Quotes from White Collar Episode "Home Invasion"

Season 1, Episode 11 Air Date: February 9, 2010

Caffrey: You telegraph your marks.
Alex: Four years in prison and you're still the best. Show off!

Caffrey: This doesn't really fall within my area of expertise, Peter. Murder isn't an intellectual pursuit. And I'm not a dead guy kind of guy, so I'm gonna go.
Burke: You have a lot of rules for a guy who doesn't play by them.

Caffrey: You're late— and you're never late.

Caffrey: Peter, mi casa es su casa.
Burke: Su casa is not even su casa.

Alex: You're a bastard.
Caffrey: Good evening, Alex.
Alex: I looked into you, Caffrey. Know your mark, right.
Caffrey: Yeah.
Alex: You turned Fed.
Caffrey: I was force fed.
Alex: That's funny, Neal.

Peter knocks on the door.
Alex: You get a lot of late night visitors.
Caffrey: Yeah, it's probably just my land lady. Who is it?
Burke: It's Peter!
Alex: Who's Peter?
Caffrey: Oh, he's— he's just a friend. But he cannot know you're here about the music box. We need a cover.
Alex gets up and wiggles out of her skirt.
Caffrey: What are you doing?
Alex: Why else would I be here?
Caffrey: (Undoes his tie) Just like old times.

Caffrey: What are you doing here? What happened to the hotel?
Burke: Motel, and it was occupied.
Caffrey: Oh dog staying there?
Burke: Yeah, what's with the dog? Now you understand why I was forced to seek other accommodations.

Burke: When asked, He quoted that he and the cow had been friends for years.
June: No, the cow.
Burke: Yes.
Caffrey: Morning.
Burke: Morning.
Caffrey: Sleep okay?
Burke: Oh, I could get used to this.
Caffrey: You're in my chair.
Burke: Oh, I didn't see your name on it

Caffrey: Yeah. Glad you were having fun.
Neal walks away, obviously unhappy.
Burke: We should get him a banana.
June: I think so, yes.

Jones: Hey, Peter, how was the hotel last night?
Burke: Fine. Loud. Beds are bad, you know.
Caffrey: Peter stayed at my place. Couldn't handle the motel.
Burke: I can handle the motel. I just prefer tormenting you.

Dan: Yeah, I'll let you know, Pete. Hey, Neal, maybe you could teach me that hat trick some time.
Caffrey: Yeah, yeah maybe.
Burke: He wants to learn your hat trick. That's adorable.
Caffrey: Don't. Don't, Peter.
Burke: No, it's adorable; it's adorable.

Burke: (about Daniel's new profile picture) He changed his profile to include the hat. He just keeps getting more adorable.

Daniel: You are the ambassador of awesome.

Pierce: Hello, Mr. Caffrey.
Caffrey: How did you find me.
Pierce: Your friend let your last name slip at the bar. I did a little research. Come in. Sit. Shut the door behind you.
Caffrey: Do you always break into places dressed like that?

Jones: We can't get eyes inside. It's too dangerous to go in blind.
Burke: What if we give us a flash bang? On three, we turn on the power and we storm the entrances.
Cruz: What's going to happen when the power comes on?
Burke: I don't know, but I'm trusting Neal.
Jones: Okay, let's get the battering rams ready.
Burke: Are you insane? That's my house. I've got keys.

Just before the agents enter Burke's house to arrest Pierce.
Burke: Anyone knocks anything over they deal directly with my wife.
Jones: Copy that. Ready?
Burke: Wipe your feet.

Neal tries to slip an origami flower into Alex's purse.
Alex: Not this time, Neal. Those have lost their charm for me. What are you doing here?
Caffrey: I thought we could start fresh. Go back to the beginning...
Alex: You and I have too much of a history to start fresh, Neal.
Caffrey: Sorry. I should've been honest with you.
Alex: I know better than to trust you.
Caffrey: Likewise. I'm willing to take a leap of faith.
Alex: How willing? I know where the music box is.
Caffrey: Where?
Alex: Well, as long as you're working for the FBI, you'll never know.

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