White Collar "Point Blank" Nitpicks

Season 2, Episode 9 Air Date: September 7, 2010

When you watch a program over and over, you start to notice minor continuity issues, plot oversights and other goofs. This page is not intended to be a criticism aimed toward the show or anyone who works on White Collar. They produce a great show and should be proud of their work. That's why I titled it "Nitpicks" because to nitpick means "to be overly critical or criticize minor details." If it bothers you, please don't read them. This page is intended to be for people who love watching something and going "I never noticed that..."

Easy Amadeus: When Mozzie is playing the synthesiser, he gets frustrated and thumps the keys. As he does, you hear a cord play. This is not possible on a minimoog because it is monophonic and incapable of playing chords.

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