Quotes from White Collar Episode "Prisoner's Dilemma"

Season 2, Episode 7 Air Date: August 24, 2010

Burke: (to Elizabeth while on the phone to Jones) No sugar. Not you Jones.

Burke: Tonight date night. Don't be late.
Elizabeth: I won't.

Caffrey: Any idea why we're being called in at 8 A.M. on a Saturday?
Burke: Crime doesn't take the weekend off. Did you have plans?
Caffrey: Oh, I was hoping to go to the "White Bored" exhibit at the Powell.
Burke: White board.
Caffrey: No, no, no. White Bored. Spelled “B-O-R-E-D”. It's conceptual. The artist has taken a mundane office item and turned it into a canvass commentary on modern business.
Burke: Does he use paint?
Caffrey: Markers.
Burke: I already have one in my office.

Burke: Bancroft's here.
Caffrey: Your boss' boss.
Burke: This can't be good.
Caffrey: Do all the higher-ups do the double-finger point?
Burke: They teach it at Quantico.

Caffrey: This is the first time I've been on this side of a manhunt.

Caffrey: Franklin was a good agent.
Burke: Was. Top in his class, 12 years of service.
Caffrey: FBI Medal of Valor? That can't be easy to come by.
Burke: Hmm.
Caffrey: What happened?
Burke: He had an inappropriate relationship with his CI.
Caffrey: Really?
Burke: Yes.
Caffrey: How inappropriate?
Burke: Do you want me to draw you a diagram?

Caffrey: I'm telling you, Jones, you cannot miss this. It's mostly office motifs, all right? Imagine Shepard Fairey meets Dilbert.
Jones: That means nothing to me.

Caffrey: Before she became a CI what was she in to?
Burke: She was a car thief.
Caffrey: Do what you know.

Caffrey: You've been here before.
Dan: Yeah. A few times.
Caffrey: What's your name?
Dan: Dan.
Caffrey: Anyone ever offered you a test drive?
Dan: No. Nobody ever said “Hello”.
Caffrey: People judge. I wish it weren't so, but people judge – by your cotton-poly blend, pleated khaki slacks, by your cellphone holster – but Dan, you can wear whatever you want if you drive a Gallardo.
Dan: Yeah?
Caffrey: But that's not why you drive one. You drive one because this car is… a transcendent experience. Hello, Dan. I'm Nick Halden. You ready for a test drive?
Dan: Yeah!
Caffrey: I'll get the keys.

Caffrey: Luckily, the cars come equipped with a GPS tracking device.
Burke: Oh, just like you.
Caffrey: Just like me.

Caffrey: Hey, Moz. Sorry I'm late.
Mozzie: So, they conscripted your Saturdays. Go, FBI.

Mozzie: But the reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.
Caffrey: It's been awhile since you quoted Einstein. Means you're in a groove.
Mozzie: Well, great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weaker minds.

Caffrey: Working from home — that's one way of keeping them from looking over your shoulders.

Burke: Holster your weapon and we can talk.

Burke: I need to hot wire a Lamborghini.
Caffrey: Theoretically? Because...
Burke: No, right now I need to actually hot wire a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster. Can you do this?
Caffrey: Ooh, yeah. That's a tough one. No.
Burke: What do you mean no?
Caffrey: I mean it's a half-million dollar Lamborghini. You can't just tap two wires together and fire up the engine. You need the key.

Mozzie: I knew this day would come. The hunter has become the hunted. This way, gentlemen.

Burke: Where are we going?
Mozzie: Somewhere no suit has ever gone... nor shall ever go again.

Burke: You're a Buddhist?
Mozzie: I don't subscribe to labels.

Mozzie: Don't think this is my only safe house. One of many. I call it Tuesday.
Burke: Why?
Mozzie: Because I'm usually here on Wednesdays.

Mozzie: Ah, excuse me, you can show a little respect for the man who's harboring two fugitives? You've no idea what bringing you here is doing to my chi.
Burke: I'm sorry Mozzie. Thank you for your hospitality.
Mozzie: In that case, mi casa is SUIT casa.

Mozzie: He sold out a friend of mine who was arrested with one of his clients. I knew he was trouble. You can never trust anyone who spells his name with dollar signs on his license plates.

Burke: Mozzie, how would you like to participate in a government-sanctioned con?
Mozzie: Involving a dirty marshal, Stan, and one of his prized Lamborghinis? How about yes?

Elizabeth: Mozzie? What are you doing here?
Mozzie: Date night.

Mozzie: Have you ever heard of a "prisoner's dilemma"?
Elizabeth: Yeah, it's the idea of separating two suspects and getting them to turn on each other, right?

Deckard: Yes, one of these keys goes to your anklet. How do you like the new model, by the way?
Caffrey: It's lighter than the last one and sleek. I get a lot of compliments.
Mozzie: And the GPS is more accurate, down to the yard.
Caffrey: Yeah, I noticed.

Caffrey: You know from the moment I met you I knew You were a man of fine taste.

Mozzie: It was nice to see you Mrs. Suit.
Elizabeth: It was nice to see you too Mozz.

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