Quotes from White Collar Episode "On the Fence"

Season 3, Episode 9 Air Date: August 2, 2011

Mozzie: They know about the treasure. They're on to us.
Caffrey: What are you talking about? What happened? "Ghost ship found with Hitler clones"?
Mozzie: "And priceless art." Our priceless art.
Caffrey: Ooh, ooh. They're also on to a vegan vampire ravaging community gardens. Look, there's no need to hit the panic button.

Mozzie: Let's just go. Vámonos.
Caffrey: No. That is too high-profile.
Mozzie: The FBI only has a partial list. The odds are miniscule that the Degas is even on it.
Caffrey: But if it is and we sell it–
Mozzie: We'll be long gone before anyone can say "Degas away with it."
Caffrey: And wherever we go, I am telling you, the FBI, Peter, will not stop until they find us. We can't leave until we have that list. All right?

Caffrey: Was it the passports?
Sara: No, it wasn't.
Caffrey: Then what was it? I know you, Sara. You wouldn't have cut out like that unless you had a reason to.
Sara: Okay, fine. It was the passports. You had brilliantly forged I.D.s, and it dawned on me — you're a con man. Are you happy?
Caffrey: No. I want the truth.
Sara: Neal... I saw the treasure. I saw it on your laptop. You hid it from me. You hid it from Peter, and you're hiding it from the FBI. And now you're here to find out if I'm gonna keep my mouth shut.
Caffrey: It's not as cold as that.
Sara: Really? Then what is it? Now you owe me the truth. Were you gonna say goodbye to me?
Caffrey: No. Sara.
Sara: What?!
Caffrey: Would you have come with me?
Sara: Would I have come with you? How would that have worked?
Caffrey: We'd just go.
Sara: The whole world at our feet?
Caffrey: I came so close to asking you.
Sara: But you didn't.
Caffrey: No.
Sara: Well, then, there's your answer.

Sara: I would hate to keep Neal from his crime-solving duties.

Caffrey: You've come to collect me in person. I'm hesitant to ask, but why?
Burke: We got word on Matthew Keller.

Burke: Check out her concealment technique. The shipments she gets look like Egyptian gift-shop tchotchkes. But in reality... They're highly durable X-ray-proof molds built around real, priceless artifacts.
Caffrey: The mummy returns. Sexy.
Burke: Thought you might like that. Ms. Laroque has put out word that she's in the market for a restoration tech.
Caffrey: She needs someone to extract the artifacts without damaging them. It's challenging work.
Burke: Mm. Know anyone who can pull it off? Talk to your crime super-friends and make it happen. We get this amulet, we're one step closer to Keller.
Caffrey: All right.

Caffrey: Hey, what do you know about Raquel Laroque?
Mozzie: Not much beyond she's an Egyptologist. I hear she's spicy.
Caffrey: What does that mean?
Mozzie: I don't know. Not all my information's helpful.

Burke: You and Sara?
Caffrey: Yes. Me and Sara.
Burke: Over?
Caffrey: Yes.
Burke: So what I witnessed...
Caffrey: Return of the breakup bag.
Burke: All right. What happened to you guys? And don't give me the "we're just different people" routine.
Caffrey: We are very different people. Not everybody can be Peter and Elizabeth, okay?
Burke: Ah, speaking of, since Hale's running late— Hey, honey.
Elizabeth: How's the stakeout going?
Burke: Uh, that's why I'm calling. Looks like it's running longer than expected.
Elizabeth: Oh, no.
Burke: I hate to say this, but I don't think we're gonna be able to make Tray and Sheila's barbecue tonight.
Elizabeth: Wow, that's too bad, 'cause I was ready to walk out the door.
Burke: Aw, I'm sure you were. (whispers to Neal) She can't stand Tray and Sheila. (to Elizabeth) But, you know, you could go without me, unless, of course, you're already settled in with a cup of tea and a new book.
Elizabeth: I know thee well, as well, which means you're gonna make up for canceling on me when you get home, mister.
Burke: Oh, honey, do you know you're on speaker?
Elizabeth: Oh. Hi, Neal.
Caffrey: Hi, Elizabeth.

Caffrey: She knows she's meeting me. Let me make the approach. Then you try to bust us. Once we successfully evade your evil clutches, I'll gain her confidence.
Burke: That's a plan. Or...You make the approach, I arrest both of you, and release you two together after a grueling interrogation. When she sees you didn't flip on her, she'll embrace you in her evil circle of trust.
Caffrey: Yeah. Early in a relationship, it's better to experience a win.
Burke: Okay. Tell you what, when you're an FBI agent and I'm the ward of the federal prison system, we'll do it your way.
Caffrey: All this time, I thought we were partners.
Burke: We are. It's just, tie always goes to me.

Caffrey: May I see the piece?
Raquel Laroque: You think I'd bring it on a first date? I still have half a mind to kill you.
Caffrey: I'd rather you didn't. But if you do... I'd really like to see the amulet of the lost pharaoh before I go.

