White Collar "Dentist of Detroit" Nitpicks

Season 3, Episode 4 Air Date: June 28, 2011

When you watch a program over and over, you start to notice minor continuity issues, plot oversights and other goofs. This page is not intended to be a criticism aimed toward the show or anyone who works on White Collar. They produce a great show and should be proud of their work. That's why I titled it "Nitpicks" because to nitpick means "to be overly critical or criticize minor details." If it bothers you, please don't read them. This page is intended to be for people who love watching something and going "I never noticed that..."

Why the Sale? I don't get the whole garage sale I get why they're not selling the paintings because they know there's 22 paintings on the but there were things that seemed a little bit more untraceable like jewelry (I saw some pearl necklaces). And isn't all of the artwork they sell hot and traceable? Let's take the Rafael for instance which unanswered status causes me to lose respect for Sarah (before you sleep with a guy making give you a $2 million painting you know he stole) Neal sold that and nobody's found it. What's the purpose of knowing fences if they can't keep the artwork quiet?

Freeloader? Why did Peter say "if we paid you"? Don't they pay Neal a salary? It seems strange that they wouldn't. How is he supposed to buy coffee? This goes back to the issue of benefits and keeping meal from a life of crime. I don't know how I expect them to pay him, may be a bonus for every criminal and he takes down. Considering he took down Adler I think some money is due him. No wonder he wants to run off with the artwork is tired of being broke.

Double Jeopardy: Why did Mozzie asked for immunity if he knew the statute of limitations on the crime had expired?

Define Anonymous: At the beginning of the episode, Mozzie says he sent Jeffries anonymous donations. But the minute Jeffries shows up, Mozzie asks if he got the donations.

Counting Problems: Jones says "Yeah, but we've been tracking Caffrey for seven years." It should be more like eight or nine years. Three years chasing Neal, four years in prison, plus at least two (if not three) years since prison.

Who's Counting? Technically, Elizabeth has been arrested three times. Besides the two times she mentions in the episode, she was arrested for assaulting a federal agent (Fowler) in Out of the Box.

Daddy Issues? A Detroit mobster wants revenge on the man who he believed killed his father by conning him out of a half million dollars. Really? That’s it? If someone killed my dad, I’d want a lot more out from the killer than a few bucks.

Vacation Time! The second issue I have with a plot line is the whole Jeffries going to New York plot. He left the worst clues for Mozzie that I can imagine. The first clue is a teddy bear in his house. He's going to New York to find Mozzie, so he leaves close in his house in Detroit. How does he think money will find this clue? He does not know Mozzie has ties with the FBI. And his second clue was a book and a CD on the dashboard of his car. And the way he let Mozzie know this is by running a toll in Ohio on the off chance Mozzie will get the picture? Jeffries, what pick up the damn phone and call Mozzie? We had on CraigsList or in a newspaper. Why bother going to New York by the time got there to warn him, Mozzie would have been dead.

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