White Collar "Hard Sell" Nitpicks

Season 1, Episode 8 Air Date: January 19, 2010

When you watch a program over and over, you start to notice minor continuity issues, plot oversights and other goofs. This page is not intended to be a criticism aimed toward the show or anyone who works on White Collar. They produce a great show and should be proud of their work. That's why I titled it "Nitpicks" because to nitpick means "to be overly critical or criticize minor details." If it bothers you, please don't read them. This page is intended to be for people who love watching something and going "I never noticed that..."

Always check the pen! The pen does not seem an obvious place to look for a recorder, but it seems the bad guys find it very easily.

Only one bath? Why do they send Neal upstairs to the bathroom? The Burke's don't have a bathroom on the first floor? I've never seen a two floor house without at least a half-bath on the first floor.

hard sell goof

Ten seconds? Earlier when Peter was shown the safe, Avery told him that the air was removed in 10 seconds. When Peter and Neal are locked in the safe, it actually takes more than 30 seconds.

Speaking of air... Air is usually invisible but the air in that room was very cloudy when it was being sucked out.

Liar! Neal claims he has never lied to Peter (and that is a key principle of the show "Neal never lies to Peter"). However, when Peter asks him if he knows here the music box, Neal says yes. In later episodes, Neal asks Alex for information about it because he doesn't know where it is.

Hardsell nitpick Hardsell nitpick

Light Boxes: The comic book boxes appear to be empty when Caffrey and Burke are pushing the around. They also magically rearrange themselves. Right before Peter opens the door, the boxes are messed up behind him, but when he kneels down to check Neal, they are neat.

Speaking of Neal: When he passes out, he slumps down against the wall. When Peter kneels down to him, however, he's a good several inches from the wall. Hmm... maybe he woke up and straightened the boxes and then passed out again...

Hardsell nitpick

Catherine the Not-So-Great Neal says "Catherine the Great had a room in her palace in St. Petersburg made entirely out of amber." While located at the Catherine Palace (which was built by Catherine I), the room actually began construction in 1701 by the king of Prussia. It wasn't until 1755 that Tsarina Elizabeth, not Catherine II (aka Catherine the Great), had the room transferred to the Catherine Palace. Catherine the Great came after this fact, in 1769.

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