Burke: The tie was supposed to go to me.

Burke: No, no. No dusting off. No smiling. Don't come in here with a grin on your face.
Caffrey: But I'm in.
Burke: Yeah, but the plan was for me to haul you and her in to the FBI. I was good with that plan. And yet you yelled, "FBI raid."
Caffrey: Look, she had an artifact on her. Raquel wasn't about to turn herself in.
Burke: Oh. Raquel, huh? Hmm.
Caffrey: What?
Burke: Oh, nothing. Mysterious, gorgeous, she wears a hat. She's an expert in a certain subject that you find particularly sexy.
Caffrey: What are you talking about?
Burke: Just wondering why you ditched me.
Caffrey: I told you, Peter, she's a thief.
Burke: And you are...
Caffrey: Someone who escaped your capture in a crowded restaurant by saying two words — "FBI raid."
Burke: Don't get cocky.
Caffrey: (Neal holds up his phone.) May I?
Burke: Yes, you may.
Caffrey: It's Moz. What's going on? Hale didn't show today.
Mozzie: Neal, he had a reason.
Caffrey: What is it?
Mozzie: Hale's dead.

Matthew Keller: Sara. Sara Ellis, right?
Sara: May I help you?
Matthew Keller: Yeah. Agent Sloan, Interpol. We need to talk about Neal Caffrey.
Sara: I'm sorry. Today's not a good day, so perhaps some other time.
Matthew Keller: Afraid not. And, uh... I know about the treasure.
Sara: Excuse me? I don't follow.
Matthew Keller: Come on, Sara. Can I call you Sara?
Sara: No.
Matthew Keller: Look, this doesn't have to be antagonistic. We've been following Mr. Caffrey ever since we learned of the suspicious events surrounding Vincent Adler's death. The fire and the sub, that's public knowledge, but...Neal Caffrey's extravagant lifestyle while serving time is something we think you can help shed some light on.
Sara: Well, Neal Caffrey and I are no longer seeing each other, so we're not in contact.
Matthew Keller: See, that is news, 'cause we saw you two together the other morning. There you both are, what, purchasing four helicopters. What does one do with four helicopters? Sterling-Bosch has some pretty strict rules about theft recovery, Sara. Your boss, has he mentioned anything about an internal investigation?
Sara: No.
Matthew Keller: That's right. Probably because I haven't mentioned this case to him yet.
Sara: Well, I honestly don't know what to tell you.
Matthew Keller: Yeah, you do. Just give me something. Give me something, and maybe Neal skates on a light sentence. But if not, Caffrey goes down hard, and I've got enough to make you an accessory. Simple piece of information, Sara. It's your choice.

Caffrey: Listen, you may want to say something to El now that we're sure Keller's back.
Burke: Neal Caffrey suggests that someone shouldn't keep secrets from their partner. Where's this coming from?
Caffrey: Someone who keeps a lot of secrets.
Burke: Yeah.
Caffrey: Let's nail Keller this time.
Burke: Let's.

Sara: Where's Neal?
Mozzie: Oh. Hello to you, too.
Sara: No, Mozzie. This is important.
Mozzie: Did you try calling him?
Sara: I can't.
Mozzie: You don't want to, or you're not physically capable of dialing a telephone?
Sara: Okay, do you still sweep this place for bugs?
Mozzie: What do you think? You may speak freely within these walls.
Sara: I know about the treasure.
Mozzie: What treasure?
Sara: Mozzie, I saw it on Neal's laptop.
Mozzie: Oh, damn it. He wants you to run away to the island with us. So Neal told you.
Sara: He didn't tell me.
Mozzie: Oh. Did I tell you?
Sara: Mozzie, there is an Interpol agent who is on to you and Neal. He has been following me for weeks, and he knows about the treasure.
Mozzie: Did you tell him anything?
Sara: Well, I had to give him something.
Mozzie: Oh, to protect yourself.
Sara: No, to protect all of us. He was gonna drag us all in. Neal was really gonna tell me everything?
Mozzie: Yes, but I talked him out of it for the exact reason that you're standing here right now. What did you tell the agent?
Sara: I never said that you two were involved, but I had to give him the I.P. address for the treasure-cam.
Mozzie: How long ago?
Sara: I don't know. I—
Mozzie: How long?
Sara: 40 minutes ago. I didn't give him the password. I assumed it wasn't easily hacked.
Mozzie: Unless you're Interpol! I have to shut down the feed.
Sara: Well, you already know about Agent Sloan.
Mozzie: That's who you met?
Sara: Yeah.
Mozzie: And you gave him the I.P. address?
Sara: Mozzie, what?
Mozzie: It's the one man who wants Neal dead.

Caffrey: Jones, we have to stop meeting like this.
Jones: I bet you say that to all the agents.

