White Collar Character List

This is a complete list of fictional people mentioned in the White Collar TV series. Characters are listed by their last names, unless a last name is not given.



Kaz Abramov on White Collar

Abramov, Kaz
Kaz Abramov is the head of the Chechen mafia. He deals in illegal gambling. He helps Neal and Peter bring down Luke Donovan after he learns he is running a scam using Chechen kids. His enforcer is Clark the Shark Maskhodov and his right arm is Bernie Buryatskiy. Abramov is seen in In the Red.

Adler, Vincent
See Vincent Adler on the Major Players list.

Gregory Aimes

Aimes, Patrick
Patrick Aimes worked with the State Department overseeing reconstruction in Mosul. When he returned, he took a job working for a private security contractor in New York. Aimes had Teagan smuggle the gold in and then put it on display at his private gallery. Aimes is seen in Flip of the Coin.

Alec is an identity farmer. Neal and Mozzie buy IDs from him in Scott Free. He is Russian and speaks the language.

Anderson, Helen
Helen Anderson is the executive editor at Circumspect magazine. She wrote an expose on big oil and has covered controversial stories in Kabul, Chechnya and West Virginia. She fired her first assistant, Melinda, after she tells Shelton about the death threats. This opens the door for Diana Barrigan to work as her assistant. She is seen in Deadline.

Andrew is one of the marketers that works for Wesley Kent and Novice. He is the one who gets stuck with the $2000 restaurant bill in Company Man.

Architect, The
See Walker, Edward.

Avet is fashion designer from Tel Aviv. Ghovat kidnapped his son and forced him to help smuggle a dress into the United States. Avet is seen in Threads.



Bancroft is Peter's boss's boss, or Reese Hughes' boss. He takes Neal Caffrey to the White Bored exhibit at the end of Prisoner's Dilemma.

Barnes, Tommy
Tommy Barnes was a driver for Cristofer Navarro. He stole $100,000 cash of Navarro's money. He tried to run, but Navarro kidnapped his girlfriend, Gina DeStefano. He purchased a new ID from Devlin using the alias Sam Brennan. Barnes is seen in By the Book.

Barrow, Robert
Roger Barrow was arrested three times in Chicago for aggravated assault, extortion and attempted murder. He is running an escort service called Aphrodite that he uses as part of the straw donor scam for Gary Jennings. Barrow is seen in Need to Know.

Bilal, Frederick
Frederick Bilal is a Nigerian prince. He owns a number of shipping companies, and he handles a lot of import and export out of New York Harbor. Bilal likes to race horses internationally and spends his days at the Rodgers Yacht Club. Bilal is seen in Burke's Seven.

Black, Mr.
Mr. Black is an American ex-pat that is hired by Edgar Halbridge as a hit-man to kill Sara Ellis. Black said he would be recognized by wearing a Diesel leather jacket and carrying a copy of Atlas Shrugged. Black is seen in Unfinished Business.

Blake was a probationary agent assigned to the White Collar division of the FBI. He just arrived from Quantico after attending Harvard. It is his first week and he considers Burke a legend. Blake is seen in By the Book, Deadline and Dentist of Detroit.

Bobby was the prison guard that tells Neal he has to turn off his light in the Pilot.

Bowers, Jed
Bowers is seen in Burke's Seven.

Brad on White Collar

Brad is the man who interviews Neal Caffrey and Neal's supervisor at the mobile boiler room that Avery Phillips was running. He is seen in Hard Sell. in Hard Sell.

Brauer, Kurt
Kurt Brauer used a computer virus to take over the server and every computer in Midwest Mutual network. He then stole $125 million. He then transferred the money into the account under the name Cameron Duponte. Brauer is seen in Taking Account.

Breslin, Jessica
Jessica Breslin has been working for Novice for 14 months. She was dating Joseph Hayes. She was investigating Wesley Kent for her boyfriend's murder. In the end, she poisons Kent by putting digitalis in his drink. Breslin is seen in Company Man.

Brooke is Andrew Stanzler's assistant. She reveals his scam to the FBI after she learns of it. Brooke is seen in Power Play.

Bruno was the face of Mozzie’s Dentist of Detroit and the patsy for the street lottery that Mozzie was running in Detroit. It eventually got shut down by Frank DeLuca, Sr. Bruno is seen in Dentist of Detroit.


Burrelli He is a known mobster that used to run a bookmaking operation at Masso's club. His nephew, Paul Ignazio, was his number two until he was shot by Maria Fiametta. He is Catholic and attends church regularly. He ran a bookmaking operation out of a restaurant known as Masso's Club. He is also an avid dog-lover. He has at least two pugs, which suffer from diabetes. The mob family against him is the Marettis. He is seen in Book of Hours.

Buryatskiy, Bernie
Bernie Buryatskiy is the right arm man of Kaz Abramov, a Chechen mob boss. Buryatskiy is seen in In the Red.

Byron is June's late husband. He died before the series began and is the previous owner of most of Neal's wardrobe. For more information about him, see June.


Melissa Cartwright

Calloway, Melissa
Melissa Calloway is the head of the "charity" Hearts Wide Open. Hearts Wide Open claims to help people find organ donors. In reality they were providing medical care in foreign countries so they could find organs for wealthy donors. They offer people $10,000 for their kidney and then sell it to a wealthy donor for $200,000. She approaches June about a donation and flirts with Peter in Vital Signs.

