White Collar Locations: FBI Headquarters

FBI Headquarters

The FBI Headquarters is where Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey spend most of their time. The white collar division is located on the 21st floor of the building. (2.5) Peter has his own office, located in between the conference room and Reese Hughes's office, Peter's immediate superior. Peter's desk has a door the connects directly to his office. Neal has an desk on the floor. It is the one nearest the doors on the left when facing the elevators (1.12). The building has been seen in every episode of the series to date.

Things we know about the building:

FBI Headquarters on White Collar
Production sketch of FBI Headquarters
FBI Headquarters Exterior
Exterior images of FBI Headquarters (including roof)
Peter Burke's Office on White Collar
Peter Burke's office
Neal Caffrey's desk on White Collar
Neal Caffrey's desk

Main Floor of White Collar Division
Main floor of the White Collar division.
FBI Conference Room on White Collar
Conference room
FBI Hughes Office
Reese Hughes's office
Other images of the FBI
Other images of the FBI (elevators, file room, etc.)

Actual Location

The Lever House is used as the exterior for the FBI offices. It is located at 390 Park Avenue in New York. The series also uses the courtyard of the nearby Seagram Building located at 375 Park Avenue in New York. For more information about it, Check out this article from Wired New York

The interior of the building is a set located at Silvercup Studios, 34-02 Starr Avenue in Long Island City, New York.