Quotes from White Collar Episode "Checkmate"

Season 3, Episode 11 Air Date: January 17, 2012

Burke: Neal. You have the treasure.
Caffrey: I didn't steal it, okay?
Burke: You son of a bitch! I don't care. You have it. Keller knows. You're gonna give it to him so that I can get my wife back.
Caffrey: Yes. Whatever you need.
Burke: Mm-hmm. It's him.
Keller: Agent Burke. If you're smart—and we both know you are—you'll keep the FBI off this call.
Burke: I am FBI.
Keller: No. Now you're just a man who wants his wife back.
Burke: Let me talk to her.
Keller: And why would I let you do that?
Burke: I want to hear her voice.
Keller: Be careful, Mrs. Burke. No passing messages, okay?
Elizabeth: Hi, hon.
Burke: Hi, hon. You all right?
Elizabeth: Yeah, I-I'm okay. They haven't hurt me. I miss you.
Burke: I miss you, too.
Elizabeth: Will you make sure Satchmo's okay? You know how is if he hasn't eaten.
Keller: Hey. Talk time's over.
Burke: I'll fix this, El. El?
Keller: You two kids are tugging on my heartstrings here. So nice to see a married couple showing love after all this time. I'd hate to come between that.
Burke: So let her go.
Keller: I will. As soon as you hold up your end of it. The moment I have Caffrey's treasure, she's all yours. You have 12 hours.
Caffrey: What'd she say?
Burke: She could have said anything, and she asked me about Satchmo.
Caffrey: He looks fine. Think she was passing a code?
Burke: Oh, there is it. Oh, I love my wife. Right. Good boy, Satchmo. Jones! Good boy.
Burke: Satchmo bit one of our kidnappers. There's blood under Satchmo's chin.

Caffrey: You're not gonna tell the bureau about Keller?
Burke: Not yet. He knows our playbook better than we do. Let Jones and Diana focus on finding Elizabeth. We'll deal with Keller. I drive past this building every morning. The treasure's in here?
Caffrey: I didn't ask for it.
Burke: You could have walked away.
Caffrey: You're right. I could have. I didn't. And I should be paying for it, not Elizabeth.
Burke: You're going to pay for it. Right now. Where is it?
Caffrey: It was here. Peter, it was all here.
Burke: Oh, God.
Caffrey: He already moved it.
Burke: Who's "he"? He? Mozzie? Of course it was Mozzie. You call him.
Caffrey: I tried. Look, he's not talking to me. We had a falling out.
Burke: What, you couldn't agree on what island to buy?
Caffrey: I didn't think he'd move it this fast.
Burke: Where'd he take it?
Caffrey: I don't know. I don't. It's Elizabeth. No lies. I don't know.
Burke: Damn it, Neal! Mozzie could be anywhere in the world. We have less than 12 hours to find him.
Caffrey: Peter. We're gonna get her back.
Burke: And we start by finding Mozzie.

Burke: Any luck in finding Mozzie?
Caffrey: No. He's gone completely to ground. He's canceled his emails, his cellphones. You find anything?
Burke: Nope. His safe houses are abandoned.
Caffrey: Monday through Sunday?
Burke: Empty.
Caffrey: He probably left the city.
Burke: What were you two arguing about?
Caffrey: Mozzie wanted to leave New York. I didn't.
Burke: Why not?
Caffrey: You. Elizabeth. Sara. The view out that window. Stepping off the elevator Monday morning. All of it. I have a life here.
Burke: What about Mozzie?
Caffrey: Well, he didn't like to admit it, but, yeah... This is his home.
Burke: I ran every alias you gave me. He hasn't boarded a plane or a boat.
Caffrey: That means he's thinking it over.
Burke: Where?
Caffrey: He wants seclusion.
Burke: There's got to be a way to reach him.
Caffrey: There is. One way.

Caffrey: I'm looking for Estelle.
Pigeon Guy: Strange place to find a woman, don't you think?
Caffrey: She's not a woman, but you already know that.
Pigeon Breeder: All right. Who are you?
Caffrey: Friend of Mozzie's. I need to get a message to him.
Pigeon Breeder: Blue eyes. Tailored suit. He told me you might come. He said to send you away.
Caffrey: Cher Ami. During World War I, the lost battalion was surrounded by German soldiers in the Battle of Argonne. Every carrier pigeon they sent out for help was killed. Cher Ami was their last one. The lost battalion watched him get shot down. All hope was lost. But somehow, he took flight again and reached his destination. Saved 200 lives and was awarded the Croix de Guerre. Cher Ami means "dear friend." Mozzie's dear friend needs him now. He doesn't know it, but another life needs to be saved.
Caffrey: Hey, Estelle. It's been a long time. I never knew where you flew to, but I think I do now. Mozzie always said you were the best homer in the city. We need you.

