White Collar Episode "All In" Recap

Season 1, Episode 6 Air Date: November 27, 2009

Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke arrive at FBI Headquarters. They have been working on a lot of mortgage fraud cases recently. The office is in chaos because an undercover agent from DC, Mark Costa, went missing last night. Hughes calls Peter into the conference room. Moments later, he returns and motions for Neal to come in as well.

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Hughes asks Neal what he knows about Nicholas Halden. Neal feigns ignorance. Peter says they know Neal used the alias Nick Halden to launder cash through that Canary Island scam in 2004. Neal asks if he has immunity for any crimes committed under that alias. He does. Hughes wants Neal to pose as Halden in order to infiltrate underground Pai Gow table in Chinatown. He can use the game to contact Lao Shen, a known money launder and the man suspected of having Costa.

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Neal asks Mozzie to teach him Pai Gow. Mozzie shows Neal a movie, Tiles of Fire, that shows the game being played. As they watch, they speculate on what the man with the ring wants from Neal. They list several things Neal has stolen, but nothing fits. Eventually, Mozzie goes over the rules of Pai Gow. Neal tells him that he can contact Lao by folding a winning hand.

The next day, the FBI and Neal arrive at an apartment located above Mai Shilin restaurant where they are going to set up. The owner of the restaurant is a C.I. for the FBI. Neal has his GPS anklet removed and is given a watch that works as a transmitter and GPS locator.

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Neal arrives at the game and makes it through security. He sits down at one of the tables and is immediately approached by an attractive woman (Meilin) who hands him a drink. She tells him "Yum Seng," which is a toast that means "Drink and win." She watches Neal play the next hand. Neal folds. After the dealer reveals his hand, Neal reveals his. She tells him he could have won.

Lao approaches. Neal hints at his real reason for being at the game and they agree to play another hand. As they do, the police raid the game. Lao thinks Neal tipped them off and has his bodyguard point a gun at him. Neal says it is a coincidence. Lao and his goon run off with Meilin. The police enter the room and tell Neal to surrender. Instead, he flips the table over and uses it to shield him from gunfire then escapes through the kitchen.

Neal is seen running through the streets. He talks into his watch asking for Peter to call of the police. Peter goes to help Neal. Neal eludes the police but walks right into two of Lao's gunmen. Before he can react, Meilin intervenes and tells them she has been sent to handle things. As Peter watches, Neal walks away with Meilin.

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Neal and Meilin arrive at a hotel room. She tells him that Lao told her to spend the night with him. She makes Neal a drink, which he refuses. She then tells him to relax and goes over to him. She slips off his watch and takes it over the minibar where she smashes it with a glass—effectively taking him "off the clock."

Meilin tells Neal that she is with Interpol and she knows his true identity and his connection with the FBI. She wants Neal to botch the operation so Interpol can go after Lao's boss. In return she will help Neal get Kate.

Later, Peter wakes up from a nap on the couch. Agent Cruz has been monitoring things, but Neal hasn't left the hotel. Neal arrives back at the apartment. Neal says the watch must have broken during the chase and that Meilin can make the meet with Lao happen. Jones arrives and says that they traced the NYPD tip off to Meilin's cellphone. The phone is linked to a hostess bar on Canal as the place of business.

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Peter, Cruz and Neal approach the hostess bar to see several girls outside. Peter approaches them and asks several questions about Meilin. The girls all speak in Chinese. When he returns to Neal, he reveals that he taped the conversation because he suspects the girls will reveal things thinking that he doesn't understand the language.

Back at the FBI, Cruz and Peter are waiting for the translator when Bai, the daughter of the CI, approaches. Realizing she speaks Chinese, Peter uses her to translate the tape. He discovers that Meilin was working at a place called the Red Lantern. Costa suspected it as a shell company for Lao. Cruz pulls Peter aside and tells him she has discovered that Meilin works for Interpol.

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At lunch, Peter reveals to Elizabeth that he thinks Neal knows Meilin works for Interpol and wonders why he kept it secret. Elizabeth tells him there is only one reason Neal would hide something from Peter: Kate.

Later, Peter and Neal are outside the warehouse. Neal picks the lock and the two enter. Peter notices signs of a struggle and drag marks which lead to a freezer. Inside the freezer is Agent Costa. Before they can call for backup, men arrive. Neal and Peter are forced to hide while the men take Costa's body away.

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Peter takes Neal back to his house. Neal tells him what Meilin tells him. Peter realizes the real reason: if Interpol catches Lao on Asian soil they get additional funding from the Chinese government. Peter tells Neal he has to take Lao down or else their partnership comes to an end.

Neal heads home only to find June and Meilin in his apartment. June leaves and Neal asks Meilin what happened to Costa. Meilin tells him that she lead Neal there so Costa could get a proper burial and her job now is to make sure the FBI can't monitor any of Lao's accounts during their deal. She tells Neal that she knows who the man holding Kate is.

The next day, the FBI is prepping Neal to meet with Lao. Peter gives Neal a new watch, one that allows him to turn the audio monitoring device on and off to avoid detection. Neal leaves and meets Meilin outside an elevator. Once inside, he cuts of the audio monitoring. Meilin gives him a new account number to use that will prevent the FBI from monitoring Lao's accounts. If he gives it to Lao, she will give him a flash drive with the name of the man holding Kate.

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At the meeting, Neal gives Lao Meilin's account number instead of the one the FBI gave him. When the transaction is complete, Meilin hands him a flash drive. Before Neal can leave, he suggests to Lao that they finish their game of Pai Gow. Meilin asks him what he is doing, and he says he did what she asked so it doesn't matter now.

After several hands, Neal is down to his last chips. He suggests that they each add their watches to the pot to make it interesting. Lao agrees. Neal takes off his watch and turns on the transmitter. He loses the hand. Meilin puts Neal's watch onto Lao and Neal leaves.

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Later, Peter and Neal are eating at Mai Shilin. Peter says they have enough evidence to put Lao away for good and asks Neal what was on the flash drive. Neal says it was empty like Peter predicted. Later, Meilin calls Neal. She tells him the flash drive was empty because the information she discovered was too sensitive: the man who has Kate works for the FBI.

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