White Collar Episode "Free Fall" Recap

Season 1, Episode 7 Air Date: December 4, 2009

Neal Caffrey and Mozzie are walking along the street. Neal tells him that someone from the FBI has Kate, which leaves him with a lot of suspects. Neal's phone ring. It is Peter Burke. Peter asks Neal to meet him at Joyau Precieux, an exclusive boutique and site of a suspected jewelry heist. Off the phone, Elizabeth informs Peter that an exotic pink diamond is scheduled to be exhibited there.

At Joyau Precieux, the manager tells Peter that she is concerned that the 52 carat Steinmetz pink diamond may have been stolen and replaced with a forgery. Peter asks why and the manager shows him a security tape. The security shows a masked man in the vault. Peter shuts down the exhibit.

Free Fall

Neal takes a closer look at the diamond and declares it's a fake achieved using radiation. The manager claims no one knew when the diamond was going to arrive or where it would be stored except a few people. The security camera only records what happens on the floor and in the vault, but the security alarm was never triggered.

Back at the FBI, Peter and Neal arrive to find men from OPR (Office of Professional Responsibility) talking to Hughes. OPR does internal affairs for the FBI. Hughes calls Peter into his office.

Free Fall

Hughes introduces Garrett Fowler with OPR. Fowler says only a few NYPD brass and a handful of FBI agents knew the movements of the diamond, so they think it's an inside job. Fowler asks Peter where Neal was last night. Peter tells Fowler to check his anklet. Fowler says they did, but the database that stores that information was hacked and six hours of tracking data was erased.

Peter meets Neal in his office and asks him if he has any leads. Neal says the list is short since most people capable are either in prison or dead. Only one person, Adrian Tulane, could have forged the diamond. Peter asks Neal if he could have forged the diamond and Neal says possibly.

Free Fall

Neal and Peter arrive at Tulane's place. Tulane tells them he just arrived in the country this morning and has plane tickets to prove it. Peter and Neal leave. Peter asks Neal what he was doing the night of the heist. Neal says he was at home going over case files and he doesn't have an alibi. Neal tells Peter he didn't steal the diamond.

Back at FBI headquarters, Peter asks Jones to check the forged bonds (the ones that Caffrey was convicted of forging) under a polarized light. Neal told him (in the pilot) that he signed them and Peter wants to know if that is true.

Meanwhile, at Neal's apartment, Mozzie has been checking into people at the FBI. He tells Neal that Fowler used to work violent crimes for the bureau until his wife was killed during a robbery. Fowler then took a year leave before joining OPR, at which time his files were sealed. Neal thinks it's suspicious that Fowler arrived so quickly after the robbery.

Free Fall

Later, Peter, Neal and Hughes are sitting in the FBI offices. Jones enters and whispers into Peter's ear. A second later Fowler enters and tells Neal he is under arrest. Fowler says he found the signature NC microprinted on the forged diamond and it mages that signature on the counterfeit bonds. Peter tells Fowler that Neal is his responsibility and arrests him. Neal is led through FBI headquarters in cuffs.

Free Fall

Peter visits Neal in prison. Neal claims he was set up, but doesn't know who set him up. Mozzie arrives and informs Peter that he is Neal's lawyer.

At the FBI office, Fowler congratulates Burke on his fine work putting Neal away. Peter tells him Caffrey was a good asset to the FBI. Hughes comes out of his office and tells Peter they have a problem: the judge has ordered they to release every file on Caffrey to his attorney.

Back at prison, we find out Mozzie followed Fowler after making his request for Neal's files. Fowler put some shredded papers in a dumpster. He hands the papers over to Neal. Mozzie has also found some information out about the judge. Neal tells Mozzie he needs to liquidate some assets because he needs money to buy a bakery.

Later at the FBI, Cruz tells Peter that Tulane is clean. Jones tells Peter that they don't know what Mozzie is up to because legally they can't follow him due to attorney-client privileges. All they know is he bought a bakery in Neal's name, but they don't know where it is.

In prison, Neal pieces together the papers and discovers a transcript of a phone call between him and Peter. Later, Mozzie is helping Neal get ready for court. He tells that the construction on the bakery is done and the air conditioning in the judge's office broke down that morning.

