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Season 1, Episode 12 Air Date: February 23, 2010

When Neal is confronted by his blue-collar counterpart, he must revive a decades-old competition to create an impossible forgery of a bottle of wine. However, things aren't exactly as they seem. For more information, check out Quotes from "Bottlenecked" or "Bottlenecked" Nitpicks.

“Your girlfriend's missing. You can't find the one thing that might free her. One could say there's enough mystery in your life.” – Mozzie


The Con

Neal and Mozzie create a fake bottle of wine.

Peter helps Neal sneak into the wine vault to steal wax shavings.

Interesting Facts

Peter Burke wears a t-shirt from Le Moyne College, which is actually Tim DeKay's alma mater.

Elizabeth Burke does not appear in this episode.

Character Information

The Bad Guy

Matthew Keller is the blue-collar version of Neal. They have a long history that is detailed on Major Players page.

Kate Clues

Mozzie suggests Neal find something that Alex can't resist to tempt her to telling him about the music box.



"Then why don't you find me more favorable results, Dostoyevsky"

Fyodor Dostoyevsky was a Russian writer and essayist best known for his novels Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov. Neal calls Mozzie this after he quotes Dostoyevsky ("Realists don't fear the results of their study").

"And French soil samples that belonged to Dr. John Bartram."

John Bartram was an early American botanist, horticulturist and explorer. He is considered the father of American botany.

"Pinot. You've seen Sideways."

The 2004 movie Sideways." is about two friends in search of a famous bottle of Merlot. In the movie, the main character constantly talks about how he loves pinot noir.

"The Shinobi ninja can fashion a weapon out of anything."

Shinobi is the Japanese word for ninja.

a team

"I appreciate your A-Team run here, guys."

The A-Team was a television show from the mid-80s about a team of mercenaries.

"He and Neal may be rivals, but he's the anti-Caffrey, the Bizzaro Neal."

Bizarro is a villain in the DC Comic universe. He is described as having all the powers of Superman, although many of them are reversed and Bizarro is evil. The character was featured on an episode of Seinfeld in which Tim DeKay (Burke) played "Bizarro Jerry."

About the Wine

Because there are so many different wines mentioned in this episode, I've created a special section for it. In an interview, Jeff Eastin credited co-writer Tom Garrigus for doing extensive research on wine and wine forging and states that the testing and details mentioned in the episode were all true. They did fudge a little on some of the wines (but that was deliberate).

Château Du Munn

The Château Du Munn is a fictional winery.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a wine made from red pinot noir grapes. These grapes grow in Burgundy, France; the Willamette Valley in Oregon and along the central coast of California.

Château Latour

Château Latour is a French wine estate located in the Bordeaux region of France. Grape vines have grown on the location since the 1300s and were incorporated into one company near the end of the 16th century.

Mouton Rothschild

The Château Mouton Rothschild is a wine estate located in the village of Pauillac near Bordeaux, France. Its red wine of the same name is regarded as one of the world's greatest clarets.

Pétrus 1945

Pétrus is a wine estate in the Pomerol region near Bordeaux, France that grows mostly Merlot grapes. The Pétrus 1945 is worth between $2500 to $5000.

Château 1985 Château Pétrus Pomerol

This wine is a Merlot that sells for $1000 to $3000 a bottle.

1947 Château Lafleur

The wine that Sir Roland mistakenly verified six magnums does not technically exist. There are several including the Château Lafleur-Pétrus, the Château Lafleur, and the Château Lafleur Montagne-St. Émilion.

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Writer:Jeff Eastin & Tom Garrigus Director:Phil Abraham
Regulars Guest Stars
Neal Caffrey
Peter Burke
Elizabeth Burke
Clinton Jones
Lauren Cruz
Reese Hughes
Matt Bomer
Tim DeKay
Tiffani Thiessen
Willie Garrison
Sharif Atkins
Natalie Morales
James Rebhorn
Grace Quinn
Matthew Keller
Sir Roland Cattigan
Rita Campos
FBI Agent #1
FBI Agent #2
Manuel Campos
Alexandra Daddario
Kate Levering
Ross McCall
Byron Jennings
Raquel Almazan
Mallory Jones
Dina Drew
Michael Logan
Philip J. Silvera

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