White Collar Episode "Threads" Recap

Season 1, Episode 2 Air Date: October 30, 2009

Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey are attempting to catch a cab in New York City during Fashion Week, but are not having any luck. Every time a cab stops, Caffrey gallantly gives it away to women also waiting for a cab. Burke is upset because they are late to an interview with a witness. Finally, Caffrey holds out a bill and a cab comes screeching to a stop just as Burke proclaims that it won't work.

Back at FBI headquarters, Burke informs Caffrey they are after an Israeli counterfeiter named Ghovat. Caffrey is familiar with "The Ghost" and Burke explains Ghovat has added murder to his list of "accomplishments." In the conference room, a teary-eyed model named Tara tells how she was at a party and witnessed two men arguing. Because she hid in a closet, she did not see the men, but she heard the one who called himself Ghovat leave. When she came out of hiding, she discovered the other man had been killed. Tara says she would be able to recognize Ghovat's voice again if she heard it.

Once Tara leaves, Burke explains that they identified the murder victim as a Turkish national and known as an associate of Ghovat. Caffrey suggests that the death may have something to do with Fashion Week, and Burke agrees, then points out that that leaves them with 30,000 possible buyers—or suspects—in town. Caffrey suggests throwing a party to lure Ghovat to them. At the part, Tara can mingle with the guests and listen for Ghovat's voice.

Burke suggests the plan to his boss, Hughes, who immediately dismisses the idea. Burke eventually convinces him, but they are given only $5000 as a budget for the party. Caffrey suggests using Elizabeth, Burke's wife, to help since she is an event planner.

white collar threads

Later, Burke, Caffrey and Elizabeth are going through the FBI's seizure storage locker looking for items for use at the party. When they are finished they have the food and liquor for the party but no venue. Burke suggests that he knows the perfect place. Back at the FBI offices, he shows Neal a picture of an empty loft complete with a chalk outline of a body. Burke feels it would be perfect, but Caffrey disagrees. At that moment, Caffrey's phone buzzes. Caffrey checks and declares he has 65 supermodels lined up for the party. His phone buzzes again and Caffrey declares he has a friend with the perfect place for the party.

white collar threads

In the next scene, Burke and Caffrey are standing on a beautifully landscaped roof garden. Burke agrees it is a better location and starts setting up for the party. Caffrey glances around and notices a beautiful woman in a cocktail dress standing nearby. Thinking she is a guest that arrived early, he tries to escort her downstairs only to discover she is FBI Agent Lauren Cruz, a recent addition to the FBI White Collar division assigned to keep an eye on Caffrey during the party.

white collar threads

Later, Burke and Jones are monitoring the party from the surveillance room while Caffrey is escorting a nervous-looking Tara around the party. They are having no luck identifying Ghovat until she hears a man, Dmitri, speaking Hebrew. Tara says that is the same language Ghovat was speaking and they realize that Dmitri is waiting for Ghovat.

Caffrey gets an idea and decides to steal Dmitri's phone. Ghovat sees Caffrey lift the phone, and immediately stashes his phone in the pocket of one of the guests. When Caffrey redials the last number Dmitri called, it rings Ghovat's phone and the FBI immediately tackle the guest that unknowingly has Ghovat's phone while Ghovat slips out of the party. Caffrey immediately realizes what happened but is unable to spot Ghovat.

Later, Caffrey is talking to his friend Mozzie. He is disappointed that Mozzie has had no luck figuring out how to get Neal's GPS anklet off. Mozzie tells him that he should be grateful he has a two-mile tether since he had a friend whose radius was only 22 feet. Caffrey explains that it isn't far enough for him to find Kate and shows Mozzie a picture of her in San Diego with a man's hand on her shoulder.

Caffrey explains that Kate was in San Diego looking for the items he stolen that he told her he hid there. Mozzie says he's confused since Caffrey told him he hid everything in Portland, then realizes that Caffrey didn't hide things in either play—it was all a test to see who he could trust. Mozzie suggests that Caffrey can't trust Kate since she betrayed him, but Caffrey believes the man with the ring forced her to betray him. Caffrey also thinks that Kate was trying to get a message to him when she visited him in prison that last time, but he was too upset to notice it. He wants to see the surveillance tape of that last meeting. Mozzie suggests Caffrey asks Burke for it, since they know he has a copy of it.

Back at FBI headquarters, Cruz informs Caffrey and Burke that Ghovat now has a name: Zidel Hazeva. She also identifies the other man as Andre Dmitri, an Uzbekistan national linked to arms trading, money laundering, and prescription drug fraud. Burke then informs Caffrey that he is meeting Elizabeth in the park for lunch. Before he leaves, Caffrey tells Burke he's like to see the security tape of Kate. Burke says he'll see what he can do after they have wrapped up this case.

In the park, Elizabeth and Burke are sitting on a park bench having lunch. Burke appears nervous until Elizabeth reassures him that he's done nothing wrong. In fact, she has a present for him: a new watch. She says she saw how much he admired the one he saw at the FBI seizure storage locker and, though this one is not as nice, she thought he would like it. The watch is has a black face with no numbers. Burke receives a phone call and Burke, after staring at the watch trying to figure out what the time it is, tells the caller he'll be there in five minutes.

