Quotes from White Collar Episode "On Guard"

Season 3, Episode 1 Air Date: June 7, 2011

Sara: You look exhausted. Everything okay?
Caffrey: Oh, just -- long night. Sara, Peter may come to you and ask some questions.
Sara: About what?
Caffrey: He thinks the art didn't burn.
Sara: How's that possible? Oh, he thinks you took it.
Caffrey: I was off-anklet when it could have happened.
Sara: So you need an alibi. What is it you're hoping I tell him?
Caffrey: The truth. About the other night.
Sara: You want me to tell him everything? 'Cause that could get really very awkward.
Neal and Sara kiss.
Caffrey: Skip the good parts.
Sara: Yeah. Did you take it?
Caffrey: No. Do you believe me?
Sara: You're a damn good con man. Caffrey... If that art is out there... Any idea who has it?

Caffrey: I passed your lie detector.
Burke: I've seen you do that before.
Caffrey: Are you saying I cheated?
Burke: I've seen you do that before.
Caffrey: All right, if you're not gonna talk to me, let's at least just keep it civil, okay?
Burke: Fine. How bout them Mets?
Caffrey: What's wrong? Hmm? What happened that turned you against me?
Burke: I turned against you?
Caffrey: Peter, we're a team.
Burke: Ohh.
Caffrey: We did this. Neal holds up a newspaper article about Vincent Adler.
Burke: This is our job. Let's not make a big deal out of it.

Burke: Tell me about Gary Rydell. That's you.
Caffrey: Yeah, it is.
Burke: Regale me.
Caffrey: Oh, it was an alias I used years ago. Rydell was a bit of a playboy with an uncanny ability to wreck expensive cars.
Burke: Of course. Anything else?
Caffrey: He was a world-class fencer.
Burke: And? Neal, I've read the file.
Caffrey: And a smuggler.
Burke: A world-class smuggler.
Caffrey: Yeah, I get it. You think I might activate my Rydell alias in order to sneak something out of the country, something like a stolen Nazi treasure?
Burke: Crossed my mind. I think this guy is looking for Rydell. I want to know why.
Caffrey: David Lawrence.
Burke: You know him.
Caffrey: Yeah. We met a few years ago. He was selling pre-Columbian art, and I was–
Burke: Buying?
Caffrey: Yeah, buying.
Burke: Lawrence was also suspected of robbing $60 million from the Federal Reserve. He fled the country on a commercial jet before we could make the arrest. We think he left the $60 mil behind.
Caffrey: Well, safe assumption. I mean, the baggage fees alone would've cost a fortune.
Burke: Two days ago, we traced an e-mail he sent to a server here in New York. Lawrence wants you to help him smuggle the cash out of the country.
Caffrey: You want me to strike up a deal with him and lead you to the $60 million.
Burke: We'll let you know when we make contact.
Caffrey: Uh, you really think he's gonna take this risk?
Burke: If you were one step away from pulling off the biggest score in your life... Could you let it go?

Diana: We made contact with Lawrence through your Rydell e-mail account.
Burke: He wants to meet you at the Gramercy Fencing Club in a few hours. Why can't guys like you ever just grab a beer?
Caffrey: Imported or domestic?
Burke: Just meet with him, lead us back to the cash. I'm pulling your anklet.
Caffrey: As usual.
Diana: Don't get cocky. We'll be listening.
Burke: And I'll be close.

About Neal returning to the FBI with a cut tie.
Caffrey: It is cruel and unusual punishment for you to bring me back here like this.
Burke: Yes, but I'm finally smiling.

After Peter picks up Neal’s sliced tie out of the trashcan
Caffrey: I've driven you to dumpster dive?
Burke: A souvenir of Neal Caffrey's imperfect moment? Priceless.

Mozzie: I have procured our getaway vehicle. Voilà. Behold -- The 400 series twin otter.
Caffrey: Is it big enough?
Mozzie: Think of it as a Kardashian -- What it lacks in refinement, it makes up for in cargo space.

Elizabeth: Want some coffee?
Caffrey: I never say no to good coffee.
Elizabeth: Okay. Well, then, why don't I pour, and you tell me why you dropped by knowing my husband's not here?
Hmm. I don't know. He suddenly doesn't trust me.
Elizabeth: I don't know how sudden it is. I don't know -- breaking out of prison, stealing the music box, almost shooting Fowler. You want me to go on?
Caffrey: Not particularly, no.
Elizabeth: Look, he wants to trust you, but you have this -- I don't know -- habit of doing the wrong thing for the right reasons.
Caffrey: You're saying I'm impulsive but I have a good heart?
Elizabeth: Maybe you can try and balance the two?
Caffrey: You make a fair point. And a great cup of coffee. But I like a little bit of milk in mine.
Caffrey: Yes.
Elizabeth: Okay. Tell me when.
Caffrey: When. To the right things, for the right reasons.

