

In the episode, there is continual reference to a Raphael painting Neal stole. The painting Neal gives Sara is "St. George and the Dragon." It has not been stolen, but is on view at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

"Have I mentioned how long my flight was? Lawrence of Arabia long!"

Lawrence of Arabia is a 1962 British film based on the life of T. E. Lawrence. The original runtime for the movie was 210 minutes. (The director's cut is 218 minutes). The average length of a movie in the U.S. is about 120 minutes.

"Truth is the first chapter in the book of wisdom."

Mozzie says this while going through Neal's wine collection. It is slight misquote of Thomas Jefferson who said, "Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom."

White Collar allusion Danny Zuko

"Now explain to me why your hair was slicked back. Amateur production of Grease? You would make a sublime Danny Zuko."

A reference to the movie/Broadway play Grease due to the way Neal is dressed (hair slicked back with a black leather jacket). In the movie, Danny (played by Travolta in the movie) goes his own way and falls in love with goody-two-shoes Sandy.

"His own "Tell Tale Heart."

The "Tell Tale Heart" is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe about a man who kills someone and buries him in the floor. His guilt, however, causes him to imagine he can still hear the old man's heart beating under the floorboards.

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Writer:Jeff Eastin Director:Tricia Brock
Regulars Guest Stars
Neal Caffrey
Peter Burke
Elizabeth Burke
Clinton Jones
Diana Barrigan

Matt Bomer
Tim DeKay
Tiffani Thiessen
Willie Garrison
Sharif Atkins
Marsha Thomason

Roy Disson
Sara Ellis
Security Officer #1
Edgar Halbridge / Steve Price
Robert Clohessy
Chris Jackson
Hilarie Burton
Anthony DeVito
Folake Olowofoyeku
John J. Schneider
Ivo Velon
John Pyper-Ferguson

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