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White Collar Point Blank
Season 2, Episode 9 Air Date: September 7, 2010

In an effort to track down Alex Hunter, Neal and Mozzie fake an FBI file profiling her as the "Silver Bandit." Alex has been in hiding because she has a target on her back after stealing the music box from the Italian. The ruse works and Neal convinces Alex to abandon her current plans and steal the music box from Diana's apartment instead. Neal wants her to donate it to the Russian Heritage Museum. Doing so will get the target off her back and lure out Fowler, who has been in hiding since the plane exploded. (1.14)

Peter has discovered that Fowler purchased the bomb that killed Kate. When he discovers the box is missing you knows Neal is involved and puts him on house arrest. But Neal managed to get a key to his anklet (Prisoner's Dilemma) and he uses it to evade the watchful eye of the FBI. While Peter and Fowler played cat and mouse, Neal bypasses Diana enters the Russian Museum and confronts Fowler. Peter intervenes and prevents Neal from killing Fowler. He takes Fowler back to the FBI and get the entire story out of him.

Fowler admits his wrongdoings but explains he was not behind it all. He was being blackmailed by somebody else, but he doesn't know who. Meanwhile Mozzie who is working on decoding the music box is sitting on a bench when he is shot by Julian Larsson, who steals Mozzie's notebook before he walks away. For more information, check out Quotes from "Point Blank" or "Point Blank" Nitpicks.

“I have five shots left — that's the only warning you get. Tell me why you killed Kate.” – Neal Caffrey


The Con

Neal and Mozzie create a fake FBI file to find Alex.

Interesting Facts

The music heard in this episode include the Theme to the 1960s show Batman by Neal Hefti and "How You Like Me Now" by the Heavy

Character Information

The Bad Guy

Garrett Fowler the former OPR agent is back. He reveals that he is not the man behind everything. He was manipulated too. According to Fowler, his wife was killed during a robbery a few years earlier under suspicious circumstances when Fowler was working in the violent crimes division. Fowler took a year off when he got a call from an anonymous voice that identified his wife's killer. Fowler tracked down the killer and killed him. A few days later, he received a package in the mail with a tape of him committing the murder. The mysterious voice called Fowler and told him the tape would disappear if he gave him the music box.

Kate Clues

A second comb is found inside the music box. The buyer for the parts for the bomb that blew up Kate's plane was Aaron Burgis (Fowler). Alex stole the music box from Diana and gave it to the Russian Heritage Museum. Fowler was being blackmailed after he went after his wife's killer and killed him. He wanted to trade the music box with the man for the evidence against him. That man is the "patchwork man." Fowler recognizes him as Julian Larsson. He and Larsson trained together in special forces.



"Rain man. I get it."

Rain Man is a 1998 movie about an autistic savant. Neal refers to Mozzie by this nickname in the episodes "Threads" and "By the Book".

Hidden music in "The Last Supper"

In 2007, Giovanni Maria Pala discovered a 40 second Hymn hidden in Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper." Pala drew the five lines of a musical staff across the painting. After which, objects such as the loaves of bread on the table and the hands of Jesus and the Apostles represented a musical note.

RuneScape's encoded flute solo

RuneScape is a multiplayer online role-playing game. In the game, the song "Norse Code" spells out RuneScape in Morse code.

Geographical coordinates hidden in music in Close Encounters

In the 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, witnesses report UFOs playing a five-tone musical phrase. When the scientists broadcast the phrase into outer space, the aliens respond with a series of numbers that is translated into a set of geographical coordinates that point to Devils Tower.

Cesar Milan

"She has you dog whispering?"

Cesar Milan, also known as the dog whisperer, is a renowned dog trainer.

The song Mozzie and Jones humming while reading the file.

The song is the theme song to the 1960s TV show Batman.

"Commissioner Gordon"

Commissioner Gordon is the police commissioner and ally to Batman in all of the movies and TV series and through most of the comic books.

"Easy Amadeus"

Amadeus is a fictional stage play based upon the lives of composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri written by Peter Shaffer.

"The last credible report has the box disappearing from Konigsberg Castle in '45."

Konigsberg was a castle in Königsberg, Germany (now Königsberg, Russia). The castle was bombed during the World War II and its ruins destroyed in 1968.

Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief

"You are looking very To Catch a Thief."

To Catch a Thief is a 1955 movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock that starred Cary Grant as a retired jewel thief.

"Benjamin Siegelbaum."

Mozzie calls June's pug "Benjamin Siegelbaum." Earlier, June called him Bugsy. Both of these names are references to Bugsy Siegel, an American mobster.

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Writer:Jeff Eastin Director:Kevin Bray
Regulars Guest Stars
Neal Caffrey
Peter Burke
Elizabeth Burke
Clinton Jones
Diana Barrigan
Matt Bomer
Tim DeKay
Tiffani Thiessen
Sharif Atkins
Marsha Thomason
Diahann Carroll
Alex Hunter
Garrett Fowler
Jullian Larsson
Akihiro Tanaka
NYPD Detective
Gloria Votsis
Noah Emmerich
Paul Blackthorne
Ira Hawkins
Rob Hneleski
Tatsuo Ichikawa
Lou Martini Jr.
Madison McKinley

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