White Collar Episode "Book of Hours" Recap

Season 1, Episode 3 Air Date: November 6, 2009

Book of Hours Cruz, Jones and another FBI agent are sitting in the surveillance van outside Masso's when there is a knock on the door. One of the men they were watching says "You guys are the FBI, right? We need your help." Later, in Hughes office, a man name Burrelli tells that his church is missing a five hundred year old Bible. Burke makes a deal, he'll look for the Bible if Burrelli closes his bookmaking club at Masso's.

Meanwhile, Neal and Mozzie are trying to figure out what message Kate left using the bottle. Peter arrives. Mozzie says he'll take the bottle to "the lab" and run some tests.

Book of Hours

Peter and Neal arrive at the church and Father D'Allesio tells them about the Bible. Peter suspects that someone from the church stole the Bible since most of roster are known felons. Burrelli assures him that no one from the congregation stole it.

Neal goes back home and brainstorms with Mozzie why someone would steal a Bible. Mozzie tells him that the Bible is known as the "Healing Bible" and has a long history of miracle-like healings associated with it. Maybe the person who stole it believed in its ability to heal.

Book of Hours

Neal finds Peter at the FBI office, tells him what he's discovered and convinces him to go back to the church to question Father D'Allesio. They discover that the night of the theft, D'Allesio let a homeless man, Steve, sleep in the church. Steve has someone close to him that is very sick…his dog, Lucy.

Neal and Peter find Steve and Steve admits that he stole the Bible but he doesn't have it. A man convinced him to steal it and told Steve that he would show him how to use the Bible to heal Lucy. Steve says he would recognize this man, so Peter takes him back to the FBI to look at mug shots.

Back at the FBI, Cruz is helping Steve look at mug shots for over an hour. Steve apologizes to Peter because he feels he is not helping and reveals he is an Iraqi war vet. Hughes arrives and says that one of Burrelli's men, his nephew and number two Paul Ignazio, was just shot and killed. Steve recognizes Ignazio's picture as the man who told him to steal the Bible.

Book of Hours

Peter goes to the scene. Agent Ruiz, who runs organized crime division at the FBI, takes over the investigation and doesn't want Peter's assistance. Hughes tells Peter to let Ruiz handle it and focus on other cases. Peter informs Neal and tells him his hands are tied, suggesting Neal might be able to do some work on his own. Neal says he's chilly and asks to borrow Peter's FBI jacket. Neal promises that under no circumstances will he impersonate the FBI.

Book of Hours

Next Mozzie is seen wearing Peter's FBI jacket and approaching a house cordoned off with police tape. He attempts to go under the tape, but is stopped by a police officer. Mozzie talks his way into the house and lets Neal in through the backdoor. They search the place and discover Ignazio has been doing research something. This leads them to a woman named Maria Fiametta, an art historian at Brooklyn State. Neal calls Peter and the two head off to interview Maria.

Maria informs them that the "Bible" is actually a prayer book known as a book of hours. She says she doesn't know anything about the theft so Peter and Neal leave.

Neal catches up with Mozzie who tells him "the lab" didn't discover anything more about the bottle. Neal heads over to Peter's house. Elizabeth arrives home. Neal suggests that they are dealing with a shell game involving Ignazio, Steve and Maria. Elizabeth suggests that Neal ask her out.

Book of Hours

Next we see Maria and Neal having dinner at an upscale restaurant. Neal is hinting to her that he is interested in the Bible as a criminal. Meanwhile Cruz and Jones prepare to break in to Maria's home and plant a listening device. While they are in the process, they get a message that Neal and Maria are heading home.

Book of Hours

Neal and Maria arrive at her place and make small talk. Peter, Jones and Cruz are listening to them from the van. Maria gets closer to Neal and tells him that she doesn't know if she can trust him. To gain her trust, Neal reveals the recently planted bug and destroys it. Neal tells her that the FBI have linked her to Ignazio and warns her that if she doesn't get rid of it she'll end up in prison.

The next day, Hughes, Ruiz and Peter ate discussing the case. Ruiz has also connected Maria to Ignazio. Peter says Maria will sell the Bible to Neal for $250,000 wired to a Swiss bank account. Hughes suggests setting up a dummy account for the money. Neal arrives and he and Peter go over the details of the plan.

The next morning, Peter is getting ready for work. He's worried because he knows Neal will have to cut his anklet in order to prove to Maria that he's serious. He's not sure Neal can be trusted to avoid the temptation and might run away with the book. Elizabeth tells Peter he needs to trust Neal.

Back in front of Maria's place, Neal and Maria check each other out for listening devices. Convinced it is safe, they get ready to make the exchange. Neal cuts his anklet and Maria and Neal take off in her car.

Book of Hours

At the waterfront, Neal is authenticating the Bible. Convinced, he uses his phone to transfer the money to her. Once he's done, Maria pulls a gun. Neal informs her he lifted the clip of the gun when he patted her down. Maria says he forgot about the one in the chamber. Neal holds the book in front of him like a shield, hoping that the value and history of the Bible will keep her from shooting him. It doesn't. She fires, but Peter and the FBI have arrived. They force her to drop her weapon. Neal is fine, the bullet lodged in the Bible and kept him safe.

Book of Hours

Burrelli arrives on the scene and asks for the Bible. Neal says he handed it to some "FBI guy." A short distance away, Mozzie is seen walking away wearing Peter's FBI jacket carrying the Bible. Eventually, Peter figures out where the Bible is. Everyone arrives at the church to find Steve and Lucy with the Bible. Burrelli is upset and seems about to do damage to Steve, when Lucy licks his hand. Charmed, Burrelli tells Steve he knows a vet that might be able to help her. In one of the pews, Peter finds his FBI jacket.

Back at Neal's apartment, it is late and Neal is still looking at the bottle. He sets it down in front of a candle and notices writing appears. He wakes up Mozzie and tells him he's figured it out. Kate left a map of the New York Subway system on the bottle's label using lemon juice. The heat from the candle revealed it.

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