Campos, Manuel
Manuel Campos was arrested for thefts he did with or for Matthew Keller. Keller then paid his bail and had him killed. He was run over by a hit-and-run driver in front of his wife, Rita, plus Peter and Neal in Bottlenecked.

Campos, Rita
Rita Campos is the wife of Manuel Campos in Bottlenecked.

Cattigan, Sir Roland
Roland Cattigan works for Weatherby’s auction. His palate is insured by Lloyd’s of London. In 2009, he sold six magnums of 1947 Chateu lafluer one year, although they only produced five magnums that year. Peter uses this fact to blackmail him in Bottlenecked.

Carlisle, Thomas
Thomas Carlisle masterminded a diamond heist and then put the diamonds onto a bustier that was then stolen by Scott Rivers. In retaliation, he tried to have Scott killed. Carlisle is seen in Scott Free.

Carter, Mr.
Mr. Carter is Paul Sullivan's attorney in Deadline. He sits in on Peter Burke's interview with Paul.

Christie is the long time girlfriend of Diana Barrigan. She is a doctor who usually works nights. Although she is mentioned in several episodes, she is first seen in Deadline.

Cindy is June's granddaughter. She is seen in the Pilot.

Clark, Judge Michelle
Judge Michelle Clark is a federal judge that deals with mortgage fraud cases. Her I.D. number is 476. She tries to hide money she got from mortgage fraud in a deposit box at Certified National Bank. After she was arrested, she plea bargained out and confessed to mortgage fraud for a reduced sentence. Clark is seen in Bad Judgment.

Andrew Collins

Collins, Andrew
Andrew Collins is a gem smuggler. He stole a valuable pigeon's blood ruby and smuggled it into New York where Randy Morosco cut and attempted to sell it. Neal lured him out into the open using a fake ruby. Peter managed to get a full confession out of him in order to free a college student implicated in the crime. But once Collins got to the Burmese embassy, he changed his story. The Burmese government end up giving Collins political asylum. Collins is seen in What Happens in Burma.

Cookler, Madison
Madison Cookler is the FBI's inside source. She works as a receptionist for Brad for the mobile boiler room scam in Hard Sell.

Costa, Mark
Mark Costa was an undercover FBI agent that worked with the D.C. office. He was posing as a drug trafficker looking to clean some dirty cash through Lao Shen. Shen had him killed because he suspected he was working for a competitor. His body was last seen in a freezer at Red Lantern Imports before two of Shen's goons came in and removed it during All In.

Cowell, Marjorie
Marjorie Cowell is head of accounts at the Swiss Bank, Lucerne, in Taking Account.

Cruz, Lauren
See Lauren Cruz on the Major Players list.


Father D'Allesio
Father D'Allesio is the head of the church that Burrelli attends and the Bible is stolen in Book of Hours. He used to run a soup kitchen for homeless people out of the church, but Burrelli made him shut it down.

Davies, Agent
Agent Davies is an FBI agent. He or she is at the south entrance at the party in Scott Free.

John Deckard

Deckard, US Marshal John
John Deckard was the U.S. Marshal in charge of the manhunt to find FBI Agent Jack Franklin. He was selling witness information to attorney Stanley Volker. Deckard is seen in Prisoner's Dilemma.

DeLuca, Sr., Frank
Frank DeLuca was a mobster from Detroit. He was gunned down five months ago, supposedly by Patrick O'Leary. He shut down Mozzie's Street lottery in Detroit. Mozzie retaliated by using a wire con to steal $500,000 of his money. Frank DeLuca is seen in Dentist of Detroit.

DeLuca, Jr., Frank
Frank DeLuca, Jr., took over the mob in Detroit after his father, Frank DeLuca, was killed. He is believed to have killed Eddie Nine-Ball, a numbers runner. He comes to New York to force Mozzie into pulling a wire con on Patrick O'Leary because he thinks O'Leary killed his father. Junior is seen in Dentist of Detroit.

Gina DeStefano

DeStefano, Gina
Gina DeStefano is 34 year old waitress at Margo's Diner. She likes mystery novels and was dating Tommy Barnes until he got her kidnapped by Cristofer Navarro. Mozzie had a crush on her and liked to talk to her about mystery novels. She's since moved to California. DeStefano is seen in By the Book.


Devlin makes Tommy Barnes a new ID (Sam Brennan) in By the Book. According to Mozzie, Devlin secretly hates him since they were involved with a "Spanish Harlem Debacle." Devlin is seen again in Burke's Seven. He is the forger who initially refuses to help, but then changes his mind after learning it is to catch the man who shot Mozzie.

Devore, Sy
Sy Devore is known as the "tailor to the stars" until his death in 1966. He is never seen on the show, but he is mentioned several times. Listed amongst his clientele are Bing Crosby, Spencer Tracy, John Wayne, Desi Arnaz, Danny Thomas, Rock Hudson, Richard Burton, Nat King Cole, David Janssen, Sidney Poitier, Eddie Fisher and Robert Conrad.

