Pictures in Neal Neal Caffrey Apartment on White Collar

I've always been facinated by the artwork on Neal's walls. More importantly, I've wanted to figure out who the artists are. So far, I have tracked down three of the paintings. If you know the artists of any of the paintings I have missed, please let me know at darcy @ or tweet me at WCLexicon.

The Skating Minister

The Skating Minister on White Collar

The Skating Minster is the shorter title of The Reverend Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch. It is an oil painting by Sir Henry Raeburn. It hangs in the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh. It is one of Scotland's best known paintings and is considered "an icon of Scottish culture" according to Wikipedia. You can find out more about the painting by going to the National Gallery's official site on the painting.

Painting Location: The painting has consistantly hung on the wall directly across the entrance of Neal's apartment.

Berliner Secession Art Exhibition Poster

Berliner Secession on White Collar

This is a poster for the III "Berliner Secession" art exhibition that was held from May through October 1901. It was done by Thomas Theodor Heine, a German painter and illustrator. The original is part of the Jewish Museum Berlin in Germany. It was donated by Hendrik A. Berinson in memory of Ephraim Berinson.

Painting Location: During Season 1 and 2, the painting hung on the back wall of Neal's bedroom area next to the armoire.

L'Absinthe Rend Fou

L'Absinthe Rend Fou

This poster is French for "Absinthe Makes You Crazy" and is from the Victorian era. Absinthe is a heavily alcoholic beverage made from grande wormwood. It was extremely popular in late 1800's in Europe among artists and bohemians, due to purported effects that separated it from normal alcohol. Around the beginning of the 20th century, Absinthe was banned because it supposedly caused madness in those who drank it, causing hallucinations and violence. Vincent Van Gogh was a well-known absinthe drinker and is usually touted as an example of its effects. I have been unable to determine the artist of the original or find out where the original hangs.

Painting Location: This painting is rarely seen on White Collar because it hangs in Neal's bedroom opposite the mirror. A quick glimpse of it can be seen in In the Red when Sara walks into the bedroom.

Study of the Head of Leda

Study for the Head of Leda

The "Study for the Head of Leda" was completed by Leonardo da Vinci around 1506. It is part of the Royal Collection in Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom. "Leda" is a character in Greek Mythology. Depending on which version of the story you read, Zeus came to her in the form of a swan and then seduced or raped Leda on her wedding night to King Tyndareus. She was a favorite subject during the 16th century because, at that time, it was okay to show a women having sex with a swan but not a man. (Thanks to Victory Nichols for identifying this picture!)

Painting Location: The art appears on a free-standing easel or platform in the corner of the living area in Neal's apartment.

The Unidentified Paintings

I have yet to identify the following paintings. If you know who painted them, I would love to know. You can contact me at darcy @ or tweet me at WCLexicon.

City Painting Jesus Painting Yellow Painting Red Flowers Girl Painting Cream Painting Ship Painting La Cita Painting