In front of the courthouse, Peter meets up with Elizabeth. He tells her that he thinks Neal is guilty. Cruz arrives and tells Peter that the arraignment was moved to the judge's chambers because Neal plans to make a full confession and name some important people.

Free Fall

At the judge's office, the judge tells the bailiff to open the window because the air conditioning broke down. Neal tells the judge that he didn't steal the diamond but he plans to find out who did and promptly climbs out the window. He jumps down onto the awning of the bakery and runs into a nearby van. Peter sees this happening on the street below but makes no move to stop him.

Free Fall

Peter tells Jones to find out where the tunnels below the manhole on the street lead. Hughes and Fowler arrive moments later. Cruz says they stopped the van but only the driver, hired through an anonymous Internet posting, was inside. Peter asks if the van has a removable floor panel. Cruz says yes. Peter says Neal wasn't in the van but a few seconds. Instead, he escaped into the manhole. Hughes assigns Peter to find Neal.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is walking with her assistant Yvonne and a client. Yvonne's phone rings and she tells Elizabeth it is for her. It's Neal and he asks Elizabeth for her help.

Free Fall

Back at home, Elizabeth seems nervous when Peter arrives. Peter thinks it's stupid they have a detail outside the house because Neal wouldn't be stupid enough to come here. He then notices someone in the kitchen. It's Neal.

Free Fall

Neal tells Peter about the shredded document and shows him a bug that was planted on his home phone. He also says that Fowler looked at the bonds after Jones did and then his initials just happened to show up on the diamond. He also shows Peter the expanded ATM picture of Kate that shows a man with a ring on his hand on her shoulder. Neal thinks Fowler has Kate. Neal doesn't know what Fowler wants and is afraid that once he gives it to him Kate will disappear. He suggests Peter clear him and then investigate OPR. Neal leaves.

The next morning, Peter arrives back at FBI and talks to Jones. Fowler approaches and asks Peter where he thinks Neal is. Peter says he thinks Neal will try to leave the country since there is no reason for him to stay in Manhattan. He reiterates that the best way to catch Neal is "road blocks and wanted posters." Fowler leaves. Peter tells Jones to keep an eye on Fowler and his goons. Peter then walks towards the elevator. One of Fowler's assistants starts to follow him, but Jones intercepts him. Peter slips down the stairway.

Free Fall

Outside the FBI, Peter calls Neal and tells him to meet him at the boutique to figure out how the theft occurred. In the vault, they notice one of the lights flicking. Neal figures it is a misdirect and checks out the opposite light. He finds a cut out in the wall that leads to an old prohibition tunnel. The FBI missed it because OPR took over the investigation. Neal and Peter follow the tunnel out onto a nearby street. Neal notices a security camera nearby. Peter calls Jones and asks him to pull the footage.

Free Fall

Back at the Burke house, Neal and Peter are watching the footage. They see a man leave the security hatch. The man turns and they recognize Tulane. The tickets were faked.

Back at the FBI, Fowler is upset with Jones. He tells him that he had no right helping Burke disappear. Jones feigns ignorance. Fowler threatens to have OPR investigate him. Jones then informs Fowler that they arrested Tulane for the theft and Caffrey has been cleared.

In the conference room, Peter is interrogating Tulane but Tulane is not talking. Peter shows Tulane the pink diamond that was recovered at the townhouse of his "puzzle girl's." He tries to get Tulane to reveal his inside man, but Tulane either won't or doesn't know who it was.

Free Fall

Later, Peter, Neal, Jones and Cruz are drinking champagne and celebrating their victory. Neal gets a phone call from Kate. Kate tells Neal he can't trust anyone.

Neal arrives home to find Mozzie going through his FBI files. Mozzie tells him that he found Fowler's ID number connected with a local hotel. The dates are from before the diamond heist. Mozzie suggests Neal check it out.

Neal arrives at the hotel room. Fowler is inside with numerous other FBI agents. Fowler asks Neal how he knows about Mentor. Neal calls out for Kate but Fowler says Kate is not there. Neal asks Fowler why he was recording his phone calls before the jewelry heist. Fowler tells Neal that he didn't bug his phone…

Elsewhere, another hotel room door opens to reveal Kate. A man with a ring on his pinkie is sitting inside. It's Peter. He tells Kate they need to talk about Neal.

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