White Collar Characters: The Many Aliases of Neal Caffrey

Neal has used many alias in his criminal and FBI career. Here is a list of the more significant ones and what we know about them.

Nicholas "Nick" Halden

White Collar's Nick Halden

Caffrey has used the alias Nicholas Halden frequently. He first came up with the name after seeing it on a flyer for a lawyer. (2.11) It is the name he used when he worked for Vincent Adler. (2.11) However, in All In Peter says Neal created him in 2004 to launder cash through a Canary Island scan. Peter describes him as a millionaire with a pension for gambling.(1.6) Neal uses the alias again in Front Man and Prisoner's Dilemma.

According to his passport (from the USA Network site) Nick was born September 24, 1979 in Reno, Nevada. Mozzie did not feel that this alias was one of Neal's best, or rather he was no Steve Tabernackle. (1.6)

In the Season 2 commentary for the episode Forging Bonds mentions that this is the same name as Tony Curtis's character in Operation Petticoat. It's not. Curtis's character is named Nicholas Holden (with an O) not Halden.

White Collar's Steve Tabernacle

Steve Tabernacle

Steve Tabernackle is an international playboy, jet-setter and investment fraudster (USA site). We never see Neal use this alias but it is first mentioned in All In where Mozzie tells Neal it is one of his better aliases. considers this alias one of Neal's best. He is mentioned again in Forging Bonds when Peter reveals that he is aware of this alias.

White Collar's George Devore

George Devore

George Devore is an art collector, art forger and fence (USA site). Neal uses the alias in The Portrait.

George Donnelly

White Collar's George Devore

George Donnelly is a gem and antiquities dealer and treasure hunter (USA site). Neal uses the alias George Donnelly. George is married to a woman named Nancy and has a son, Dylan. George wears glasses. Peter is introduced as Mr. Satchmo, George Donnelly's brother in law.(2.12)

Dr. Leonard Parker

Neal uses the alias Dr. Leonard Parker in the episode Vital Signs.

Benjamin Cooper

Benjamin Cooper is an alias created for him by the FBI. Cooper was high school valedictorian and got a 4.0 from Harvard Law. He then worked at Brexton and Miller in Delaware. (2.2)

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