Raquel Laroque: Very nice.
Caffrey: Wasn't so painful.
Raquel Laroque: Without it, we'd have to work in the nude.

Mozzie: Bless me, father, for I'm about to sin.
"Priest": We all are. You found me. What do you want?
Mozzie: I need your help with a problem.
"Priest": Matthew Keller. $6 million?
Mozzie: He killed a friend of mine. Now he's threatening others close to me.
"Priest": This is a lot. You got a particular client in mind for the job?
Mozzie: Contact all of them. It's open season on Keller. Spoils go to the victor.
"Priest": You got an address?
Mozzie: Let your people earn their money. They can find him.
"Priest": Yeah. Leave something in the collection plate.

Matthew Keller: Don't worry about the boys in the van. The feds ain't coming.

Matthew Keller: This is spicy, huh?

Raquel Laroque: Boys will be boys.

Matthew Keller: But what I can't understand is why you would sit on the treasure for so long. I mean, it seems to me you either sell it, you turn it in, or you run, right?
Caffrey: Or the feds are on their way and I don't have it.
Matthew Keller: You don't deserve it. You don't even have what it takes to hold on to it. You're not the only one who knows where it is. I'll tell Mozzie you said hi.
FBI Agents: FBI!

Matthew Keller: It's good to see you again, Burkey.

Burke: You had a dozen federal agents at your side. Why did you cut your audio feed and your GPS? What did Keller want with you?
Caffrey: You were right. He thought I had the treasure. I led him to the palace, the kind of place he'd believe I'd hide it, I turned on the GPS so you could follow me—
Burke: After you escaped. Otherwise you would have shown up before I got there. Keller would have fled.
Caffrey: Peter, it worked. We had him.
Burke: Until she took a shot at him.
Caffrey: I don't know why she did that.
Burke: Maybe because someone put a $6 million bounty out on Keller.
Caffrey: $6 million?
Burke: I guess we're not the only ones who want him.
Caffrey: Guess not.

Caffrey: Sara. What are you doing here?
Sara: Peter called me in.
Caffrey: Oh.
Sara: To make a statement about my meeting with Keller.
Caffrey: I'm glad you're safe.
Sara: I had a long talk with Mozzie. Your secret's safe with me, Neal.
Caffrey: I hope you don't forget everything between us.
Sara: Well, no. Not everything. I won't forget about that Raphael you stole.
Caffrey: Allegedly.
Sara: Mm-hmm.

Elizabeth: Did you catch any bad guys today?
Burke: A couple.
Elizabeth: Oh, good. I can go back to sleep now. Come to bed. Honey, you okay?
Burke: There's something I need to tell you.
Elizabeth: Okay. I'm listening.
Burke: One of the guys we were pursuing — He got away.
Elizabeth: Are you concerned?
Burke: It's Matthew Keller.
Elizabeth: What? Keller's in New York?
Burke: Hon, I was gonna tell you.
Elizabeth: Why didn't you tell me?
Burke: Because we weren't sure. Then we had him cornered—
Elizabeth: Honey, this man had you kidnapped.
Burke: I know. We're gonna find him. FBI has got him on the most-wanted list, the U.S. marshals are out in full force, and there's a bounty on his head. I should have told you. I'm sorry.
Elizabeth: Don't do this. I can handle it. You know that.
Burke: I know.
Elizabeth: What I can't handle is finding out after something happens.
Burke: Nothing will. I promise.
Elizabeth: So they have a bounty on him, huh?
Burke: Yeah. All we know at this point is that they're willing to pay $6 million to make him go away.

Caffrey: We arrested Keller.
Mozzie: Oh?
Caffrey: Except as we were cuffing him, someone shot him. Winged him. And in the chaos, he escaped.
Mozzie: Oh.
Caffrey: Someone put a bounty on his head. A $6 million bounty. Now, that's roughly the black-market sale price of the Degas.
Mozzie: No. That's exactly the sale price of the Degas.
Caffrey: You fenced it. You should have asked me.
Mozzie: Well, you should have told me Sara knew about the warehouse. I guess we're in the habit of keeping secrets now.
Caffrey: You took out a hit on Keller?
Mozzie: He killed Hale. He went after Sara. Keller wasn't gonna stop till he destroys you.
Caffrey: I told you not to sell it.
Mozzie: It was all set up. I didn't have time to fence anything else.
Caffrey: It's on the list, Moz! It's on the damn list.
Mozzie: Excuse me? Where did you get this? You told me when you broke into Peter's house the list wasn't there.
Caffrey: It was.
Mozzie: You lied to me?
Caffrey: We got bigger problems. When the Degas turns up — and it will — the FBI is gonna know the treasure didn't burn. And we're the prime suspects.
Mozzie: Why didn't you tell me?
Caffrey: Look, it doesn't matter now. Who did you fence it through? We have to get it back. Or we're done, Moz. We're done.

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