White Collar "Taking Account" Nitpicks

Season 3, Episode 7 Air Date: July 19, 2011

When you watch a program over and over, you start to notice minor continuity issues, plot oversights and other goofs. This page is not intended to be a criticism aimed toward the show or anyone who works on White Collar. They produce a great show and should be proud of their work. That's why I titled it "Nitpicks" because to nitpick means "to be overly critical or criticize minor details." If it bothers you, please don't read them. This page is intended to be for people who love watching something and going "I never noticed that..."

Wacky Idea: Since Neal gains access to the account, why not transfer the money BACK into its original accounts. Or transfer it into an FBI account to prevent the original thief from accessing it. (I know, then we wouldn't get a shopping spree.)

No Credit Cards? Sara really only has one bank account with no credit cards or saving's account? She makes good money, I would bet that she has several credit cards. More importantly, given that she has been staying at a hotel, the hotel's manager would likely work with her until her money is returned. (I know, then Sara wouldn't be staying at Neal's...)

What's in a Name? The name of the helicopter company is AgustaWestland not Augusta Westland as the episode lists it. Since they really make a AW139 helicopter, I feel this is an error and not creative license.

Math Error: In the running total, the screen reads "Nadezha Faux Fur Coat: $6,000 x 16 = $90,000. However 6000 x 16 is $96,000.

Banker's Hours? Do Neal and Sara ever have to go to work? How is it they can take a day off and go shopping? Sure, Peter called and checked in on Neal earlier, but does Peter really believe that Sara is unable to fill out insurance forms (given that she WORKS for an insurance firm) without Neal's help?

Where is that Line? Sara says in this episode that "I don't cross any line I can't come back from." Where is that line exactly? First, she is sleeping with someone she and her company suspect of stealing a multimillion dollar painting (which given that he was tried and found not guilty of he could confess the theft and not go to jail for it). Last week, she helped (encouraged) Neal harbor a known fugitive wanted by the FBI. This week, she helps Neal with this bank heist without once suggesting they invovle Peter.

Use Protection! Since Peter leaked photos of Neal and Sara's shopping spree, wouldn't he want to provide protection for them until the Brauer is caught? Even if he just leaked Neal's photo, Sara is staying with him and would also be at risk. Brauer could have tracked the deliveries since the items were delivered to Neal's apartment.

Everything? Neal tells Sara that "It wasn't just the hotel. It was a time in my life when I had everything I was looking for: freedom, excitement, comfort, and the right people to share it with." Exactly who was he sharing it with? Neal fled to Europe after Kate left him. So, unless he was there with Alex or Mozzie...

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