White Collar Threads

Back at the office, Caffrey is talking to Tara who informs him that she is being moved into protective custody. Burke enters and informs Caffrey that Jones has followed Dmitri to a fashion shoot where the model seen with Ghovat is. Caffrey pulls a few strings to get them into the shoot where they observe Dmitri watching the model. Caffrey realizes that, since he has Dmitri's phone, the model is the Dmitri's only way of contacting Ghovat. Caffrey convinces Burke to let him go over and talk to Dmitri. Caffrey suggests to Dmitri that he's also interested in buying what Ghavat is selling. Dmitri tells Caffrey to get lost and gestures toward a security guard. When the guard approaches, Caffrey shrugs and he and Burke leaves. Caffrey relays the conversation to Burke who says he'll have Jones continue to tail Dmitri.

White Collar Threads

Jones follows Dmitri to a hotel on Madison Avenue. Burke has the hotel put on lock down. Later an agent reports that there are two men arguing on the fiftieth floor—the same floor Jones says Dmitri went. By the time the FBI arrive on the floor, Dmitri is found dead on the floor of the penthouse suite and Ghovat has disappeared down a service elevator. Dmitri has been stabbed and a red dress is shoved in his throat. Caffrey takes a closer look at the dress and notices a small tear the same size as an electronic security strip. Burke and Caffrey realize that the security strip could serve as miniature flash drive and be used to relay a variety of information worth killing for. Burke decides to track down the designer of the dress.

White Collar Threads

Later, the dress designer is in the FBI headquarters and admits he was forced to do what Ghovat asked him after Ghovat kidnapped his son. He doesn't know what Ghovat put in the dress, but says that he always makes two dresses and the dress Ghovat took was the wrong one. Caffrey suggests they use the dress to fishing for Ghovat.

White Collar Threads

Burke has the dress designer call Ghovat and tells him that he sold the dress to a man and his fiancée for $50,000. Later that night, Caffrey is seen escorting Tara wearing the dress. It is obvious that Caffrey is playing the part of the man who bought the dress. While at a bar, a phone is delivered to Caffrey. It rings and Ghovat is on the other end. He offers five million dollars for the dress. Caffrey counters and asks for ten million. Ghovat rejects Caffrey's counteroffer.

Back at the office, Caffrey, Burke, and Cruz are examining the phone Ghovat sent Caffrey. Jones enters and says that Tara's guards were attacked and Tara was taken. At that moment, Ghovat's phone rings. Caffrey rushes to answer it. It is Ghovat, he has Tara and demands to talk to FBI agent Peter Burke.

Ghovat tells Burke to bring the dress to the Central Park Bench tomorrow at four. As Burke and Caffrey head home, Caffrey asks to be the one to make the exchange. Burke refuses and tells Caffrey to try and help him figure out the Ghovat's plan. Caffrey says there is no reason to plan since it will just change and suggests Burke go home have dinner with his wife.

White Collar Threads

Burke does just that. He and Elizabeth are seen setting on the couch when she announces she has another gift for him. It is his old watch. She tells him she realizes that the new watch isn't him and wants to be sure he's home on time after the operation tomorrow.

The next morning, Hughes tells Burke and Caffrey that they figured out what was on the security tag of the dress: the holographic code for the latest European currency seal. They replaced the information on the tag with a counterfeit to fool Ghovat.

White Collar Threads

At Central Park, agents are in place while Burke stands in front of the Naumburg Bandshell holding the dress. He gets a phone call from Ghovat. While Ghovat tells Burke to move to a fountain 300 yards away, Burke signals to Cruz the number that Ghovat is calling from. Burke then runs to the fountain and finds Ghovat and Tara. Ghovat tells peter that he has fitted Tara with a belt lined with Plastique that can be triggered if Ghovat makes a phone call. Ghovat walks away with the dress.

Back in the surveillance van, Hughes tells the agents to let Ghovat go because they can't take the chance he's not bluffing. At the same time, Caffrey dials Ghovat's cell phone. When Ghovat answers, he greets him as "Steve." Ghovat hangs up. Caffrey tells the FBI agents to keep calling Ghovat to jam is phone and the rushes out after him. Hughes tells Cruz to go with Caffrey.

White Collar Threads

Caffrey runs through Central Park past Burke and Tara. Caffrey shouts that they are jamming Ghovat's phone and continues after Ghovat is walking away. Ghovat turns to confront Caffrey with a gun in his hand asking, "What now?" Before Caffrey can respond, Cruz tackles Ghovat and handcuffs him. Back at the fountain, Burke takes the belt off Tara and throws it across the park. Then he pushes her to the ground and covers her with his body. While they are down, Caffrey strolls up. Realizing it is safe, Burke helps Tara up.

In the final scene, Mozzie and Caffrey are in Caffrey's room watching the surveillance tape of Caffrey's last meeting with Kate in prision. Caffrey notices that Kate is tapping out a message using her finger. It is Morse code for "bottle." Caffrey realizes she is referring to the bottle she left him in her apartment.

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