White Collar Characters: Sara Ellis

White Collar Sara Ellis

Sara Ellis is an insurance investigator and "white collar bounty hunter" that testified against Neal at his trial. (2.5) She believes that Neal Caffrey stole a Raphael painting that she is attempting to recover for one of her clients. Peter and Neal help her recover some missing Samurai bonds. (2.5) Sara reappears in the episode In the Red after Mozzie breaks into her apartment to recover a cockpit recording. (The recording is from Kate's plane. Neal had it sent to Sara's insurance company because it was the only way he could get it.) Although Neal passed a lie detector regarding the theft, the recording was found in his house. Neal would have been arrested but Sara not agreed to not press charges in order to allow him to finish working on the adoption fraud case. (2.6)

Early Life

Sara Ellis was born on November 11th. She grew up at 7310 Lake Street. Her first car was a red Chevy Nova. (3.7)

Here's a few other things we know about Sara:

Sara and Neal's Relationship

Neal Caffrey and Sara Ellis

Sara Ellis begins a relationship with Neal Caffrey after having dinner with him at Peter and Elizabeth Burke's house. (3.1) Neal and Sara met when started investigating his theft of the Raphael painting that she wanted to recover for her boss, Sterling Bosch. (2.5) Neal later uses to get information about the explosion that killed Kate. When she finds out what he did, she agrees to help him find the answers he wants. (2.6)

Sara and Neal flirt constantly for several weeks, and finally consummate their relationship with a kiss in the basement of the library during a blackout. (2.15) Their relationship gets rocky after she sees Neal and Alex share a kiss after they are rescued, but after having dinner at the Burkes, they spend the night together. (2.16, 3.1)

After spending the night together, Neal and Sara start dating, although she does not consider it date-dates because all they do is have lunch. Neal attempts to correct this situation by cooking her dinner at her place, but their date is interrupted by Peter and a case. (3.5) They spend time together at his place as well as at her place, which is within Neal's two-mile radius. (3.3)

Sara breaks up with Neal after she discovers he has the art from the Nazi sub. (3.7) She does not reveal that she knows at first, but says they are simply too different. (3.8) Only after Keller approaches her posing as an Interpol agent asking questions about the loot, does Sara reveal to Mozzie that she knows the truth. Sara assures Neal that she will not reveal his secret. (3.9) Sara also knows that Neal has a passport under the name Victor Moreau, but does not understand the true nature of it:that it is not forged but a one that was "farmed". (3.7)

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