White Collar Characters: June

White Collar June

June is Neal Caffrey's landlady. She owns a large mansion located at 87 Riverside. June met Neal when she dropped off some of her late husband's clothes at a consignment shop. She agreed to rent him a room in her house in exchange for watching her dog, a pug named Bugsy, when she is out of town. (1.1, 2.9)

We don't know how many children June has, but she has at least two grandchildren. Cindy is an art student who may live with June. (1.1) In the original script for the pilot, Cindy is 22 years old. Samantha is younger child. Samantha enjoys playing soccer and is in need of a kidney transplant. (1.10)

Life with Byron

June, Byron and Ford from Countermeasures

June was happily married to a man named Byron. Byron’s first car was a 1964 Corvair convertible. (2.13) June used to go dancing with Byron at the Lennox Lounge. (1.1, 2.13) Byron and June also used to play poker with Sy Devore. (1.1)

Byron was a convicted felon who spent time in prison. (1.1, 1.10) The police arrested Byron when they found some fake casino chips under the cushion. (3.7) We don't know a lot about his crimes, except that he did decide to retire before he died. (2.13) He has a jacket used to train pick pocketers that June kept. (2.15)

June saved Byron's hide on many occasions because she knew more than he thought she did. (3.7)

Byron worked with a man named Bradford "Ford" Tullman. He was locked up for two years for real estate fraud. He masterminded the Nicosia job. In the old days, Ford, Byron and June were inseparable and hung out at the Lenox Lounge. Byron and Ford once ran a rooftop casino 20 years earlier out of June's home (now Neal's apartment). They had three games of five-card stud. Ford was the "mechanic." (2.13)

June, Byron and Ford on White Collar

June's late husband, Byron, built her house. (3.7)

Other Facts about June

A few other pertinent facts we know about June include:

About Diahann Carroll

June is played on White Collar by Diahann Carroll. Carroll is a Tony Award and Golden Globe winning actress and singer. She has also been nominated for an Emmy, Grammy and Best Actress Oscar. In 1968 Diahann Carroll become the first black actress in television history to star in her own series Julia for NBC, which received an Emmy nomination in its first year on the air. Her film work includes Claudine, for which she received a 1974 Best Actress Academy Award nomination, Carmen Jones, Paris Blues, Porgy & Bess, Hurry Sundown, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, and Eve's Bayou.