Dimaco, Jimmy
Jimmy Dimaco is a friend of Mozzie and Neal. According to Mozzie, Dimaco had his anklet set at twenty-two feet. He had to take a shower with one foot out of the tub. He is mentioned, but not seen, in Threads.

Disson, Roy
Roy Disson is the man who walks in on Mozzie and Neal as they are investigating the plane wreckage in Unfinished Business.

Officer Dixon is seen in Book of Hours

Dmitri, Andre
Andre Dmitri is an Uzbekistan national linked to a handful of enterprises including arms trading, money laundering and prescription drug fraud. Ghovat kills him in Threads.

Luke Donovan

Donovan, Luke
Luke Donovan is a corrupt adoption attorney. He charged a $50,000 retainer. He blackmailed his clients out of money by threatening their adoptions. Donovan also likes playing poker and won a Texas hold 'em tournament in Macau last year. He owed $200,000 to the Abramov crime family. Donovan is seen in In the Red).

Duponte, Cameron
See Brauer, Kurt.

Gerard Dorsett

Dorsett, Gerard
Gerard Dorsett is a high-end loan shark and French ex-patriot. He steals the painting in The Portrait because Juliana's uncle owes him money and then tries to sell it to Neal He has a French girlfriend, Brigitte.

Dutchman, The
The Dutchman is the code name that is given to Curtis Hagan by the FBI.


Eames, Teddy
Teddy Eames is a small time grifter trying to move up in the world. He was the last person to see Alex Hunter before she was kidnapped by Adler. Adler has a hefty rap sheet that includes larceny, possession and robbery. Eames likes selling hot merchandise, anything from stolen plasma screens to jewelry. Eames is seen in Under the Radar.

Emilio is the guy eating at Montebello's who stole the Mercedes SLR. Sara Ellis beats him up before Peter Burke arrests him in Unfinished Business.


Felix is docent at the planetarium in Where There's a Will.

Maria Fiametta

Fiametta, Maria
Maria Fiametta was an art historian and a professor at Brooklyn State. She wrote a book about the black market, Sicilian grave robbers, Egyptian smugglers, and Siberian mobsters. She's never been married because of her devotion to her work. She claims she was chased by the Carabinieri, drug cartels in Bogota. She admits to murdering her accomplice Paul Ignazio and is caught with the stolen Healing Bible in her possession. She is seen in Book of Hours.

Field, Tony
Tony Fieldis seen in the Pilot

See Tullman, Bradford "Ford".

Fowler, Garret
See Garrett Fowler on the Major Players list.

Franklin, Agent Jack
Jack Franklin is a FBI agent who transferred in from the Chicago office a couple years ago. He was top of his class and has been with the FBI 12 years and has an FBI medal of valor. He had worked in the white collar division until he was bumped down to internal bank fraud after having an "inappropriate relationship" with his C.I. Rebecca Vidal. He was working on an anti-trust case which helped expose a dirty U.S. marshal, John Deckard. He was reinstated into the White Collar Division. Franklin is seen in Prisoner's Dilemma.


Jonas Ganz

Ganz, Jonas
Jonas Ganz was a person of interest in the Sturdivant heist a few years earlier. He was charged with armed robbery and homicide, but the only thing the prosecution could stick was GTA for the getaway vehicle. He uses the aliases Joseph Dowd, Kenny Estrada, and Dylan Fleecs. Ganz is seen in Countermeasures.

Gelles, Brett
Brett Gelles was a tech-savvy salesman who updated Mr. Roland’s security system. He had credit problems after his business dried up and he asked Mr. Roland for money, but Roland refused. Gelles then devised a plan to kidnap Roland's granddaughter, Savannah, and hold her for ransom. Gelles is seen in Where There's a Will.

See Hazeva, Zidel.

Gless, Lindsey
Lindsey Gless is the daughter of Stuart Gless. She is kidnapped in Front Man.

Gless, Stuart
Stuart Gless owns Atlantic Partner's. He testified at Neal's trial after Neal was able to forge his company's unbreakable bonds. Gless has one daughter, Lindsey. He is introduced in Front Man.

Gray, Aldys Christopher
Christopher Gray is the man Pierce Spelman kills at the beginning of Home Invasion. He was a stock trader who made a killing in derivatives right before the crash with a big art collection. He was also married.


Hagan, Curtis
Curtis Hagan is a criminal that eluded Peter Burke for several years. His FBI code name was "The Dutchman." Hagan is one of the best art restorers in the world. He attempted to forge a career as an artist, but his own work never took off. He's best at Goya restorations. He was caught forging Spanish Victory Bonds in a warehouse by the docks that he owned through a shell corporation in Guatemala. The Dutchman is Neal and Peter's first case together. He is caught during the Pilot

Edgar Halbridge

Halbridge, Edgar
Edgar Halbridge is a biinternational real-estate guy that stole some Samurai bonds and hired a hit-man, Mr. Black, to kill Sara Ellis. He is actually Steve Price. Back in the 80s, Price and Halbridge were tenants at Ridgemont Apartments. Price killed Halbridge in order to collect Halbridge's inheritance. Price then buried Halbridge at Ridgemont and assumed his identity. Halbridge is seen in Unfinished Business.