Caffrey: Picked up a copy on the way home.
Mozzie: And you're sure Mrs. Suit was intentionally hiding it from you?
Caffrey: Yes.
Mozzie: You know, I guess a part of me always knew when push comes to shove, she'd choose Peter.
Caffrey: Well, he's her husband.
Mozzie: Yeah, have they ever swapped ossobuco recipes? Which apparently means nothing.
Caffrey: Wait a minute. This has to be it.
Mozzie: The Chrysler Building?
Caffrey: Yeah, Peter was here the night before the fire. This painting was on that easel. He commented on it. You remember? Did you put it on the sub?
Mozzie: You know, in all honesty, i-it wasn't one of your better works.
Caffrey: What if it didn't burn, Moz?
Mozzie: If he had it, you'd be in cuffs already.
Caffrey: No. I know him. He'd want to be sure.

Burke: You are to check in every two hours on the hour. You go from home to the office, and that's it.
Caffrey: I know the drill.
Burke: You're not off anklet for good behavior. After Lawrence gets you to his money, take him to the harbor.
Caffrey: We've been over this. Anything else?
Burke: Yeah. What's step three?
Caffrey: Step three is you arrest him.
Burke: Oh. Good thing you didn't tell him.
Caffrey: I thought you might like that.
Burke: Hmm. Heard you talked to El.
Caffrey: Look, Peter, whatever you think I have done, you and me -- hey -- we're on the same team.
Burke: Really?
Caffrey: Yes. Neal’s phone rings. May I?
Burke: Yes. Get out! Thank you.
Caffrey: Talk to you in two hours. And two hours after that.
Burke: That's what I like to hear.

Mozzie: Where are you?
Caffrey: I've got a tail.
Mozzie: What?!
Caffrey: Have you started?
Mozzie: Of course I started, but without you here, I'm not sure which colors to sample, so this whole thing might be an exercise in futility.
Caffrey: Just pull the primaries. I can mix the rest.
Mozzie: I'm not an idiot. I scraped a titanium white from the Rembrandt, a midnight blue from a Vlaminck.
Caffrey: Oh, you should get a Monestial blue.
Mozzie: You know, I should get a Monestial blue. If you find one thick enough, feel free to let me know. Oh, that's right -- You're not here!
Caffrey: Breathe, Moz.
Mozzie: How are we doing on the canvas?
Caffrey: Did you check the Dalí?
Mozzie: Evidently, our friend Salvador liked to stretch time but not canvases. I'll find something.
Caffrey: I know you will.

Caffrey: This is it! We take our time. We do it right.
Mozzie: Look, you know, everything good must one day come to an end. Just think -- We're never gonna see anything in this apartment again -- Except you. You can come with me. Hey. What are you doing? This is our final curtain call, our big au revoir.
Caffrey: I should say something to June.
Mozzie: Hey. You know the rules. No goodbyes.
Caffrey: Yeah.
Mozzie: I'm gonna miss her, too. I'm....gonna miss all of it. Come on.
Caffrey: I'll see you downstairs.
Mozzie: Okay.
Caffrey: Goodbye, Caffrey.

Mozzie: Now boarding -- Freedom Airlines, Flight number one and only.
Caffrey: I'm here with the client. We're putting step three into effect.
Mozzie: Step three? Neal, what are you talking about?
Caffrey: The client and I are moving the cargo to the airstrip.
Mozzie: Client? Don't tell me you're talking about Lawrence.
Caffrey: That's right.
Mozzie: No. No, no, no. Don't do this to us.
Caffrey: Make sure it's gassed up and good to go. All right? Grab your suit and meet me there.
Mozzie: What? No suits. No suits on the island! Neal?

Burke: You all right, Jones?
Jones: Yeah. Caffrey had my back.
Mozzie: Your timing is far from impeccable, J. Edgar.
Burke: Sorry...Amelia.
Mozzie: Luckily, I was here to save the day once again.
Burke: You're a hero, Moz. I'll sew you a cape.
Mozzie: Do that. I look good in aubergine.

Caffrey: Hi, Peter.
Burke: I let myself in.
Caffrey: Yeah. Yeah, you did. Just clearing out some space for storage. You like that one?
Burke: Yeah.
Caffrey: You can have it. I've already got the view.
Burke: Hmm. I'm calling a truce. I may have rushed to judgment.
Caffrey: Oh, you had judgment on speed dial.
Burke: I'm trying to be gracious.
Caffrey: You kept my severed tie.
Burke: I was pretty pissed off.
Caffrey: And now?
Burke: Look at this. I'm smiling again.
Caffrey: I like it.
Burke: I got to go.
Caffrey: Okay. Peter...
Burke: Hmm?
Caffrey: Door's open anytime.

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