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For as much as we know about Mozzie, there is so much more that we don't know including his real name. He is 5' 8". He has blue eyes and brown hair (what's left of it). (IMDB) He has several residences that he names after days of the week. He has a residence called "Thursday" that has a great view. He had a loft he called "Tuesday" because he stayed there on Wednesdays. Tuesday had a Zen garden, a dojo but no phones. Mozzie gave this residence up after he was forced to hide two FBI agents there.(2.7)


Mozzie was orphaned (or abandoned) in Detroit in 1969. He was found in front of a church with a stuffed bear named Mozart. Because Mozzie couldn’t pronounce Mozart as a kid, he called it "Mozzie." (3.4) He does not know who his birth parents are and has no desire to find them. (2.12)

Mozzie lived in a group home. The headmaster was a man named Isaac Jeffries. He found Mozzie and helped him find a foster home. Mozzie has kept tabs on Jeffries since he left Detroit. (3.4)

Mozzie was in foster care, but was never adopted.(2.6) He got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for an incident involving a pinewood derby and magnets. (1.3) He ran away from his foster home after the biological son of his foster parents set him up for the theft of some jewelry. Mozzie set up a street lottery using a man named Bruno as the patsy. He called himself the "Dentist of Detroit" because a dentist was the scariest thing he could think of. (3.4)

Mozzie stole $500,000 from a Detroit mob boss named Frank de Luca, Sr. He then left Detroit for New York in 1981. (3.4) This may be the "connections with the Detroit mafia" that he tells Peter about. (2.3)

Criminal Career

Mozzie doesn't like the term "good work" because it implies he has a job. (2.13) It is unclear exactly what Mozzie does to make his money (besides help the FBI) but he has said that he works at night. (2.15) Before he gets down to work, he as a particular routine he likes to do that includes cleaning his laptop and writing a sonnet.(2.8)

Mozzie on White Collar

Mozzie has begun to reluctantly help Neal Caffrey with his FBI cases. When he is on FBI cases, he likes to uses the name Dante Haversham. (1.12) Originally, Mozzie claimed that Dante was "courting" Neal's landlord, June. (1.4) This was just a lie that Mozzie came up with to try and conceal his identity from FBI agent Peter Burke. Mozzie appears to have number of criminal talents. A few that we have been clued into are:


Mozzie has been friends with Neal Caffrey for at least eight years. They met after Neal got the better of him when Mozzie was pulling the "Find the Lady" con in the park. Mozzie convicted Neal to help him pull a long con on Vincent Adler. (2.11) Neal and Mozzie have pulled a lot of cons and like to plan them. They came up with the Perfect Exchange one night over a bottle of Armagnac, but never pulled it off. (2.4) Mozzie was not at Neal's trial. (2.5) When not doing cons, Neal and Mozzie like to play chess together. (1.8)

Friends and Rivals

Neal and Mozzie

Besides Neal, Mozzie has also struck up friendships with June and Elizabeth Burke. Mozzie and June play parchessi together. (1.13) Mozzie calls Elizabeth "Mrs. Suit" and they have exchanged recipes. (2.7, 3.1) Things that we know about Mozzie's other friends and rivals:

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Mozzie with goatee

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