Neal Caffrey's Relationships on White Collar


While Neal has a number of friends on the show, his two major friendships continue be Peter Burke and Mozzie.

Peter Burke

Peter Burke was the case agent assigned to catch Neal Caffrey. (1.1) With Neal, Peter goes by the motto "Trust but Verify," which means he checks Neal's anklet every day to see where he's gone between hours and even checks the gold card to see Neal's purchases. (1.5) Peter does consider Neal a partner, a friend and one of the smartest people he's ever met. (1.6, 1.8, 1.1) In contrast, Neal trusts Peter more than anyone else in his life, including Mozzie and Kate. (1.10) Other things we know about Neal and Peter's relationship:


Mozzie is Neal's comrade in arms and, next to Peter, the one he turns to most often when he needs help. Although Mozzie doesn't trust the government, he seems to trust Neal. Here's a few things we know about Neal and Mozzie's relationship:


Neal Caffrey has never been married. (1.3) He has developed relationships with at least three women: Alex Hunter, Kate Moreau and Sara Ellis. Neal admits that he is attracted to a certain "type" of woman and that he does not consider Taryn Vandersant is not his type. (1.5)

Kate Moreau

Neal Caffrey and Kate Moreau on White Collar

Neal Caffrey met Kate Moreau at a $5,000-a-plate antiquities recovery project charity dinner. She was working as Adler's assistant at the time. She was dating someone else at the time, but eventually dumped him and moved in with Neal. (2.11) On Neal's first date with Kate, they conned their way into a rich man's hotel room. They ordered the most expensive food they had (which included 5 thousand-dollar hamburgers). From the window, there was a view of a rundown old bridge. (2.2)

While they are together, Neal and Kate often met in Madison Square Park for lunch. (2.11) They often filled a 1982 Bordeaux bottle with cheap wine and pretend it was more expensive wine while eating margarita pizza (2.11, 1.1) Neal and Kate dreamed of having a villa on the Côte d'Azur. (2.11)

Kate runs off after Neal attempts to con her to go to Copenhagen to help Alex steal the music box. Neal attempts to find her once he returns to New York but is unsuccessful. He begins pulling off bigger and bigger heists to get her attention, including stealing her favorite painting Raphael's St. George and the Dragon. (2.11) Neal also stole a McNally Solitaire worth $2.5 million from the Scotland Royal Museum. Neal was going to use the ring to propose to Kate and hid it in a statute in Madison Square Park. (2.14)

Neal Caffrey and Kate Moreau on White Collar

Peter uses Kate (without her knowledge) to capture Neal. Kate stayed by Neal's side and visited him every week in prison. Her last visit was four and a half months before he was to be released (six weeks before he escaped) where she again breaks up with him. (1.1) Once Neal is released as Peter's criminal informant, he spends the next several months trying to track Kate down. He finally has the opportunity to escape with her, but hesitates at the last minute. Before he could choose, the plane Kate is on explodes and she is killed. (1.14)

Although Kate was the love of Neal's life, he admits he never totally trusted her. (1.10) Neal told Kate he hid his money and stolen goods in San Diego, California. But in reality, he didn't hide anything there. (1.2)

Alexandra Hunter

Neal Caffrey with Alex Hunter

Neal met Alex Hunter when she became interested in Adler's South American acquisitions. They dated briefly before Neal hooked up with Kate. Unlike Kate, Alex immediately recognizes Neal as a conman. She is the one who first mentions the music box to Neal. (2.11)

Neal and Alex's relationship is "complicated." They have not been intimate since Neal hooked up with Kate, but they have kissed twice since their relationship ended. Once at the end of Copycat Caffrey and the other at the end of Under the Radar. Alex has suggested that she might want to get back together with Neal if things don't work out with Kate, but they remain friends after Kate's death. (1.14) When it becomes obvious that Neal has hooked up with Sara Ellis, Alex gives her approval.

Sara Ellis

Neal Caffrey and Sara Ellis

Sara Ellis is Neal Caffrey's latest romance. (3.1) Neal and Sara met when started investigating his theft of the Raphael painting that she wanted to recover for her boss, Sterling Bosch. (2.5) Neal later uses to get information about the explosion that killed Kate. When she finds out what he did, she agrees to help him find the answers he wants. (2.6)

Sara and Neal flirt constantly for several weeks, and finally consummate their relationship with a kiss in the basement of the library during a blackout. (2.15) Their relationship gets rocky after she sees Neal and Alex share a kiss after they are rescued, but after having dinner at the Burkes, they have sex. (2.16, 3.1)



Neal and Keller met at the Grand Casino and worked the world backgammon finals in Monaco. They also played a game of Chess that they never finished. They made a bet about who could forge a bottle of Château Du Munn wine given to Ben Franklin. They were also rivals for Kate's affections. Kate and Keller may have some type of romantic past. It is suggested that Neal took her away from Keller or that Keller tried to take her away from Neal. (1.12)

Ryan Wilkes

Ryan Wilkes and Neal once tried working together. Neal turned on him when Wilkes planned to hurt people. Neal walked away with $500,000. The last time the two saw each other, Wilkes tried to kill Neal. (1.13)

Other Friends


Hale is a fence that knows Neal, Mozzie, Kate and Alex. (2.9) When Neal, Mozzie and Kate were pulling cons, Hale would take a ?? percent.

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