White Collar Locations: Neal's Two Mile Radius

It was established in the Pilot, that Neal's anklet has a two-mile radius from his home. Although originally that was at the motel, I think it's safe to say that the radius was alter to fit his current living situation. Neal frequently complains about the limit of the anklet. After mapping it out, I can see why:

Neal's anklet radius

About 1/2 of Neal's radius is in the Hudson River or on the other side of the Hudson River. That wouldn't be so bad, except you'll notice that none of the bridges are within that radius. So he can go there, he just can't get there. It's possible that there is a ferry crossing he could use, but I was unable to find any withing that range.

The FBI building is within Neal's tranking anklet radius. I've indicated the location of the FBI building with a red star.

If you'd like to see a larger map with Neal's tranking anklet radius, I've got one here.

You may notice that June's house on this map is not located the same location as the actual house is. That's because the address to June's house is 87 Riverside (as stated in the Pilot) while the actual house is actually 351 Riverside.