Hale is a fence that Neal used to do business with before he went to prison. Hale also does business with Alex Hunter. Hale is seen in Point Blank. He is also mentioned in the episode Forging Bonds as the person who takes a cut of Mozzie, Neal and Kate's cons.

Harlowe, Christopher
Christopher Harlowe is a college student who was arrested in Burma for stealing pigeon’s blood rubies. In reality, he was getting information about the rebel movement. His father is Undersecretary of Asian Affairs at the United Nations, Adam Wilson. Harlowe is dating Maggie "Rocker" Sheldon. Harlowe is seen in What Happens in Burma.

Warden Haskley is the prison warden in the Pilot


Hazeva, Zidel
Zidel Hazeva is the real name of an Israeli counterfeiter that goes by the name Ghovat. which means "ghost." He is an Israeli counterfeiter. He is suspected in the counterfeiting of treasury bonds and dollars and is rumored to be the first guy to crack the microprinting on the euro. He is seen by a model named Tara killing one of his associates, a foreign national out of Turkey. He was caught trying to import the holographic code of the latest European currency seal into the United States by transporting it on a security tag of a couture dress. He also killed Andre Dmitri after he learned that Ghovat did not have the right dress. Ghovat is seen in Threads.

Herrera, Lester
Lester Herrera was a police officer with the NYPD. He cleared over 90 percent of his cases before he was forced to retire at 35. His career was burned when he tried to get a search warrant for Judge Clark’s office. Herrera is seen in Bad Judgment.

Hoffmeister, Ray
Ray is the courier for CMS that Mozzie delays in Bad Judgment.

Agent Hughes

Hughes, Reese
Reese Hughes is Peter Burke's superior at the FBI. (1.2) He has been with the FBI for 25 years and is considered a legend. He was forced to make him retire, but the FBI found a loophole and brought him back. (1.7) Hughes has an assistant who often signs his name on FBI paperwork. (2.9)


Ignazio, Paul
Paul Ignazio was Burrelli's number two and his nephew. He took the bible in Book of Hours and gave it to Maria Fiametta. She later kills him and makes it look like it was done by the Marettis.


Jacob is Marjorie Cowell's assistant at Lucerne in Taking Account.

Jameson, Gerald
Gerald Jameson was the emcee at the Manhattan Millionaire Society Bachelors Auction. He helps Selena Thomas scam men out of their money. Jameson is seen in Veiled Threat.

Jeffries, Miss
Miss Jeffries is the curator at the Lamson Gallery in Copycat Caffrey.

Jeffries, Isaac
Isaac Jeffries is the old headmaster from the group home in Detroit. He found Mozzie and helped him find a foster home. Mozzie has kept tabs on Jeffries since he left Detroit. He is seen in Dentist of Detroit.

Jennings, Gary
Gary Jennings was a state senator who is running a straw donor scam to illegally funneling money into his campaign. He was involved in the Mickelson loan scandal a few years earlier but walked away clean. He was arrested at the end of Need to Know for several things including campaign finance fraud and accessory to murder.


Kathy is the travel agent Neal has to con in Front Man.

Keller, Matthew
See Matthew Keller on the Major Players list.

Wesley Kent

Kent, Wesley
Wesley Kent is the founder and CEO of Novice corporation. His assistant is Ellen Samuel. Kent murdered Joseph Hayes to cover up the fact that his prototype for a next-gen quantum microprocessor didn't work. Killing Hayes allowed him to make it appear the microprocessor was stolen. He then tried to sell the device to a foreign country because he knew he wouldn't get the U.S. defense contracts for it. Kent is seen in Company Man.

Agent Kramer

Kramer, Agent
Agent Kramer is the head of the Bureau's D.C. Art Crimes unit and was Peter Burke's mentor at Quantico. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the impressionists. His assistant is Melissa Matthews. Kramer recovered a MP5K modified to shoot through a briefcase while working a case in Germany. Kramer calls Peter Burke "Petey." Kramer is seen in Countdown.

Kyi, Ambassador
Than Kyi was the Burmese ambassador that convicted Collins to change his story to implicate Chris Harlowe and sent one of his henchmen into to steal Chris's girlfriend's hard drive, which had images form Chris. At the end of the episode, Mr. Nyi Tar replaced Mr. Kyi as ambassador of the Myanmar Mission after Kyi had to return home for health reasons. Kyi is seen in What Happens in Burma.


Landry, Arthur
Agent Arthur Landry is from the Dallas field office. He went to New York following a boiler room case in Neal gave him box seats to a Rangers game at the beginning of Hard Sell.

Lang, Jason
Jason Lang is a forger-turned-photographer who has a studio on the Lower East Side. He is an old partner of Matthew Keller. He was convicted of forgery 10 years ago. Lang is seen in Hard Sell.

Laroque, Raquel
Raquel Laroque is an Egyptologist and ancient-civilizations expert in Soho. She also does work as a fence. She uses concealment technique that looks like Egyptian gift-shop tchotchkes that serve as highly-durable, X-ray-proof molds. She had a restoration tech who created the molds but he was arrested and is in an Egyptian prison. He shipped her a rare amulet before he was arrested. She later tries to kill Matthew Keller which enables him to escape. Laroque is seen in On the Fence.