Elizabeth: Please... don't hurt me. T-they'll give you what you want.
Keller: They better, 'cause I got lots of debts to pay... Especially to the Russians, so hopefully this will clear them all in one fell swoop. Besides, the art doesn't belong to Neal anyway. He's just the most recent person to steal it.
Elizabeth: I'm glad you're taking it.
Keller: You are, huh? Why do you say that?
Elizabeth: Neal betrayed my husband, lied to him. He doesn't deserve any of it.
Keller: Wow, you're good, Mrs. B. I'll give you that. No eye contact, identifying with your captor. I mean, you haven't even used my name. Everything from the FBI kidnapping playbook, huh? The only problem is... your husband already knows who I am.
Elizabeth: That's true. And he and Neal are going to kick your ass.
Keller: Well, listen, I'm sure you're trying to figure out how to escape from here, so let me make this nice and easy. This door is your only way in and out. Not even Neal could pick this lock. If I were you, my second choice would be this here fire escape. So unless you have a drill kit hidden in your blouse, this is where you're staying. But just to make sure—Hey, Grant! I believe you two met earlier, right?
Elizabeth: I'd shake your hand, but...

Burke: Then the three of us have to be smarter than him. We've been playing by Keller's rules. Let's change the game.

Caffrey: Thought you'd be sipping Mai Tais on a beach by now.
Mozzie: After all that happened, I thought some introspection was in order. I decided to follow in the footsteps of Thoreau.
Caffrey: Found yourself a nice pond and lived off the land? Admit it. It's a hard city to leave.
Mozzie: She's a stubborn mistress.

Mozzie: This is my fault.
Caffrey: No, it's mine.
Mozzie: I was the one who took the treasure in the first place.
Burke: Keller kidnapped Elizabeth. You didn't. Remember that.

Caffrey: You picturing yourself shooting Keller right now?
Burke: No. I don't want to shoot him. I want to smash in his face repeatedly.
Mozzie: I'm currently sticking bamboo under his fingernails.
Caffrey: You are one for the classics.

Keller: No beer. Caffrey, you're a terrible host.

Caffrey: That's 'cause I don't want you here to begin with.
Keller: Oh, I know. Before I disappear with all your ill-gotten goods, I wanted to see where you've been holed up. Man, oh, man, you've been slumming it.

Keller: All right, relax. No guns. It's probably for the best, huh? The little guy's tried to kill me once already.
Mozzie: Yeah, is there anyone in this room you haven't tried to kill?
Keller: You. Yet. But it's starting to cross my mind, Mozzie.

Keller: This is gonna be fun, huh? Who's excited? You? Anyone?

Keller: Why didn't you leave? I mean, I know I asked you this before, but you had the treasure—why—why stay in New York?
Caffrey: You've seen what I have here. Why would I go?
Keller: Because everyone you know found out you betrayed them. You know, there's a reason why our kind doesn't stay anywhere too long, Caffrey. It's in our nature to deceive.
Caffrey: You've been living on the run. How's that going for you?
Keller: It's stressful. I'm not gonna lie. You know what? With this treasure, I can pay off the Russians. Disappear somewhere nice.
Caffrey: You're gonna wish you never had it. All it brings is trouble.
Keller: What do you mean by that? The treasure's cursed? It's a monkey's paw, huh?
Caffrey: Look what's happened to everyone who's gone after it.
Keller: Maybe you're just making the wrong kind of wishes.

Mozzie: I procured us some uniforms.
Keller: Aw, you are gonna look adorable in this, Mozzie, huh?
Mozzie: It's a shame I removed that price from your head.
Keller: Eh, put it back on. You'll make a great human shield.

Mozzie: Are you okay?
Burke: Fine.
Mozzie: You know, the first thing I learned about the life of a con is that in order to survive, you have to look out for yourself.
Burke: Then why are you here?
Mozzie: Survival is overrated. And I find myself reminded that an unshared life is not living.
Burke: So you're saying you care?
Mozzie: About Mrs. Suit. And...

Keller: Remind you of the good old days, buddy?
Caffrey: You're using all the oxygen.
Keller: You see, after that last time, we were sneaking out of somewhere because you got caught in bed with that princess.
Caffrey: I didn't get caught in bed with her. They found me on the ledge outside her window.
Keller: I remember seeing you standing there with nothing but a solid-gold tray covering your junk. I was the one that got you down from there before they started shooting at you.
Caffrey: You had my back then.
Keller: Like I said, "the good old days." They were.
Caffrey: What happened to you, Keller?
Keller: I could ask the same thing to you, Neal. I could ask the same thing to you.

Burke: You see this "X"? This truck needs to be parked right on it.
Keller: Is Burke showing that cop our plan?
Caffrey: Look, I'm sure he's got it under control.
Burke: The truck now is your problem.
Keller: He's crazy. I respect that.

Mozzie: Okay, so now they've got our truck and our plans to break in?
Burke: Yeah.
Mozzie: What happens if they don't drive it in?
Burke: They will. Come on. Drive it in.
Mozzie: Nicely played, Suit.

Caffrey: No, you walk in front of me.

Burke: I'm gonna need to get in one of these cars.
Mozzie: Oh, already done.

Caffrey: Not a Raphael.
Keller: First rule of a fight—always go for the weak spot.

Burke: How'd you make that shot?
Caffrey: Long story.

Caffrey: I know what I've done. And I know what I need to do to take Keller down. I'm ready to make a full confession.
Burke: You know what that will mean.
Caffrey: I do.
Burke: Are you sure? You're willing to give up everything?
Caffrey: Yeah.
Burke: I'm glad to hear that.

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