White Collar "All In" Nitpicks

Season 1, Episode 6 Air Date: November 27, 2009

When you watch a program over and over, you start to notice minor continuity issues, plot oversights and other goofs. This page is not intended to be a criticism aimed toward the show or anyone who works on White Collar. They produce a great show and should be proud of their work. That's why I titled it "Nitpicks" because to nitpick means "to be overly critical or criticize minor details." If it bothers you, please don't read them.

Vivid Imagination? When Neal is in the hotel room, Agent Cruz makes a statement about "Already seen this on Cinemax." Jones replies he hasn't and then looks intently at his computer. Why? Neal isn't wearing a camera, only an audio transmitter.

All in Goof from White Collar All in Goof from White Collar

Double Back? After Bai interrupts Peter and Lauren in the conference room and Jones comes to recover her, two people are seen walking up the stairs behind them. Then the camera turns to Peter. When it turns back to Bai and Jones, the same two people walk up the stairs again.

All In Goof

Corrupting the Innocent: Why does Peter have Bai translate when it is obvious that the women are saying bad words. Couldn't the father translate? (I know, then we'd lose the cute scene with her and Peter. But her age seems to go up and down throughout the episode.)

Act Your Age! Bai seems to age rapidly from crying when something is taken away from her at the start of the episode to being able to write toward the end of the episode. It might be that she's was just pretending to cry, but her father seemed to try and comfort her and he refers to his "baby's crib."

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