Frequently Asked Questions about White Collar

Where is June's house located?

June's house (or mansion) is a combination of the Schinasi Mansion at 351 Riverside Drive, the Tudor City roof and a set built on the stages of Silvercup East. Tudor city is an apartment complex on the East Side of Manhattan in New York City. It is bordered by East 40th Street to the South, First Avenue to the East, Second Avenue to the West and East 43rd Street to the North.

Where can I watch White Collar online for free?

You can find the current season of White Collar on USA Network's official site. Click here to go to the site.

Why did Diana disappear during most of Season 1?

According to the show, Diana finished her year as Peter Burke's probationary agent and was assigned to work in Washington D.C. However, in the real world actress Marsha Thomason had been hired to work on General Hospital as the manager-girlfriend of James Franco’s psycho killer-slash-painter. So it was probably scheduling conflicts that kept her from appearing in the first season.

Where can I purchase the song heard during "The Portrait"?

In The Portrait, the song "Open Your Eyes" by Jesse Glick is heard. The song can only be found on True Music Online. Select Jesse Glick's album and the song is listed there.

What song plays during the White Collar commercial about Kate?

The song was called "Crystal Village" by Pete Yorn.