White Collar Locations: June's House

June's House on White Collar

Neal Caffrey meets June in the pilot episode at a thrift store near the hotel where Caffrey was supposed to be staying. Somehow the two hit it off and Neal ends up renting her spare room for $700 a month.

Actual Location

The interior of the house is seen in the Pilot, Vital Signs, and Countermeasures. Unlike Neal's apartment, which are shot at a studio, the interior and exterior shots are filmed on location.

June's Mansion is actually the Schinasi Mansion was built during the American Renaissance and designed by architect William Burnet Tuthill (of Carnegie Hall fame). It is the only privately-owned freestanding mansion in Manhattan. It is located at 351 Riverside Drive in New York City. For more information, check out this New York Times article about the Schinasi Mansion. or see a video from the realtor listing for the Mansion.

June's House
Blueprint of the actual house.
Exterior images of June's House
Exterior shots of June's House.
June's House from Pilot
Images of June's house from the Pilot
June's Doorway
June's Doorway

Stairway of June's House
Images of the stairway of June's house
First floor of June's House
Images of the first floor of June's house
June's Second floor
Images of the second floor of June's house