Quotes from White Collar Episode "Point Blank"

Season 2, Episode 9 Air Date: September 7, 2010

Burke: Is this a good idea?
Caffrey: You have a better one?
Burke: No. You think Mozzie can do this?
Caffrey: Oh, he is a savant when it comes to things like this.
Burke: Rain man. I get it.
Caffrey: You should see him with a Rubik's cube.
Burke: Probably can do it with his feet, right?
Caffrey: Thirty seconds, socks on or off.

Burke: Oh. This is the single greatest day of his life.
Caffrey: Yep. All the conspiracy theories have come true.

Mozzie: (speaking to the music box) We've been so close, but now we finally meet.
Burke: Is this a good idea?
Caffrey: You have a better one?

Hale: What happened to the goatee, you know I liked it?
Mozzie: We all grow up.

Mozzie: Your file's a tad too nice to have been floating around the bureau.
Caffrey: So we age it. Just like a painting.
Mozzie: Get in the mind of the file. Live the life of the file. Hear the pulse of the file!
Caffrey: Can we do this?
Mozzie: Please.

Caffrey: Oh, I know that look. You got your eye on a new bad guy.
Burke: Ah, got our next case. What do you know about stolen Spanish silver?
Caffrey: Do you even have to ask?
Burke: Oh, just once I wish I did.

Caffrey: Maybe Alex will have our answers.
Mozzie: Oh, sure. Perhaps she decoded it already using a stolen silver tea set.

Alex: Caffrey. You're looking very "To Catch a Thief" tonight. I hope you don't think I'm the little French girl and you're Cary Grant in this scenario.
Caffrey: I'd like to think here are similarities.

Caffrey: I can get that target off your back once and for all.
Alex: How?
Caffrey: Hit somewhere else tonight.
Alex: What's my take?
Caffrey: The music box.
Alex: Deja vu, Neal. We've done this.
Caffrey: Third time's a charm. The box is sitting in a safe in Diana Barrigan's apartment.
Alex: Who is she?
Caffrey: FBI agent.
Alex: You want me to break into a fed's apartment?
Caffrey: Yeah. She's sitting down in that van right now. And her girlfriend works the night shift.
Alex: Girlfriend? That must kill you. So what do I do with it once I get it?
Caffrey: Return it to the rightful owners. Give it to the Russian museum. The person who wants it will take his eye off you and put it on them.
Alex: What do you say? You're already dressed for it.

Caffrey: The van's fun.
Burke: You hate the van.
Caffrey: I like the van when Diana's in it. You're the only thing that smells good in here.
Diana: Then take your last whiff, because I'm leaving.
Caffrey: All right, Diana has more important things to do than be your potpourri.

Burke: I'll be there, but you won't.
Caffrey: You can't pull me off this, Peter.
Burke: I can do whatever I want with you. You're lucky that I don't put you in lockdown. Get out.

Caffrey: You come here to add to your stuffed-squirrel collection?

Mozzie: Oh! How did your black-on-black affair go?
Caffrey: I found Alex.
Mozzie: That's good.
Caffrey: She has no idea how to solve the code.
Mozzie: That's bad.
Caffrey: And I got benched by Peter.
Mozzie: What happened?
Caffrey: I had Alex steal the box from Diana and donate it to the Russians.
Mozzie: Oh, God. You're trying to draw him out.
Caffrey: Mm-hmm. Fowler bought the explosives that blew up Kate's plane.

Mozzie: Suit, we have a code red.
Burke: Now is not the time, Mozzie.
Mozzie: It's a dark day when I turn towards the system instead of recoiling.
Burke: Just spit it out!
Mozzie: Remember when you asked me to tell you if Neal was gonna do something stupid? Well, I regretfully report that he's out of his anklet.
Burke: Damn it.
Mozzie: But that's not the "stupid" part. He's got a gun.

Caffrey: I have five shots left — that's the only warning you get. Tell me why you killed Kate.

Burke: Look at me Neal. Look at me. This isn't who you are.

Burke: Did you kill her?
Fowler: No.
Burke: You're gonna tell me who did.

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