White Collar Images: Copycat Caffrey Syllabus

In Copycat Caffrey, Neal is listed on George Oswald's syllabus. The image on the screen lasts only a few seconds, but if you pause it you can read the entire text. I've included the text exactly as written below. (Neal's name is spelled incorrectly on the syllabus.)

Syllabus from White Collar episode Copycat Caffrey

Neal Caffery: Forger

A new breed of forger, technological virtuoso with a classical artistic foundation. Suspected of art forgery, theft of the Antioch manuscripts, and convicted of bond forgery. Caffrey was suspected of hundreds of thefts before agent Burke of the FBI appended [apprehended] him. His highly sophisticated schemes made it difficult for the FBI to follow his trail, along with his mastery of the arts made many of his crimes go unnoticed for many years, long after the trail was cold.

He had a few accomplices, none on record, most of the time choosing to work alone, keeping the number of people that could turn on him to near zero. It is estimated that he forged over 10.3 billion dollars of priceless antiquities. Never the wiser, the FBI pursued him for six years and finally caught him.

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