Larssen, Julian
Julian Larssen is a hired gunman first seen in Point Blank. He is the right hand to the man who is behind Kate's death and Mozzie's shooting (Vincent Adler). Larssen's aliases include: Michael Glasstrum, Kyle Albertson, Brian Blitek and Chuck Marrino. Larssen is using Prince Bilal as a smuggler. He used latex fingerprints from Peter's FBI mug (which he stole from Peter's office) to plant his print on the gun. At the end of Burke's Seven, Larssen is caught and reveals that he is working for Vincent Adler.

Laszlo, Gary
Gary Laszlo is a stock trader on Wall street with a penchant for gambling. He lives with his niece and arranged to have her painting stolen to pay off his debts to Gerard Dorsett. Gary is seen in The Portrait.

Julianna Laszlo

Laszlo, Julianna
Julianna Laszlo is a college student and sole heir to her grandmother's fortune. She lived with her uncle, Gary. She is the great-granddaughter to the painter Haustenberg. Julianna is seen in The Portrait.

Lawrence, David
David Lawrence was also suspected of robbing $60 million from the Federal Reserve. He fled the country on a commercial jet before the FBI could arrest him. He is former colleague of Neal’s. Neal met him six years earlier when Lawrence was selling pre-Columbian art and Neal was “buying” it. Lawrence is a member of the Gramercy Fencing Club and avid fencer. Lawrence hid the money in vents of the Gramercy Fencing Club. Lawrence is seen in On Guard.

Leland, Gus
Gus Leland is a fence that deals exclusively in French impressionists. He recently returned to New York. Neal knows Gus and believes he always has quality work. Gus is mentioned, but not seen, in Countdown.

Ledding, Dylan
Dylan Ledding is the assistant with a problem lying who turns in the corrupt politician Gary Jennings in Need to Know.

Loze, Thomas
Thomas Loze is a favorite alias of Edward Reilly.

Luntz, Francis
Francis Luntz is an energy trader working with Andrew Stanzler to create power shortages. Luntz gets nervous and tapes one of their meetings, which causes Stanzler to try and have him killed. Luntz is seen in Power Play.


Magary, Justin
Justin Magary is an art student. He makes the copies of Lewis Thayer's "Untitled #2" that are sold after the real painting is stolen. Magary is seen in Copycat Caffrey.

The mob family against Burrelli mentioned in Book of Hours.

Maskhodov, Clark
"Clark the Shark" Maskhodov is the enforcer for the Abramov crime family. The FBI had him on illegal gambling charges, but released him in order to bring down Luke Donovan. Maskhodov is seen in In the Red.

Matthews, Melissa
Melissa Matthews works as Agent Kramer's assistant with D.C. Art Crimes. She meets with Peter in Where There's a Will. Neal later cons her in to revealing information over martinis at her hotel bar. She is also seen in Countdown.

Maurice is Fowler's assistant. According to Jeff Eastin, he is unaware of Fowler's plans.

Mayfield, Reggie
Reggie Mayfield was head of opposition research for Gary Jennings and in on the straw donor scam. Mayfield is seen in Need to Know.

Mazzera, Leo
Leo Mazzera "drives the car, scares the people" for Frank DeLuca, Jr. in Dentist of Detroit.

McMillan, Catherine
Catherine McMillan was the assistant manager at Bloustein's. She stole $100 grand in jewels to pay Luke Donovan who claimed the birth mother was challenging her adoption of a 5-year-old named Olly. She is a PTA mom who donates her time to a youth center. McMillan is seen in In the Red.

Melinda was Helen Anderson's assistant. Helen fires her after Melinda tells Leland Shelton about the death threats Helen has been getting. She had only worked for Helen for a month. Although Diana encourages Helen to rehire her, it is unclear if that happened. Melinda is seen in Deadline.

Mendell, Casey
Casey Mendell is head of R& D at Prager & Vaughn and Helen Anderson's source in Deadline. His wife found him dead, murdered by Paul Sullivan. Helen Anderson dedicated her article on Zybex to him.

Mitchell, Dana
Dana Mitchell is Elizabeth's friend from high school. She comes to Elizabeth when her husband, John, was arrested for theft. Dana is seen in Flip of the Coin.

Mitchell, John
Captain John Mitchell is married to Dana. He was arrested for stealing gold artifacts from Iraq and smuggling them into the country. Captain Mitchell is seen in Flip of the Coin.

Morosco, Randy
Randy Morosco plays on the gray side of the valuable-stones market. He is an excellent stone cutter. Neal hasn't seen him since before he went to prison. Morosco is seen in What Happens in Burma.


Christofer Navarro

Navarro, Cristofer
Cristofer Navarro is a Columbian who moved from drugs to weapons and racketeering. He kidnapped Gina DeStefano after her boyfriend Tommy Barnes walked away with $100,000 of his cash. Navarro's headquarters was Sal's Cigar Bar. Navarro is seen in By the Book.

Naylon, Veronica
Veronica Naylon is a 21-year-old the archeology student that is getting an A in criminology class. She is the one who contacted Justin about making the copies of the Thayer painting. Naylon is seen in Copycat Caffrey.

Nelson, Joe
Joe Nelson is the man that Alex (and Neal) pickpocket at the beginning of Home Invasion.

