Quotes from White Collar Episode "Copycat Caffrey"

Season 2, Episode 3 Air Date: July 27, 2010

Caffrey: Love a good art heist.
Burke: Solving a good art heist.
Caffrey: That's what I said.

Burke: Would you pay four million for that?
Caffrey: Hey...
Burke: Yeah, you're the wrong one to ask.

Burke: How does someone pull a down and dirty slash and grab from a major gallery?
Caffrey: It's one of the few options left if you want to knock over a high security...
Burke: I was talking to her.

Caffrey: Do you mind? I need to check my street contacts?
Burke: Calling Mozzie?
Caffrey: Yeah, he's good at these kind of things.
Burke: Are you sure he didn't do it?
Caffrey: Slash and grab. ... Frames too high.

Mozzie: I'm friends with many people of unsavory character.

Mozzie: Meeting aborted.
Caffrey: Sounds like the meeting just begun.

Alex: I can't believe I'm saying this, I saw a mockingbird in the park.
Caffrey: What color was the mockingbird?
Mozzie: The bird died, let's go.

Diana: You've seen this scam before.
Burke: I know someone who—
Caffrey: Allegedly.
Burke: —allegedly pulled it off before.
Caffrey: We have a copycat on our hands.
Diana: Who are they copycatting?
Caffrey: Me.

Burke: You're excited someone's copying you.
Caffrey: Imitation—flattery. Same thing.

Mozzie: Far be it for me to act as therapist, but maybe Alex doesn't want to see you heartbroken over Kate.
Caffrey: Or maybe it's the tracking anklet.
Mozzie: Sure, it's the anklet.

Burke: Oh he's gonna be impossible after this. Where's Neal?

Burke: Oh, look at you! You'd think being copycatted was like winning the crime Oscar.
Caffrey: I'm not allowed to revel?

Burke: Apparently, you're one of the interesting criminals of the 21st century.
Caffrey: (Reading) "A new breed of forger ... technological virtuoso." Wow. "With a classical artistic foundation." They got it.
Burke: Yeah, yeah, I read that.
Caffrey: Oh, they covered the Antioch manuscripts! Did you see that?
Burke: I know. Relax, they only covered you for a week.

Burke: Read it to yourself. Quiet now.
Caffrey: Did you guys see this sylabus?
Burke: No, we don't need to show it—
Caffrey: I'm in it.
Burke: Yeah. Go team!

Veronica: When executing a heist, Mr. Caffrey, do you prefer boxers or briefs?

Caffrey: (On Tape) "Oh, they'd like to take credit for it, but essentially I turned 'myself' in."
Caffrey: I think you've heard enough.
Burke: Suddenly I don't feel bad about telling you this. You're not the only person they've been copying.
Caffrey: What?

Caffrey: What's the FBI's policy for drinking on the job?

Caffrey: I didn't say it was fair, I said I could drink it without touching the hat.

Russell: I think the lesson here is never con a con man.

Alex: I assume we're doing more here then bating frat boys with bar tricks?

Alex: You're crazy.
Caffrey: It'll work.
Alex: You're crazy.
Caffrey: Are you in or out?
Alex: I'm in.

Caffrey: Felony by proxy. You have to give him credit.

Burke: Jones deserved an Oscar.

Burke: (referring to Neal) Glad he's on our side.

Caffrey: You should invest in one of those Christmas tree air fresheners.
Burke: You don't like the van. Noted.

Burke: I can't let my guard down for one minute.

Burke: Why is he here? I asked for Alex.
Caffrey: Understandably my client does not trust the FBI. She has asked her lawyer to preside in her absence.
Burke: You've got a nice little practice going?
Caffrey: I do all right.
Burke: It helps when you're friends with criminals.
Caffrey: Thanks to you two I have a pound of shrapnel in my ass from this misfire.

Mozzie: Tell him you'll cut off his hands if he doesn't pay up.
Jones: What?
Mozzie: It's the Detroit mob not the Girl Scouts.

Burke: Good to see you again Professor. Be careful with his hands.

Burke: The full weight of the FBI was bearing down on you. I wear a badge. He wears a tracking anklet. Applications are on the table.

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