Quotes from White Collar Episode "In the Red"

Season 2, Episode 6 Air Date: August 17, 2010

Mozzie: How often do I say "thank you?"
Caffrey: Sarcastically?
Mozzie: No.
Caffrey: Rhetorically?
Mozzie: Genuinely.
Caffrey: I can't recall. Why?
Mozzie: You've done a lot for me. I wanted to say thank you.
Caffrey: You're welcome... There's more...

Burke: That's great. What happens when he realizes he has your phone in his pocket?
Caffrey: He better keep his hands off my rollover minutes.

Caffrey: Come on, Catherine MacMillan is not a jewel thief.
Burke: You mean no priors, she's a PTA mom who volunteers her time at the youth center on the weekends?
Caffrey: Throw a mullet on her and she's Carol Brady.
Burke: Carol Brady had an affair with Greg Brady.
Caffrey: Proof that everybody's got a dark side.
Burke: Thing about the law, one size fits all.

Sara: All right, state your name?
Caffrey: Neal Caffrey.
Sara: What color are your eyes?
Caffrey: Blue.
Sara: Okay. Tell me a lie.
Caffrey: That color does not bring out the subtle glint of hazel in your eyes.

Caffrey: I took the polygraph.
Burke: You cheated. I don't know how, but you cheated. You're playing with fire. Sara is like a tornado in heels and you're...
Caffrey: Oh please, please don't reduce me to a trailer park.
Burke: If the shoe fits.

Burke: Look at you two... Did I take on a case from the Hamptons?
Diana: We look good.

Jones: You wanted a girl, so we got a girl. How is that fair?
Diana: Excuse me, who's the one at home with Al-Fashir every day while you're off hitting a bucket of balls with the boys?
Burke: Sounds like a married couple to me. Knock 'em dead.

Mozzie: So you just used a tack.
Caffrey: She surprised me. What else was I gonna do. It worked.
Mozzie: How'd she know someone broke in?
Caffrey: Oh, I don't know... A hundred failed attempts on her keypad?
Mozzie: That would do it.

Mozzie: So, what is this case?
Caffrey: I'm taking down a lawyer. He's extorting money from the parents using their adopted kids as leverage.
Mozzie: Adopted kids? What kind of a cretin preys on helpless, adopted kids? All they want is a fair shake and a chance to belong?
Caffrey: I know, you were adopted.
Mozzie: Foster care. I was never adopted. How are you going to take down this pig?
Caffrey: Poker game.
Mozzie: You better win.
Caffrey: That's the game plan.
Mozzie: You better make sure you win.
Caffrey: Again. That's the game plan.
Mozzie: What's his tell?
Caffrey: I will figure out his tell.
Mozzie: You do that. Then crush him.

Caffrey: I may have an angle on how we can take down Donovan. You got a hundred grand I can borrow?

Diana: It's time. Wish me luck.
Burke: Good luck.

Elizabeth: The client's so excited; she wants to take me to dinner to celebrate.
Burke: Nice one of us has something to celebrate about and yes, it's about Neal. He is neck-deep in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.
Elizabeth: Really. With who?
Burke: Sara Ellis. Our insurance investigator. She's investigating him, and… he's enjoying it.
Elizabeth: All that pent up animosity and fighting? It leads to sparks.
Burke: We don't have pent up animosity… we never fight.
Elizabeth: And that's a good thing.
Burke: What about the sparks?
Elizabeth: Honey, we are so not lacking in the sparks department. When I get home, I'm gonna prove it to you.
Burke: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Caffrey: I need some way to find out Donovan's tell so I know when he's bluffing a hand.
Burke: You don't think you can beat him?
Caffrey: It hurts me that you would even ask that.

Burke: You cheated, right?
Caffrey: Peter, you insult me.
Burke: There's no way you'd have left it to chance.
Caffrey: A true gambler never reveals his strategies.
Burke: Oh, oh reveals his strategies... and what about the winnings?

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