Nine-Ball, Eddie
Eddie Nine-Ball was a numbers runner that was killed by Frank DeLuca, Jr. He is mentioned but not seen in Dentist of Detroit.

Nolan, Timmy
Timmy Nolan is the fictional friend of Gary Jennings that Neal creates to justify the children’s park. In the end, the park gets built and is named after Timmy in Need to Know.


O'Leary, Patrick
Patrick O'Leary is a member of the Irish mob in New York. He may be the man who killed Frank DeLuca, Sr., but he is never charged with the crime. O'Leary is seen in Dentist of Detroit.

George Oswald

Oswald, George
Professor George Oswald is a criminology professor at East Side University. He started teaching ten years ago. The FBI suspect he counterfeited a bank note last year, forged an Emerson letter, smuggled Egyptian artifacts, copied Tokley-Perry and stole Matisse's "View of Saint Tropez." Oswald is seen in Copycat Caffrey.


Pamela is the bank clerk seen in Withdrawal.

Pendergrass is an agent with the cybercrimes division. He is mentioned but never seen in Taking Account.

Phil is the security guard at the TV station in Flip of the Coin.

Avery Philips

Phillips, Avery
Avery Phillips appears to be running a legitimate brokerage firm with his partner David Reed. He was the youngest guy to have a seat on the New York Exchange. In reality, he was running a mobile boiler room scam. He tries to push Reed out. Avery loves comics and had a special room designed to protect them. Brad and Madison worked for Avery in Hard Sell.

Picah, Dan
Dan Picah is the trust-fund baby that loves history and Neal in Home Invasion. He had one of the five jade elephants, which he donated to Japan once he learned it was stolen.

Powell, Dr. Wayne
Dr. Wayne Powell was using Hearts Wide Open and Doctoral Global Initiative as a front to fund his own personal organ search. He has nephrosis and needs a new kidney, but has a very rare blood type. Powell is seen in Vital Signs.

Agent Price helps Peter get the files in Bad Judgment.

Price, Steve
Steve Price is the original name of Edgar Halbridge in Unfinished Business.


Quinn, Grace
Grace Quinn is the broker for Keller's Franklin wine bottle. She runs an upscale wine cellar called Bin 903 in Bottlenecked.


Raam, Su
Su Raam is an assistant to Burmese Ambassador Than Kyi. Raam is the one who unwittingly puts the hard drive on the ground after her courier bag starts smoking in What Happens in Burma.

Reed, Daniel
Daniel Reed is Avery Phillips partner in a legitimate brokerage firm, but also in on Phillips's boiler room scam. He didn't get along very well with Phillips, especially when he discovered Avery was trying to cut him out. Reed is seen in Hard Sell.

Reilly, Edward
Edward Reilly is the go-to guy when criminals want something moved. He hand delivers items himself, which is all the guarantee anyone needs. He is very dangerous. His favorite alias is Thomas Loze. Neal and Mozzie manage to con him out of a valuable cargo of pre-loaded gold cards in Front Man.

Rice, Kimberly
Kimberly Rice works in the kidnapping and missing person's division of the FBI. Rice was a rising star in the Bureau but faced after her actions during the Lindsay Gless case put Neal Caffrey in danger, she was facing a disciplinary hearing. Rice made a deal with Gless's kidnapper to exchange Caffrey for Lindsay that went bad. Rice is seen in Front Man.

Rivers, Scott
Scott Rivers is a 20-year-old skilled forger, safe cracker and hacker. He did the Hartford Mansion job, stole half-a-million-dollar sunglasses, a solid-gold toilet-brush holder, half-million-dollar bottle of scotch, diamond-covered cellphone and diamond bustier. After each crime, he gave a donation in the victim’s name to a different charity. Scott Free.

Roland, James
James Roland is the son of Nathaniel Roland. He has a troubled relationship with his brother, Josh. He is seen in Where There's a Will.

Roland, Josh
Roland, Josh Josh Roland is the son of Nathaniel Roland. He has a troubled relationship with his brother, James. He is seen in Where There's a Will.

Roland, Savannah
Savannah Roland is the daughter of James Roland. She is kidnappd by Brett Gelles in Where There's a Will.

Agent Ruiz

Agent Ruiz runs the organized crime unit at the New York FBI Division. (1.3) Before that he had some type of desk job. Ruiz doesn't trust Peter Burke because he works closely with a convicted felon (Neal Caffrey). Ruiz seems to have a lot of trouble with the deal the FBI made to get Caffrey released. He feels that Caffrey should have remained behind bars and does't really care what happens to him. (1.3) Ruiz has lots of skeletons in his closet according to Mozzie. (1.7)


Sally is one of cyber crimes' top 10 most wanted. Pendergrass talked to her for six months before he realized he was getting strung along. Sally goes by the name The Vulture. She helped Kurt Brauer build the virus but did not help him rob the bank. She has a brief romantic encounter with Mozzie in Taking Account.

Samantha is June's granddaughter and an avid soccer player. She needs a new kidney in Vital Signs.

Samuel, Ellen
Wesley Kent's assistant in Company Man.

Sawyer, Amy
Amy Sawyer is R&D at Prager & Vaughn. She lives at 4258 West 79th Street. She is single but has a dog, Sir Boots Barkley. She is at extension 2614. Jones calls her and tells her dog is loose in order to allow Neal access to her desk in Deadline.

