White Collar Characters: Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth Burke is the wife of FBI agent Peter Burke. She is often asked to serve as pacifier and go-between with Peter and Neal Caffrey. She is 5' 5" tall with blue eyes and brown hair. (3.5) Elizabeth lives in a townhouse with Peter and her dog, Satchmo.

Life with Peter

Elizabeth met Peter twelve years earlier in the summer of 1998. (2.8, 1.10). Peter was assigned to investigate a scam/theft that occurred at the art gallery where she worked as the assistant manager. (1.9, 2.8) Peter had the FBI do surveillance on Elizabeth to see if she had a boyfriend. (1.0, 1.9) He didn't have the courage to ask her out so she held up a sign that said she loved Italian to get him to ask her out. (1.9)

They have been married for over ten years. (1.10) Elizabeth wanted a small wedding, but it ballooned into a massive event. (3.5) Peter says he did all the cooking when he and Elizabeth were first married, but he really just ordered takeout. (2.4) They have one dog, Satchmo, which Elizabeth named. They got Satchmo approximately eight years ago. (2.11)

Elizabeth holding up sign

Other things we know about Peter and Elizabeth:

Work History

Elizabeth Burke's card

Elizabeth used to work as an assistant manager at an art gallery. (2.8) She also used to work for the Dearmitt Gallery.[*] (3.1) She left the gallery to start her own business as an event planner. She is now the owner of Burke Premiere Events. She has an assistant named Yvonne. Events she has planned include the Channing Museum's Annual Master's Retrospective and an event for Andrew Stanzler. (1.14, 2.15) She recently went on an interview with the Dearmitt Gallery and accepted a job as a consultant. (3.2)

[*] Elizabeth probably was the assistant manager at the Dearmitt Gallery. However, this has never been specifically stated in the show.

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In 2005, she married actor Brady Smith. The two have one daughter, Harper Renn Smith, who was born June 15, 2010. Harper is the cause of the horrible green screens seen in the beginning of season two. Because of her pregnancy, Tiffani was forced to shoot all of her early scenes in California before the season began.