Quotes from White Collar Episode "Front Man"

Season 1, Episode 13 Air Date: March 2, 2010

Alex: Loose the blinking jewelry and you will get what you need.

Caffrey: Whatever I did I have proof I didn't do it.

Elizabeth: And so I told him I would spend the night with him for a million dollars. I'd have to run it by my husband first. But Honey, it's a million dollars. What do you think.
Burke: I think...I think that's great. I don't think that's great. What? What did you ask me?

Rice: You're a tool in my belt. You understand?
Caffrey: Tool in your belt. Got it.

Rice: You will listen and observe. If I ask you to do anything, you do it. If I have a question, answer it.
Caffrey: What if I have a question?
Rice: Then you run it by me. But you do not, under any circumstance, address my witness.
Caffrey: Oh, good, sounds like a really great deal. But I think it'll work better if you treat me more like a partner. See, the way Peter and I do it–
Rice: I don't care how you and Peter do it. I care how you and Agent Rice do it.
Caffrey: I just want to help find his daughter.
Rice: You want to help? Well, then, keep your mouth shut unless I ask you to open it. Okay?
Caffrey: (Raising his hand) Oh!
Rice: What?
Caffrey: Permission to speak?
Rice: What?
Caffrey: You haven't found any of Wilkes prints around the house, have you? See, he likes to use found items from the target location to cover his tracks. Why don't you heck the rubber gloves under the sink?
Rice: You have any more brilliant ideas rumbling around that head of yours?
Caffrey: No, I think that's it for now.
Rice: Good. Then go wait in the car.

Caffrey: Peter. Didn't expect to see you here.
Burke: I had a case in the neighborhood, thought I'd drop by.
Caffrey: I'm Touched. You can't handle being apart from me.
Burke: No.
Caffrey: So this has nothing to do with looking over Rice's shoulder?
Burke: No, don't read into it. How's it going with Rice? See she's got you babysitting the car.
Caffrey: She called me a tool in her belt.
Burke: I bet you're really starting to miss working with me now.
Caffrey: Nope, no. But I could stretch my legs.

Rice: Why don't you put on your dancing shoes, Neal — you're going clubbing.

Rice: And Peter, next time I find you on my scene, I'm filing a report.
Burke: You can't tell, but right now deep down I'm petrified.

Caffrey: You're being paranoid.
Mozzie: Paranoia is a skill. The secret to longevity.

Caffrey: Rice is here. Duty calls.
Mozzie: I get the apartment.

Rice: You know, you kept me waiting outside that rich lady's house for half an hour.
Caffrey: You can't rush style, Agent Rice.
Rice: Took me less time to get ready for my wedding. (Pauses.) It didn't take.
Caffrey: I'm not surprised. Statistically speaking.

Burke: You sold him out so you could get your picture in the paper! You hung Neal out to dry for a gold star on your resume!
Rice: Better watch it, Burke.
Burke: When we found that coat check stub for the, you already knew what was going on there, didn't you? But you kept your mouth shut, so everything could go according to plan.
Hughes: What's going on, here?
Burke: She made a back room deal with Wilkes. The girl in exchange for Neal.
Hughes: Rice, that true?
Rice: A man we believe to be Wilkes contacted Gless. He said he would give Lindsay back if he could have a face to face with Caffrey.
Burke: A face to face? And you really think Wilkes would make go on that?
Rice: It was our one shot to get a lead on Wilkes and follow him back to the girl. I had agents, all over that street.
Burke: And how did that work out for you?
Hughes: Do you get any leads on the girl?
Rice: Wilkes made the grab in our one operational blind spot.
Hughes: Then you're no longer in charge. Peter, you're officially a part of the show.
Rice starts to protest.
Hughes: I don't want to hear it, Rice! You report to Burke until you find Caffrey and that girl.

Caffrey: If you wanted to meet for lattes you could have just called.
Wilkes: This way's better. Pretty good, right? Had the feds snip your anklet off for me. She handed you over on a platter.
Caffrey: That's great. You're a lock for kidnapper of the year.

Wilkes: That old Caffrey wit. I love it. We could've been something: thunder and lightning! But then you had to go and rip for what? Five hundred grand?
Caffrey: I'll write you a check.

Cathy:: You know, people like you really piss me off. You waltz in her, you flash some sort of grin and you think you can do something that can get me fired? I don't think so. But have a nice day.

Caffrey: And that is exactly what I'm going to tell my son when I explain to him why daddy lost his job. Cause daddy's a failure. I'm gonna level with you, Cathy. I don't enjoy catering to guys who spend more on a bottle of Courvoisier than I make in a year, but it's all I got. Who am I to think that I can do this job and raise a five year old all by myself. And now I gotta tell him we're moving back to Cedar Rapids. It's going to break his heart. But kids bounce back though, you know, they're tough.
Cathy: Cedar Rapids? U of I '88.
Caffrey: No kidding.
Rice: You said Thomas Loze, right?

Mozzie: So, now you've captured another of my pawns.
June: Parcheesi is just not your game.
Mozzie: You mock me? But, little do you know you're just about to enter the teeth of my blockade.

After one of Wilkes' men tosses Neal onto the floor
Caffrey: Uh! Oof! Ah. Ah.
Lindsay: Hey, you okay?
Caffrey: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Didn't even hurt. Lindsay?

Caffrey: Yeah. Just trust me, if there's anyone in the world who can find me, it's him. (To the guard slurping his noodles.) Nice manners. Yeah, you should chew your food.
Lindsay: It's pretty foul, right?
Caffrey: Yeah.
Lindsay: He burps when he swallows.
Caffrey: Nice.

Burke: Hey, Hon.
Elizabeth: Ok, you need to come home, we have a visitor.
Burke: Oh, I'd would sweetie but I'm right in the middle of something now.
Elizabeth: Right, Well, I think your something is connected to the someone who showed up at our front door.
Burke: Who's there?
Elizabeth: Mozzie, and he's pretty worked up.
Burke: That's his normal state.

Elizabeth: You know, Moz, you never told me what you do for a living.
Mozzie: I know that. Neither have you, Mrs. Suit.
Elizabeth: I'm an event planner. I run my own company.
Mozzie: Burke Premiere Events. I thought that company was a front for Peter.
Elizabeth: Okay, not everything has a secret meaning.
Mozzie: Ah, naiveté. So sweet. I bet you believe in the moon landing.

Elizabeth: You know, Mozzie still won't tell me what he does for a living. Do you know?
Burke: I know enough not to ask.

Rice: We're here to help you get out of this mess, Caffrey.
Caffrey: That's kind of ironic coming from you, Agent Rice.
Caffrey: You lied, I lied. It's like a dance.

Mozzie: I just said that to a guy who enjoys killing people with his bare hands.

Mozzie: Oh, don't tell me how to keep a woman, blue eyes. Guys like you with your million dollar smile and your thick perfect head of hair... You don't get it!

Mozzie: That's the closest I've come to death this year.

Burke: Where you been? Missed all the action.
Caffrey: Oh, yeah, got caught up with an old friend.
Burke: How'd that go?
Caffrey: Think I may have burned a bridge.

Rice: Was a hell of a thing you did today.
Caffrey: I could say the same thing about you.
Rice: No hard feelings?
Caffrey: Don't stretch it.

Caffrey: You go half way around the world chasing something and the whole time it's in your own backyard .

Burke: You know, you can either go back to wearing an orange jumpsuit and pining for the girl that got away or you can stay here and do something good with your life. Your choice.

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