Shannon is the girl who puts potassium cyanide in Scott Rivers' drink to kill him in Scott Free. She was hired by Thomas Carlisle.

Shelton, Leland
Leland Shelton is Helen Anderson's boss and the man who calls in the FBI in Deadline. He owns several media companies including Circumspect magazine, a news channel and a newspaper. He is a golfing buddy of the head of the White Collar division. (Possibly Bancroft but the episode does not say specifically.)

Lao Shen

Shen, Lao
Lao Shen is a money launderer who was making a pit stop in New York for seventy-two hours before boarding a flight to his homeland.He loves to contact new clients using certain hands or bets of pai gow. He killed Agent Mark Costa because he believed he was working for a competitor. Shen is seen in All In.

Sheldon, Maggie 'Rocker'
Maggie "Rocker" Sheldon is the girlfriend of Christopher Harlowe. Her apartment was broken into by the Burmese after it is discovered that Harlowe sent her copies of his videos. Sheldon is seen in What Happens in Burma.

Renee Simmons

Simmons, Renee
Renee Simmons is the security manager for Midtown Mutual. She is bribed by Walker to help him rob the bank. He hid her share of the money in a safety deposit box in the vault that was rented to her uncle, who died two years earlier. Simmons is seen in Withdrawal.

Russell Smith

Smith, Russell
Russell Smith is an old friend of Mozzie's from Detroit with connections to the mafia. He was delivering Krugerrands to Alex. When he learns someone is looking for Alex Hunter, he agrees to sell her out. Smith has been involved in racketeering, extortion and robbery and is seen in Copycat Caffrey.

Spelman, Pierce
Pierce Spelman killed Christopher Gray when he discovers her robbing his place. She seduced and drugged three other men to get the jade elephant statues. She then kidnaps Neal and forces him to take her to the other two statues. She has a fake ID and is seen in Home Invasion.

Andrew Stanzler

Stanzler, Andrew
Andrew Stanzler is an energy trader. He and another trader, Francis Luntz are using their combined power to create energy shortages. Luntz didn't trust Stanzler and taped some of their meetings. Stanzler found out and hired Peter (posing as Neal) to steal the jumpdrive with the recordings. He then set things up to have Luntz and Peter killed. Stanzler's assistant, Brooke reveals his scam to the FBI. Stanzler is seen in Power Play.

Steve is a homeless man who slept in the church. He took the bible because Paul Ignazio told him he would show how to use it to heal his dog, Lucy. Steve is a veteran who served in Iraq (which is where he found Lucy). At the end, of Book of Hours he strikes up an odd friendship with Burrelli, who offers to take Lucy to a veterinarian he knows.

See van Horn, Henry.

Sullivan, David
David Sullivan is the victim of morgage fraud in Bad Judgment. He put his father in an assisted care facility and then barely visited him.

Sullivan, Allison
Allison is David Sullivan's six-year-old daughter. She wins Peter over by drawing him a picture in Bad Judgment.

Sullivan, Paul
Paul Sullivan is the head of new-product development at Prager & Vaughn. He tries to cover up a bad batch of Zybax by swapping it with good drug. He kills Helen Anderson's source and tried to kill her. Sullivan is seen in Deadline.


Tara is a fashion model who overhears Ghovat killing an associate. She is later kidnapped by Ghovat and held for ransom until Peter manages to rescue her. Tara is seen in Threads.

Taylor, Eric
Eric Taylor is one of the students helping George Oswald run cons. Taylor is the student who tries to con Alex out of $200 at the bar and the one who runs into Jones during the Krugerrand switch. Taylor is seen in Copycat Caffrey.

Alicia Tiegen

Teagen, Alisha
Alisha Teagan is a journalist and segment producer. She was embedded with Captain Mitchell's unit in Iraq. She met Mitchell for drinks to get his print and hair. She smuggled the Iraqi gold in for Aimes. She needed money to make up for her losses when the market crashed. Teagan is seen in Flip of the Coin.

Selena Thomas

Thomas, Selena
Selena Thomas is a devoted serial monogamist. She married four wealthy men and then killed them. Her four husbands died by heart attack, embolism, skydiving accident and street mugging. She encouraged the men to leave their wealth to fake charity arranged by her and Gerald Jameson. Thomas is seen in Veiled Threat.

Trent is one of the marketers that works for Wesley Kent and Novice. He is seen in Company Man.

Mr. Twan is the owner of Mai Shilin restaurant and father of Bai. He was being forced to pay Lao Shen protection money. His house was used as the FBI base in All In.

Twan, Bai
Bai is the cute girl who steals Peter's socks and translates Chinese for him. Her father is Mr. Twan. Bai is seen in All In.

Tza, Ni
Ni Tza is the Burmese diplomat who replaces Than Kyi at the end of What Happens in Burma.


Tulane, Adrian
Adrian Tulane is a jewel thief. Neal considers him a legend and calls him smart and a showman. Cameras don't scare him. He is believed to have pulled the Afitzi job. Tulane is seen in Free Fall.


