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Season 1, Episode 13 Air Date: March 2, 2010

When trying to resolve a kidnapping, Neal is apprehended by an old friend and is forced to play his game to save the one who was kidnapped. Alex finally reveals the location of the music box to Neal, and teams up to steal it. Peter tells Neal that he knows Neal is planning to steal it, and tells him that he has the option to stop looking for Kate and do something good with his life. For more information, check out the Quotes from "Front Man" or "Front Man" Nitpicks.

“You know, you can either go back to wearing an orange jumpsuit and pining for the girl that got away or you can stay here and do something good with your life. Your choice.” – Peter Burke


The Cons

Neal pretends to be a single father to get information from the travel agent.

Neal and Mozzie pull a zigzag scam on Edward Reilly by pretending to be with immigration and customs enforcement.

Interesting Facts

Lauren Cruz does not appear in this episode.

Character Information

The Bad Guys

Ryan Wilkes has been linked to grand theft auto to extortion. He likes to use Plasticine clay to forge keys to use in locks when breaking in. He also uses items found at the site rather than bringing his own. Ryan and Neal once tried working together. Neal turned on him when he learned Wilkes planned to hurt people. Neal walked away with $500,000. He kidnapped Lindsey Gless in order to get to Neal and use him to steal gold cards from Edward Reilly.

Edward Reilly is the go-to guy when criminals want something moved. He hand delivers items himself, which is all the guarantee anyone needs. He is very dangerous. His favorite alias is Thomas Loze. Neal and Mozzie manage to con him out of a valuable cargo of pre-loaded gold cards

Kate Clues

Alex returns and agrees to help Neal steal the music box since he managed to get out of his anklet for their meeting.



"I told him that I would spend the night with him for a million dollars; I'd have to run it by my husband first."

This is a reference to the plot of the movie Indecent Proposal.

"As a friend, I insist you pull the rip cord."

Rip cords are found on parachutes. Mozzie is suggesting Neal bail-out on the case.

"Do I look like I'm joking, Elvis?"

Mozzie calls the bad guy Elvis for Elvis Presley, because both have dark hair.


"Oh, you'll need him, Chachi!"

Chachi was a character on the TV show, Happy Days played by Scott Baio. As in the Elvis reference, it is likely due to Edward Reilly dark hair.

"Jones, let's check the usual suspects."

This is probably a reference to the 1942 movie Casablanca. In the movie, Captain Renault says "Round up the usual suspects" after Major Strasser is shot. Burke makes a similar statement in Out of the Box.

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Writer:Rashad Raisani Director:Michael Smith
Regulars Guest Stars
Neal Caffrey
Peter Burke
Elizabeth Burke
Clinton Jones
Lauren Cruz
Reese Hughes
Matt Bomer
Tim DeKay
Tiffani Thiessen
Willie Garrison
Sharif Atkins
Natalie Morales
Diahann Carroll
James Rebhorn
Alexandra Hunter
Kimberly Rice
Ryan Wilkes
Stuart Gless
Lindsay Gless
FBI Agent
FBI Agent
Thomas Loze / Edward Reilly
Gloria Votsis
Diane Neal
Charles Malik Whitfield
Mark Elliot Wilson
Alexandra Socha
Deborah Twiss
Kari Nicolle
Steven Weisz
Nathaniel Marston

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