Images of Neal's desk at the FBI

Neal's desk on White Collar

This is an image of Neal at his desk. I'm not sure which episode it came from, but it was sometime during Season 1.

Neal's desk on White Collar

This is Neal's desk as seen in Countermeasures when Neal has the "Men in Black bobsled team" behind him.

Neal's desk from White Collar

Another shot of Neal's desk. Notice the desk in the corner. The image is from Home Invasion.

Neal's Desk from White Collar

This is a good shot of Neal's desk and its location. Notice that his background seems to be a classical painting, versus the blue of the other computers. The image is from Prisoner's Dilemma.

Neal's drawer of ties

In On Guard it was revealed that Neal's top drawer is filled with ties. You didn't really think he kept office supplies there, did you?

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