Neal Caffrey Biography - Season 2

Neal Caffrey Biography - Season 2 covers the events in Neal's life during Season 2. The numbers in parenthesis indicate the season and episode that the information was given. For example, the pilot is 1.1 (Season 1, episode 1). For information about Neal's life before the show began, check out Early Life or Season 1.. You can also find a page devoted to Neal's relationships (friendly and romantic) and Neal's aliases.


Peter Burke and Mozzie

Neal Caffrey is back in prison after the plane explosion killed Kate at the airport. Garrett Fowler has disappeared and Peter Burke is suspended. Once Peter gets reinstated at the FBI, he approaches Neal about r reestablishing their deal. The only condition is that Neal must let Peter go after Fowler and the men that killed Kate. (2.1)

Neal is hesitant to trade "one prison for another." He talks to Mozzie about the possibility of breaking out of prison, but eventually he decides to go back to work for the FBI. Although Neal puts up a good front, he is showing signs of post-traumatic stress disorder that have both Mozzie and Peter concerned to the point of willing to work together to keep Neal safe. (2.1)

Neal eventually reconnects with Alex Hunter. She has been in hiding since the music box was gone. Alex is trying to get money together so she can disappear. Ever since she helped steal the music box, someone has been looking for her. Neal helps her go to Europe. (2.3)


Neal and Mozzie are secretly investigating both the plane crash and discover what the FBI did with the music box. Neal gets a hold of the cockpit voice recording from the plane by having it sent to Sara Ellis, an insurance investigator from his past. (2.5) But Mozzie has to steal the recording from Sara, which gets her involved in the investigation. The recording reveals that Kate's last words were "Hey. It's me. Peter Burke is here. Does this change our plans?" (2.6) Now they have to figure out who was on the other end of the phone conversation. Eventually, Mozzie traces it to a burner phone purchased by Garrett Fowler. (2.7)

Neal and Peter finally decide to work together on both figuring out what the music box is hiding and on finding Garrett Fowler. Finally, they have all the pieces together and they find a hidden compartment and musical comb with a hidden message. Mozzie works with a friend to decode the comb while Neal works at flushing out Fowler. (2.9)

Unbeknownst to Peter, Neal convinces Alex to steal the box from Diana's apartment. Diana swapped music boxes before the FBI could get a hold of it and has been hiding it in a safe in her apartment. (2.3) He then has Alex donate it to the Russian Heritage Museum. The Museum puts the box on display before sending it back, which brings Fowler to the Museum. (2.9)

Confronting Fowler

Neal Caffrey and Garrett Fowler

Peter tries to keep Neal away from Fowler and the museum, but he didn't know Neal had the key to his anklet which he stole from a dirty U.S. marshal. (2.7) Neal confronts Fowler at the museum, but before he can get answers (or shoot Fowler) Peter intervenes and brings Fowler back to the FBI. Fowler explains that he was blackmailed and that the bomb on the plane was Kate's idea. Meanwhile, while working on decoding the music box, Mozzie is shot. (2.9)

Mozzie recovers, but Julian Larssen frames Peter for the shooting. Neal and Peter devise an elaborate con game to bring Larssen down and clear Peter, which clues them into the man that hired Larssen: Vincent Adler. (2.10) Neal used to work for Adler (or rather tried run a con game on him) but Adler was conning everyone and walked away after running a billion dollar Ponzi scheme. (2.11)

Finding Vincent Adler

With Sara's help, they find out that Adler was looking for a man named Gerhardt Wagner. They find out that Wagner changed his name to Michael Hunter and is Alex's grandfather. (2.15) But when Peter and Neal try to find Alex, they discover Adler is one step ahead of them. He has already kidnapped Alex. He then kidnaps Neal and Peter too. (2.16)

Adler reveals that the music box was a key to building a fractal antenna that would lead them to a Nazi u-boat off the coast of New York. The u-boat is holding treasure the Nazi's stole during World War II and is worth billions, but is protected by an elaborate security system. Neal bypass it and gets into the submarine. Adler then sends them away to be killed, but Neal, Peter and Alex escape. Peter and Neal narrow down the location where Adler was holding them. Peter has FBI teams searching, but Neal wanders off and finds Adler first. As the two confront each other, the warehouse explodes. Adler is convinced that Neal is responsible and is about to shoot him. But Peter shoots Adler first. (2.16)

Peter is perplexed as to why Adler would blame Neal when a piece of canvas floats down to his feet. Peter recognizes it as one of Neal's paintings. He confronts Neal about it. Peter believes that Neal somehow managed to swap the Nazi art with his own. Neal challenges him to prove it and walks away. (2.16)

Neal and Sara

Neal and Sara

On other fronts, the flirtations between Neal and Sara Ellis heat up during this season. It began with a very passionate kiss that is interrupted by Mozzie. (2.15) They then agree to have lunch, which Neal misses because he is kidnapped. The relationship derails slightly when Neal and Alex kiss after they brush with death. But Neal manages to smooth Sara's ruffled feathers after Peter forces them to have dinner together at his house. (2.16)

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