Quotes from White Collar Episode "Burke's Seven"

Season 2, Episode 10 Air Date: January 18, 2011

Burke: How'd you stay ahead of me when I was after you? And don't say good looks and charm.
Caffrey: Aliases. I had several.
Burke: I kept burning them.
Caffrey: And I kept making new ones.

Mozzie: They did it. They finally got me. What happened?
Caffrey: The bullet missed your heart by two millimeters.
Mozzie: That's because I don't have a heart.
Caffrey: Oh, well, look at the bright side. You're not dead.
Mozzie: I know. It's worse. I'm in the system.
Caffrey: Not exactly.
Mozzie: Ivan Bliminse? Invisible man? That's apropos.

Caffrey: Mozzie's awake.
Burke: That's great. How's he doing?
Caffrey: He quoted Nietzsche to a nurse. He's gonna be okay.

Elizabeth: He shot your best friend. What could he possibly offer you?
Caffrey: Larssen shot Mozzie on orders. He's offering me the man who gave the order.
Elizabeth: Wait, is this the same man who's responsible for Kate's death?
Caffrey: Yeah.
Burke: You make that deal, a killer walks free. Neal, you can find your revenge in the justice. It's there.
Caffrey: I know.
Burke: You're not listening to me. You are listening to me.
Caffrey: That's why I'm here. This time we do it your way.

Burke: No. No, the FBI is not gonna pay for your combat training.
Caffrey: Think about what I could do for you guys if I knew how to fight.
Burke: No, I'd rather not. New York is safer if Neal Caffrey is lacking in at least one skill set.
Caffrey: Okay, what about self-preservation?
Burke: No, you've done pretty well with the whole running away thing. It suits you. Get a dog.
Caffrey: Can I borrow Satchmo?
Burke: No, you can't borrow Satchmo.

Burke: Did you take my mug?
Caffrey: I think everyone knows not to touch your mug.

Mozzie: When this is finished, I'm retired.
Caffrey: Okay, you know, deathbed epiphanies aren't your style. If this is about not being able to remember, Moz...
Mozzie: It has nothing to do with that. I betrayed everything I believe in.
Caffrey: What are you talking about?
Mozzie: I narc'ed! I was the one who told the suit you were going after Fowler! I was serious. The reason the bullet missed my heart is because I don't have one!
Caffrey: You told Peter?
Mozzie: I'm a Judas, a turncoat, a quisling!
Caffrey: Thank you. I...If you hadn't, Moz... I might have killed Fowler. And Fowler didn't kill Kate.
Mozzie: He didn't? Then who did?
Caffrey: The guy Larssen's working for... I think.

Caffrey: What do you got there?
Elizabeth: Oh, Mozzie's care package, per his specific request. We've got gluten-free brownies and bendy straws.
Caffrey: He's definitely feeling better.
Burke: We'll get through this.
Elizabeth: I know.

Burke: That was Diana. Department of Justice has pulled all my files.
Caffrey: That was fast.
Burke: Evidence tampering...Doesn't get any worse than that. Every case I've closed will be brought into question.
Caffrey: Maybe I'll get my anklet off sooner than I thought.
Burke: You might.

Burke: Catch yourself cheating yet?
Caffrey: I tried, but my opponent's always one step ahead of me.
Burke: Imagine that.

Burke: He's a Nigerian prince.
Caffrey: I thought those only existed in spam e-mail.
Burke: Bilal likes to race horses internationally. He owns a number of shipping companies, and he handles a lot of import and export out of New York Harbor.
Caffrey: Where can we find his royal highness?
Burke: He spends his days at the Rodgers Yacht Club.

Burke: Hi, Sara.
Sara Ellis: Hi, Peter. Neal. It's been a while. Nice to see you fully clothed. Love the hat.

Sara Ellis: A prince, huh?
Caffrey: I've been a prince.
Sara Ellis: When was that?
Burke: Yeah, when was that?
Caffrey: You want me to talk to him?
Burke: Why you?
Caffrey: 'Cause of your situation?
Sara Ellis: What's wrong?
Burke: You make it sound like I'm dying. Things are complicated at the FBI. But I don't need a badge to do good detective work.

Caffrey: He's like superman without his powers.

Sara Ellis: Well, Clark Kent seems to be doing pretty well for himself. What now, boy wonder?
Caffrey: You're mixing your superheroes.
Sara Ellis: Oh, God. And you're working guard duty.
Caffrey: "Keep an eye on something" is code between me and Peter, okay? It means do some digging, see what I can find.
Sara Ellis: Does Peter know that's what it means?

