Quotes from White Collar Episode "Free Fall"

Season 1, Episode 7 Air Date: December 4, 2009

Mozzie: You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.
Caffrey: I could live without the fortune cookie commentary.

Burke: It's like Buckingham Palace.
Caffrey: I've been to Buckingham Palace. This is better.

Burke: (Looking at a bunch of models) This is something you don't see every day except maybe if you're you.

Jones: Okay, let's go folks. The store's closed. There's nothing to see here.

Burke: (to Neal) Is it fake?
Cruz: (to Jones) He's talking about the necklace, right?
Caffrey: (to the model) It's beautiful work.
Model: Thank you.
Jones: Guess that answers that question.

Burke: Hey, what is with you? You're like a kid on a sugar high.
Caffrey: You don't understand, Tulane is a legend.
Burke: A legend, now. Don't oversell him.
Caffrey: It's like you meeting Ellison Ness.

Caffrey: I love your alleged work. I am a big fan.

Mozzie: I appreciate the irony here — we're looking into them and they're looking into you.

Mozzie: Okay. I checked into Peter's boss, Hughes. This guy's a legend. Been with the FBI for twenty-five years. They were forced to make him retire, but they found a loophole and brought him back.
Caffrey: Skeletons?
Mozzie: Nada. And I checked that Agent Ruiz who handles organized crime. Lots of skeletons there, but I don't think he's smart enough. Uh, checked, Jones. Did you know his first name is Clinton? Checked into Lauren.
Caffrey: You checked Lauren?
Mozzie: You said check everybody. Then there's this guy from OPR. Fowler.
Caffrey: What about him?
Mozzie: Used to work violent crimes for the bureau. Wife was killed during a robbery and he took a year leave. Then he joined OPR and his files were sealed.
Caffrey: Sealed? Interesting. He showed up awfully fast after this went down.

Mozzie: I hope not. OPR is like this giant, sucking black hole. Accountable only to the DOJ.
Caffrey: Department of Justice?
Mozzie: Well, the DOJ is just a euphemism of course for the military industrial complex.
Caffrey: And big oil, right?

Caffrey: I'll admit I've done a lot of things in my life that I'm not proud of. No, no, that's not true, I'm proud of most of them. But what I'm about to do today, this is going to be good.

Burke: Still haven't found Neal. We got a detail outside.
Elizabeth: Yeah, I saw.
Burke: As if he'd be careless enough to come here....
Peter sees a shadow moving in the kitchen.
Burke: Where do you think he did go, El? Is he in the kitchen? Neal!
Caffrey: Peter.
Burke: Of all the places you could run, you go to my wife!
Caffrey: You say that like it's a bad thing.
Burke: You helped him sneak in!
Elizabeth: Well, I wouldn't have had to sneak him in if there weren't those people sitting at our house.
Burke: You lied to the FBI.
Elizabeth: Honey, I did not lie to the FBI. There was just a lot of milk and cookies and pleasant, distracting conversation while Neal slipped around the back.
Burke: I love this. You've turned my wife into an accomplice.

Burke: What's the latest?
Jones: We've got conflicting intel. I mean, we've got reports of Caffrey sighted everywhere from Jersey to Geneva.
Burke: He's covering all his bases.
Jones: Ah, he stole them right off the field.

Fowler: Hey, and let me ask you a question. Just hypothetically, if you had to guess, right now, where's Caffrey?
Burke: Probably trying to leave the country. If he hasn't already.
Fowler: Oh, you don't think he'd stay in Manhattan.
Burke: Would there be a reason to?
Fowler: I don't know. Just want to make sure we're using our resources as reasonably as possibly.
Burke: Like I said, roadblocks and wanted posters.
Fowler: That's how we're going to catch him, huh?
Burke: It's a good start. Now, if you don't mind, I've got to get back to work.

Caffrey: (Looking at his mug shot in the newspaper.) It's better than my driver's license photo.
Burke: Which one? You have several. ... Alright one crime at a time.

Caffrey: Peter, I'm starting to like you again.
Burke: Then we're hanging out too much.

Burke: No, you didn't. Guy steals three point two million in diamonds and we get him because he can't resist a pretty face.
Caffrey: Well, it happens to the best of us. What?
Burke:You know what.
Caffrey: No, I don't.
Burke: Yes, you do.

Burke: I thought that a small celebration would be appropriate.
Caffrey: You really shouldn't drink champagne in paper cups.
Burke: You will drink it and you will like it. It's two fold, really.
Caffrey: Two fold?
Cruz: Yeah, you're off the hook.
Burke: Mm-hm. And our jobs are a lot easier when you run with us, not from us.
Jones: Hear, hear!
Caffrey: I'll drink to that. What about OPR?
Burke: They're gone. For now.
Caffrey: Celebrate the victories, however long they last.
Burke: I'll drink to that.
Secretary: Mr. Caffrey? There's a call for you on line two.
Burke:Oh, Mr. Caffrey, call on line two.
Caffrey: That's probably my lawyer.
Burke: You should put him on retainer.
Caffrey: I'll expense it. Can I use your phone?
Burke: Go ahead. Mr. Caffrey had a call on...

Mozzie: Oh, wow. No way. Hey, I'm just going through these FBI files. There's a terrifying amount of information here. How many shots from the knoll? Let's take a look. Did Elvis fake his own death? Ask the mystery box.

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