Quotes from White Collar Episode "Forging Bonds"

Season 2, Episode 11 Air Date: January 25, 2011

Caffrey: Yeah, I'm not much of a beer drinker, so...
Burke: I know. That's why I brought you this.
Caffrey: Oh. I don't recognize the bottle.
Burke: That's because it cost as much as the beer.
Caffrey: Wow. I don't even need a corkscrew.

Burke: I'll make you a deal. Full immunity for anything you say from this moment until the sun rises over that balcony.
Caffrey: Full immunity?
Burke: Did you kill anybody?
Caffrey: No.
Burke: Then full immunity.

Caffrey: If you want to know about Adler, we got to start with Mozzie.
Burke: Why am I not surprised?

Burke: Mozzie had a goatee?
Caffrey: Well, only to distract from his toupee.

Caffrey: Where´s your partner?
Mozzie: Left him. I need an upgrade

Caffrey: Who says they are forgeries?
Mozzie: With the place you live in. I do.

Caffrey: What was my nickname?
Burke: What?
Caffrey: Come on. Every case gets a nickname. Hagen was the Dutchman before you ID'd him. What was my nickname?
Burke: Oh, don't recall.
Caffrey: That's too bad. Well, the sooner you remember, the sooner we can move on.
Burke: James Bonds.
Caffrey: Bonds.
Both: James Bonds.
Burke: Yes, yes.
Caffrey: Would you like another beer?
Burke: Yeah.
Caffrey: Shaken, not stirred?

Burke: Lose the 'stache?
Elizabeth: Yeah, sorry, Magnum. I still love you.
Burke: I love you, too.

Caffrey: The teller was a real sweetheart.
Mozzie: Oh, she gave you a sucker. You know, the irony of that would not be lost on Alanis Morissette.

Caffrey: I love a good challenge.

Burke: I found you when I knew what you wanted most. What does he want most?

Caffrey: Excuse me. Sorry, I couldn't help but overhear. Are you with the FBI?
Burke: Special agent Peter Burke.
Caffrey: Wow. I just took some money out of the bank, and I heard you talking about counterfeiting.
Burke: Your money's safe. I'm looking after counterfeit bonds.
Caffrey: Well, I have some bonds at home. How would I know if they're not real?
Burke: I'm sure they're fine.
Caffrey: Well, thanks again for all the hard work you're doing, agent Burke. (Neal hands Peter a green sucker.) That's for you.
Burke: Have a good day.

Caffrey: Raphael was a master of balance... thick brush strokes for the landscape, but the skin tones are almost...translucent.
Kate: Are you an artist?
Caffrey: I dabble.
Kate: I tried, but the romance of being a starving artist wore off very fast.
Caffrey: Well, you won't find any original Nick Halden's at a gallery downtown.

Mozzie: Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides.
Caffrey: St. Augustine.
Mozzie: Good. You've been reading.
Caffrey: Smart guy told me to.

Kate: Remind me again why I let you make my necklace disappear?
Caffrey: Because you love magic.

Adler: I believe in second chances, Miss Hunter.

Caffrey: I thought you´d be in Chicago.
Kate: It was a big step in the wrong direction.
Caffrey: Why?
Kate: Because you are here.

Adler: Some say dress for the job you want; I say dress for the man you want to be.

Caffrey: You like the hat?

Mozzie: Every conman gets his heart broken once.

Caffrey: I lied to you about a lot of things, Kate. But I never lied about loving you.

Caffrey: Agent Burke.
Burke: Neal Caffrey, you are under arrest.
Caffrey: I know… thank you. I never would have found her if not for you.

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