Caffrey: Who's the owner of this club?
Sara Ellis: Frank Wellington.
Caffrey: Does he come out here often?
Sara Ellis: Rarely. I take it that's who you'll be?
Caffrey: Only if you'll be my Mrs. Wellington.
Sara Ellis: All right.
Caffrey: Your wallet, please. Marriage is based on trust.
Sara Ellis: Trust that I have my baton, and I really do love to hit people with it.
Caffrey: Thanks.

Sara Ellis: Peter Burke: cowboy. Why does that make so much sense?
Burke: I grew up in upstate. Lots of horses. You pick up a thing or two. Sara, thanks for the help.
Sara Ellis: Thanks for the shotgun marriage.
Caffrey: Anytime.

Burke: Normally, I'd get a search warrant on the docks, do a wiretap and surveillance on Larssen and Bilal, and catch them red-handed smuggling whatever it is they smuggle.
Caffrey: What if we get someone else to arrest him?
Burke: What do you mean?
Caffrey: We can do all the things you mentioned. We'll just do it my way.
Burke: A con.
Caffrey: Nothing illegal, but if we—
Burke: All right.
Caffrey: Just hear me out. I saw what you did there.
Burke: If it means bringing Larssen down, I'm in. Nothing illegal.
Caffrey: No.
Burke: How do we do it?
Caffrey: First, you'll need to form a crew.
Burke: Burke's crew?
Caffrey: Welcome to the other side.

Caffrey: Does that mean you're in?
Sara Ellis: Now, what kind of wife doesn't support her husband? I'm in, Junior.

Mozzie: Retired. Out of the business.
Elizabeth: Mozzie, I am not here to recruit you. I am just here to give you your care package.
Mozzie: Oh! Excellent!
Elizabeth: You know, they do wash the glasses here.
Mozzie: Oh, yeah. Next you'll tell me that Paul McCartney wasn't replaced by a look alike in 1966. How do they plan on catching Larssen?
Elizabeth: Oh, they'll figure it out. Honey, you need your rest. And, hey, you, uh, you might actually like retirement.

Sara Ellis: What?
Caffrey: Why are you helping us?
Sara Ellis: I like having Neal Caffrey owe me one. You're fun to work with. I like getting inside your head.
Caffrey: So I'm research?
Sara Ellis: Something like that.

Sara Ellis: Do you want to prank-call Peter?
Caffrey: Absolutely.

Jones: The little guy's not coming?
Burke: I sent my best operative to get him.
Mozzie: I know you're all surprised to see me. Not one of you is surprised to see me.
Elizabeth: Amateur.
Mozzie: Nicely played, Mrs. Suit.
Elizabeth: Good luck with your little con.
Burke: It's not a con!
Caffrey: Well, technically, it is a con.
Burke: It's a sting.
Caffrey: Yeah, but a sting's another word for... Okay, let's start the sting.
Burke: Let me start by saying we have limited resources and no other backup. The six of us are all we have.
Caffrey: The Burke Six. I like it.

Mozzie: Oh, that stuff never works.
Sara Ellis: Well, the software that's legal in the U.S. doesn't.
Mozzie: Oh. A lady who colors outside the lines.

Businessman: Angela, is that you, sweetie?
Elizabeth: (Posing as Angela) Honey, I can hardly hear you. Can you call me back later?
Businessman: We can't leave our conversation the way we did.
Elizabeth: Okay, honey, this is what I want you to do. I want you to go, and I want you to buy me some flowers. You know the ones I love. When you walk through the door, I want you to kiss me. Then you're gonna sweep me off my feet, and you're gonna make love to me. Can you do that? Uh...Yeah, I can. Good. I'm gonna pretend this conversation never happened, and so are you. Now get off the phone and go. Now it's the Burke Seven.

Hughes: What the hell is going on here?
Jones: Peter needs our help.

Caffrey: Before you get your badge back, there is a seven-man con that I have been meaning to...
Burke: No. The Burke Seven is hereby disbanded.
Caffrey: We made a good team. Oh, come on. Admit it... You enjoyed yourself.
Burke: A good con never admits to anything. You taught me that.

Sara Ellis: Any idea why Larssen was so intent on shipping Nazi dinnerware?
Burke: Not really. No. Larssen's not talking, but it's clearly important to whoever he's working for.
Sara Ellis: Where was it going?
Burke: Argentina. Which isn't exactly in the FBI's jurisdiction.
Sara Ellis: It's in mine. Sterling Bosch has a few clients in South America, and I have vacation days coming up.
Burke: Are you offering to go to Argentina? Could be dangerous.
Sara Ellis: Could be fun. Tell Junior I'll send him a postcard.
Burke: Junior?

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