White Collar Episode "Flip of the Coin" Recap

Season 1, Episode 4 Air Date: November 13, 2009

White Collar Flip of the Coin Picture Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke are sitting in his office at FBI Headquarters. Peter sends Neal to retrieve a file. Neal runs into Lauren Cruz in the file room. She tells him that she did her thesis at Quantico on him and she's always admired Peter.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth has arrived and she's bought a friend, Dana Mitchell. Dana's husband, John, was stationed overseas and finished his tour last month. This morning, the FBI issued a warrant for his arrest. Peter pulls up the record on his computer. John's prints and hair were found on gold artifacts from Iraq.

White Collar Flip of the Coin Picture

Neal arrives with the file and finds himself in the middle of domestic squabble. He suggests that John turn himself in. Elizabeth says he plans to—to Peter. John arrives at FBI headquarters, says good-bye to his wife and is arrested. He tells Peter he is innocent and to check out Patrick Aimes in the state department. Aimes had asked for his help in moving some items.

Peter looks into Aimes. Aimes was overseeing reconstruction in Mosul and now works for a private security contractor in New York. Peter meets up with him at a construction site. Aimes denies any knowledge of John but Peter notices blisters on one of Aimes's bodyguard's arms, which suggests the bodyguard might have had something to do with melting down the stolen gold. John's arms didn't have splash blisters.

Back at the FBI, Neal meets up with Jones and Cruz in the conference room. All of the recovered artifacts have been brought there. Peter arrives and points out that all of John's prints are very clean and only from his left hand, suggesting they may have been planted.

Neal and Peter go to dinner together. Peter is reluctant to go home because Dana has been staying with him and all she does is cry. Neal notices that in the time they have been there Peter has only used touched his bottle with his right hand. Perhaps John had a drink with the person who lifted his prints.

White Collar Flip of the Coin Picture

Peter heads home to ask Dana, but Dana is still in tears. He has Elizabeth talk to her instead. Dana tells her that Peter had drinks with a journalist that had been embedded with John's unit a month ago and he left his Yankee cap at the bar.

The next morning, Peter and Neal strategize on how to connect Alisha to Aimes. They head over to the TV studio to talk to her. Peter has Neal wait in the lobby to watch Alisha's expression when she discovers the FBI want to talk to her while he goes upstairs and waits. Neal follows Alisha into the building and sees her lock something into her desk. While Peter is talking to her Neal breaks into her desk and photocopies the item.

Alisha tells Peter that she was researching a follow-up story on soldiers returning home, but decided not to use John in the piece. Then, she rushes Peter out the door. Outside Neal shows him what he found: a pawn ticket. Peter doesn't want to see it and walks away. Neal calls Mozzie to check into it.

White Collar Flip of the Coin Picture

Peter heads home and finds Dana and Elizabeth watching a movie. Elizabeth asks Peter to find something to do until the movie is over. Peter heads over to Neal's to work on the case. Mozzie arrives and announces that he used the copy of the pawn ticket to get a coin. Peter insists that Mozzie stay for a drink. Mozzie reveals that the coin is an Islamic dinar from the Abbasid dynasty. Peter wishes they could somehow use the evidence against Alisha, but it was obtained illegally. Then he comes up with an idea.

Cut to the television studio. Alisha arrives to discover her producer wants her to interview someone. It's Neal. Neal shows her the coin and tells her the FBI knows everything. She'll be better off cutting a deal with them and helping them take Aimes down.

White Collar Flip of the Coin Picture

Alisha confesses everything back in the FBI conference room. Aimes melted down some of the gold and set up John as an attempt to get the FBI off their trail. Alisha doesn't know where the gold is now, so Peter tells her she needs to convince him to sell to a very rich and discreet buyer.

Later, Cruz is informing Neal of the deal and shows him the car he is to use. Realizing it won't work, Neal heads back to his place to get Mozzie. The two scam a limousine company to get a better ride. Neal arrives at the art gallery with Cruz and Alisha. Mozzie poses as the driver.

White Collar Flip of the Coin Picture

Aimes is there with his muscle men. They go inside and Neal recognizes some of the pieces on display. Before they can finalize the deal, Aimes becomes suspicious. The bodyguard and Cruz pull their weapons and Aimes slips out. Peter chases Aimes while Jones heads into the gallery. Aimes fires at Peter. Peter dodges and calls for backup. Seeing what's going on, Mozzie uses the limo to knock Aimes down. Peter arrests Aimes and Mozzie leaves.

Back at the Burke house, John and Dana are reunited. Everyone is happy, especially Peter because this means Dana will be leaving.

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