White Collar Characters

White Collar Character pages give more information about the characters seen on White Collar. I've created individual pages for characters that are center to the show. Originally, I had planned to have separate pages for FBI Agents, Friends and Criminals. However, as the show has progressed, characters rarely fit on just one of those pages. So, instead I have created a page for Major Players like Garrett Fowler, Matthew Keller and Vincent Adler. I have a separate page that lists all the minor characters on White Collar.

White Collar Mozzie

Neal Caffrey

Neal Caffrey is a con man who currently works as a criminal informant for the FBI.
White Collar Peter Burke

Peter Burke

Peter Burke is an FBI agent and Neal Caffrey's partner and sometimes keeper.
White Collar Mozzie


Mozzie is Neal's long time friend and co-conspirator.
White Collar Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth Burke is Peter Burke's wife.
White Collar Diana Barrigan

Diana Barrigan

Diana is an FBI agent that works closely with Peter Burke.
White Collar Clinton Jones

Clinton Jones

Clinton Jones is another FBI agent that works with Peter.
White Collar Sara Ellis

Sara Ellis

Sara Ellis is an insurance investigator and Neal's newest love interest.
White Collar Alex Hunter

Alex Hunter

Alex Hunter is an ex-girlfriend and friend of Neal's.
White Collar June


June is Neal's landlady and friend.
White Collar Kate

Kate Moreau

Kate is Neal's long-time love that was killed at the end of Season 1.
White Collar Characters

Major Players

Major Players includes information about Vincent Adler, Lauren Cruz, Garrett Fowler and Matthew Keller.
White Collar Characters

Character List

Character List includes information about most of the criminals, agents and other people who have appeared on White Collar.
White Collar Characters


Satchmo includes information about Satchmo Burke.
White Collar Characters


Anklet includes information about Neal's anklet.