White Collar Locations

White Collar films in and around New York City, New York. What is not filmed on location is filmed at Silvercup Studios East at 34-02 Starr Avenue in Long Island City, New York. I've paid special attention to locations which are seen repeatedly in the series. I've also created a list of locations that are seen in individual episodes. My goal is to eventually have a complete list of all locations seen on White Collar.

White Collar Neal's Studio Apartment

Neal's Apartment

Neal's Studio Apartment where Neal lives.
White Collar June's Apartment

June's House

June's House where Neal's apartment is located.
White Collar Burke's Townhouse

Burke's Townhouse

Burke's Townhouse where Peter, Elizabeth and Satchmo live.
White Collar FBI Headquarters

FBI Headquarters

FBI Headquarters where Neal and Peter work.
White Collar Burke's Townhouse

The Municipal Van

The Municipal Van is the mobile headquarters for the FBI.
White Collar FBI Headquarters

Other Locations

Other Locations seen on White Collar.
Neal's Tracking Anklet Range

Anklet's Radius

Neal's Two Mile Radius gives an approximate range of Neal's tracking anklet on a map of New York City. A larger version is also available.