Tullman, Bradford "Ford"
Bradford "Ford" Tullman used to work with June's husband, Byron. Byron and Ford once ran a rooftop casino 20 years earlier out of June's home (now Neal's apartment). They had three games of five-card stud going around the clock on Byron's roof (Neal's apartment now). Ford was the "mechanic." He was locked up for two years for real estate fraud. He sold nonexistent land to six different corporations. He once stole a Renoir from the Met and masterminded the Nicosia job. He rubs his fingers with a pumice stone to remove his fingerprints every morning. Ford stole the flexographic for the $100 from 1991. Byron took it away from him and hid it Ford told his cellmate, Ganz, about it in an exchange for protection. After they were released, Byron and Ganz decided to get the plate and print counterfeit money. Ford is seen in Countermeasures.


Taryn Vandersant

Vandersant, Taryn
Taryn Vandersant is a buyer at the Lambert Gallery. She has a meeting between the FBI and Dorsett to buy a stolen painting. Vandersant is seen in The Portrait.

van Horn, Henry
Henry van Horn is the C.O.O. of Barrett-Dunne. He was secretly importing paladium into China and India shaped as bullets to avoid tarriffs.He goes by the codename Striker. He is seen in As You Were.

Veselic, Manny
Manny Veselic is a student that George Oswald involved in his crimes. Manny is the one who pays with $100s at the bar. Manny helps make the switch during the Krugerrand switch. Veselic is seen in Copycat Caffrey.

Vidal, Rebecca
Rebecca Vidal is Jack Franklin's criminal informant. She was arrested for car theft. She now works as a car salesperson at Manhattan Motorcars. She and Franklin had a romantic relationship, but according to her they broke it off about a year earlier. Her alias is Claudia Weaver. Vidal is seen in Prisoner's Dilemma.

Stan Volker

Volker, Stan
Stan Volker is an attorney with an office in Glen Cove. He has one of the highest acquittal rates in the city. He won his last three cases after a key witness disappeared or died. He bought witness information from U.S. Marshall John Deckard. He sold out one of Mozzie's friends. He has two lamborghini murciélago roadsters. Volker is seen in Prisoners Dilemma.

Vulture, The
See Sally.


Edward Walker

Walker, Edward
Edward Walker was a hedge-fund manager who loves golf and Russian art, especially Ivan Aivazovsky. He lives in an penthouse with a balcony that overlooks the Hudson River. Walker pulls of elaborate bank robberies by sending him a card that says "The Architect." He has an assistant, Whitney. Walker is seen in Withdrawal.

Walter Channing Museum

Walter is the curator for the Channing Museum in New York City. He authenticated the Haustenberg portrait in The Portrait. He hid the truth about the dedication and falsely kept the painting from Julianna's grandmother. Neal discovered the truth and faked a second portrait that now hangs in the Channing Museum. Walter is not directly mentioned, but referred to in Out of the Box as the contact that Neal uses to land the Master's Retrospection.

Meilin Wan

Wan, Meilin
Meilin Wan is an agent with Interpol who worked undercover trying to arrest Lao Shen. She and Neal spent six hours together in her hotel room. She blackmails Neal by promising to give him information about Kate if he’ll do what she wants. She wanted Shen to walk so she could arrest him on Asian soil, which would get Interpol $500,000 in funding from China. Wan is seen in All In.

Westley, Agent
Agent Westley poses as Chad's friend at the party. He is seen getting Chad a beer when he is stopped by Neal and Jones in Scott Free.

Whitney is Edward Walker's assistant. She meets Neal at an outdoor cafe and they share a glass of wine, but she is rejects Neal when she finds out he is a convicted felon. She lives in Gramercy Park. Whitney is seen in Withdrawal.

Wilkes, Ryan
Ryan Wilkes has been linked to grand theft auto to extortion. He likes to use Plasticine clay to forge keys to use in locks when breaking in. He also uses items found at the site rather than bringing his own. Ryan and Neal once tried working together. Neal turned on him when he learned Wilkes planned to hurt people. Neal walked away with $500,000. He kidnapped Linsdey Gless in order to get to Neal and use him to steal gold cards from Edward Reilly. Wilkes is introduced in Front Man

Wilson, Adam
Adam Wilson is the Undersecretary of Asian Affairs at the U.N. His son is Christopher Harlowe, an American college student. Wilson is seen in What Happens in Burma.

Wilson, Isabelle
Isabelle Wilson dated Clinton Jones when he was in law school. They broke up when he joined the FBI. Isabelle eventually married a Navy friend of Jones' named Jimmy Wilson. She is now a linguistics professor at Princeton. She calls Jones "C.J." She had not seen Jones for eight years until she appears in As You Were.

Wilson, Jimmy
Jimmy Wilson is an old buddy of Clinton Jones from Annapolis. They met at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and served their tours together. He was working for Barrett-Dunne Security, private military for hire, in Pretoria, South Africa. He and Jones haven't talked in five years. Jimmy married Jones's ex-girlfriend, Isabelle. Jones was at their wedding. Jimmy is seen in As You Were.


Yoshida, Daichi
Daichi Yoshida is with the Japanese Embassy in Home Invasion.

Elizabeth's asssistant Yvonne

Yvonne works for Elizabeth Burke at Burke Premiere Events. She is seen in Free Fall, Out of the Box and Power Play.