Neal Caffrey Biography - Season 1

Neal Caffrey Biography - Season 1 covers the events in Neal's life during Season 1. The numbers in parenthesis indicate the season and episode that the information was given. For example, the pilot is 1.1 (Season 1, episode 1). For information about Neal's life before the show began, check out Early Life. You can also find a page devoted to Neal's relationships (friendly and romantic) and Neal's aliases.

Prison Escape and Release

Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke on White Collar

Approximately four months before Neal Caffrey was to be released, his long-time girlfriend Kate Moreau visited him and broke off their relationship. Heartbroken, Neal started planning his escape, which he did six weeks later. But when he arrived at their apartment, he found it empty and Kate was gone. FBI agent Peter Burke soon caught up with him there and re-arrested him. Neal got an additional four years. (1.1)

Meeting up with Peter again gave Neal the chance to propose a deal. He would help Peter catch the notorious criminal the Dutchman if Peter had Neal released on a tracking anklet. Peter initially refused, but relented after Neal finished serving his original four-year sentence. (1.1)

Neal was given room 11 at the Empire Motel and the ability to travel within a 2-mile radius. But a chance meeting with a woman named June enabled him to rent a studio apartment located on the top floor of her mansion. (1.1)

Finding Kate

Neal Caffrey on White Collar

As Neal works with Peter to catch white collar criminals, he is meeting up with Mozzie to find Kate. Kate is going by the name Kate Purdue and was seen using an ATM in San Diego, California. He also knows that a man wearing a pinky ring is with her. Neal realizes that she is looking for the things he claimed to have hidden there, although in reality he didn’t hide anything he stole there. (1.2)

Neal gets a copy of her last visit to him in prison and notices Kate tapping out the word bottle in Morse code. He finds a map of the New York subway system hidden on the label of the bottle in lemon juice. (1.2) He goes to Grand Central Station and finds a note. On the surface, the note seems to be telling him good-bye, but it is really telling him to meet her there on Friday. (1.5)

At the meeting, Kate calls Neal and asks him where he’s hidden the stuff he has stolen. If he gives it to her, the man will let her come back to Neal. Neal refuses to tell her because he feels it's his leverage. Kate runs off before Neal can catch her. (1.5) Later, Neal discovers that the man holding Kate works for the FBI. (1.6)

Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke

Enter Agent Fowler. Fowler works with the OPR division of the FBI. He sets up Neal for the theft of a pink diamond. Neal ends up back in jail. In order to clear his name, Neal jumps out of a fourth story window of a judge's chamber onto the awning of a bakery (The Greatest Cake) he recently purchased. Instead of running, he seeks out Peter's help. Together, he and Peter catch the real thief but are unable to link Fowler to the crime. (1.7)

Mozzie suspects that Agent Fowler has Kate. (1.7) Neal suspects that it may be Peter after he sees a photograph of him wearing the same ring. Peter later explains that it is an FBI pin that most agents have made into a ring.

The Music Box

Neal also learns that Peter managed to meet with Kate and that she is looking for an amber music box Neal is believed to have stolen. (1.7) The only problem is that Neal never actually stole it. Neal asks Peter to get a message to Kate that says "he wonders if good-bye really meant good-bye." Kate responds by telling him to see Robert, meaning the grave of her father. Neal goes there and finds an origami flower. (1.9) Neal realizes the flower means he should contact Alex Hunter. (1.11)

Neal tracks down Alex who says she knows where to find the music box, but she refuses to tell Neal anything while he is working with the FBI. (1.11) Neal convinces her to trust him by meeting her without the anklet. (1.13) He also meets with Fowler and makes a deal: Neal will give him the music box if he promises to leave Neal and Kate alone.

Fowler agrees, but goes one better. He creates an "Operation Mentor" that created new identities for Neal and Kate. It also transfers Neal to the OPR and lists them as deep undercover agents. Neal steals the music box, with Mozzie and Alex's help, and gives it to Fowler. He meets up with Kate at the airport, but before he can get on the plane Peter arrives. (1.14) Peter asks Neal to consider what getting on that plane will mean giving up and does Neal want to give up the life he has created in New York. Neal hesitates and before he can choose, the plane explodes with Kate inside. (1.14)

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