Unanswered Questions from White Collar

When you spend as much time as I do reveling in the White Collar universe, you start to notice there are certain things that the series never bothered to answer. It's possible that the scenes containing these answers were cut during production, or that series producers/writers/directors didn't think they were important. I'm here to say that they were wrong. I hope to one day start a second page titled "Answered Questions" that I can move these to when they finally get answered on the series.

June on White Collar

What is June's last name?
Can you believe that this question hasn't been answered yet? It's never been mentioned. I feel like we're dealing with a partial Mr. Big issue from Sex and the City. (If you've never seen the show, the series didn't reveal the character's real name during the show.) Maybe it's Willie Garson's fault. Perhaps he put it in his contract that there must be at least one recurring character who doesn't reveal their name on any show he's on. In this case, Jeff Eastin negotiated with him and they settled halfway in the middle.

How many children does June have?
We know that June has two grandchildren but we never hear or see her children. I firmly believe that she decided to skip having children and just have grandchildren.

What happened to The Greatest Cake?
Remember the bakery Neal purchased during Free Fall. It was briefly mentioned in Out of the Box and then we never heard about it again.

Does Jones still smoke?
I know, this is a very minor detail, but I'm still hoping we will learn more about Jones someday. I don't think he has quit, and that's why the van smells so bad. (Sorry, smokers but it does tend to get in your clothes and when you put someone who smokes in a small space with no ventilation...)

Lauren Cruz

What happened to Lauren Cruz?
She just disappeared! (Where are Sully and Mulder when you need them?) I have a theory that she ran off with one of Garrett Fowler's goons. That or Peter had to have her transferred because she became obsessed with Neal. In fact, she it would be interesting to bring her back and have her go after Neal...

Garret Fowler on White CollarWhat happened to Garrett Fowler?
He just disappeared too. Did he go to jail? Did OPR make him disappear? Did he go out one of those side doors in the FBI that lead to alternative universes (another theory of mine)?

When are they going to fix the black hole in the FBI office?
It appears that we can add Reese Hughes to the growing list of disappearing FBI agents. I guess that's why Hughes's assistant forges his name on his paperwork: because the man can never be found. He hasn't been in his office once all season. I have the growing suspicion that the wanted posters on the back wall are actually filled with FBI employees rather than criminals.

To date, the following FBI agents have "disappeared" into the FBI black hole: Lauren Cruz, Garrett Fowler, Jack Franklin, Reese Hughes, Bancroft. I'm close to adding Ruiz and Kimberly Rice to the list (although Rice may have been fired) since they didn't make an appearance when they should have.

What were the "mysterious circumstances" surrounding Fowler's wife's death? Did Vincent Adler have anything to do with it?
I am guessing that Vincent Adler had her killed, but I am not sure. Since Fowler was so upset about her death, I don't think he killed her. I'd like to know what those mysterious circumstance mentioned were. Maybe it was just a scam by the insurance company so they wouldn't have to pay out.

What happened to Lucy, the dog from Book of Hours?
Lucy the dog Remember the sick dog that belonged to the homeless Iraqi war vet, Steve? Don't worry, it seems no one else did. Last we heard, Burrelli was taking her to his vet, but we never learned what happened to her. I think it is sort of cruel of White Collar to put a sick dog in the show and not let us know what happened to her. And what about Steve? Did he strike up a friendship with Burrelli? Is Burrelli more friendly toward the homeless now that he knows one?

Why are there always three people in the van?
I only remember two times that there were less than three people in the van (in Countdown and in Veiled Threat). Otherwise, there are always at least three, usually four or five people in that van. Now, sometimes this makes sense. If we're referring to Jones, Diana, Neal and Peter are in the van. Shove them all in there to give them more screen time.

That's not what I'm referring to. It is this bizarre need to put OTHER people in the van--extras that don't have lines and add little to the scene. They are like Star Trek's redshirts. You see them once, and then they disappear. Don't believe me, check it out for yourself:

Van image from Power Play Van image from Need to Know Van image from Book of Hours

Why doesn't Jones use his law degree?
I get that Jones is smart. He did go to Harvard. But discovering he went to Harvard Law School sort of changes my perceptive on him. Shouldn't he be using that law degree? I'm not saying he shouldn't work for the FBI White Collar Division (although I imagine his MOTHER is) but I think he could field law questions from time to time.

How do they get all that stuff into Neal's apartment?
For some reason, I imagine the White Collar writers sitting around a table trying to figure up bigger and bigger items to put in Neal's apartment. Remember, it is on the fourth floor of the mansion and there is no elevator (as stated in Home Invasion). Yet, they continually pile large objects into it. First time I noticed was in Out of the Box with Neal's sculpture. (I still don't know how he moved that downstairs.) Then, in Season 2, Mozzie had a large tank so he could weld the antennae. Now, in Season 3, Neal had them deliver all of the goods from his shopping spree (which included several large sculptures) to the apartment. I think in Season 4, they will have the Nazi Sub in his apartment. (Which for the record, I still don't understand how they managed to get into New York harbor and then into that warehouse without anyone seeing them.)

Why doesn't anyone drink soda (pop, coke or whatever you call it where you live)?
No one on the show ever asks for a soda. Usually, they are drinking wine, beer or coffee. On very rare occasions, they have drunk tea. But usually it's wine or beer (if it's after 5 or they are in Neal's apartment) or coffee if they are having breakfast or at the office.

Why don't the bad guys wear ties?
Ever notice that the bad guys are usually wearing suit coats but no ties? Oh sure, there are a few exceptions, but very few. Even Vincent Adler who started out wear a tie, died wearing a jacket and no tie. You never see a bad guy in a sweater or sweatshirt. Now, I can understand why they wouldn't want to wear a tie, but why do they wear the suit coat? Is it written in the bad guy rule book? (Always wear a jacket on a job. You never know when it might chilly.)

Andrew Collins Ford Gerard Dorsett Ghovat From In the Red Navarro Vincent Adler From Company Man From Flip of the Coin

What's really funny is that Neal apparently knows this. He usually takes of his tie when he needs to go undercover as a bad guy.