White Collar Characters: Diana Barrigan

Diana Barrigan

Whip-smart and dedicated, Diana Barrigan is one of the few people in the bureau whom Peter Burke trusts implicitly. She was his probationary agent the year Neal Caffrey escaped. (1.1) She was then transferred to Washington, DC for a desk job.(1.14) When Peter needed someone he could trust in the Bureau, she was the first person he called. (1.14) Diana decided to move back to New York City after the incident to work with Peter and help him uncover the mystery behind the music box.


Diana is the daughter of a diplomats. (2.2, 2.12) She grew up living out of fancy hotels. She had a bodyguard named Charlie that was like a father to her. Charlie died in the line of duty protecting her. Diana was there when it happened. (2.2)


Diana is been in a long-term relationship with a woman named Christie. Christie is a doctor at a hospital. They met in a pottery class. (3.3) Christie moved to D.C. with Diana. (1.14) When Diana moved back to New York, Christie moved again to be with her, but was having trouble adjusting to New York. (2.2) Christie works the night shift.(2.9)

Facts About Diana

About Marsha Thomason

Diana Barrigan is played by Marsha Thomason. Marsha was born January 19, 1976 in Moston, Manchester, England. Her acting career began in England on a British television in the series Playing the Field and Where the Heart is, as well as in the first series of the BBC Three dramaBurn It. She eventually came to the U.S., where she appeared in Disney's The Haunted Mansion, playing Eddie Murphy's wife. She played Brandy in the movie My Baby's Daddy, and played Victoria in Black Knight. She also played Vicki in Pure.

Marsha is probably most famous for her television appearances. She played Nessa Holt in the first two seasons of the NBC series Las Vegas. She then played Naomi Dorrit on ABC's Lost. After appearing in the pilot episode of White Collar, Marsha appeared on the show General Hospital. She returned to White Collar at the end of season 1 and has appeared as a regular for both Season 2 and 3.

Marsha was awarded Best Actress in Film at the BFM awards in 2002. She has been married for two years to a lighting technician named Craig Sykes. She has no children.