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Alex Hunter White Collar

Alexandra Hunter is a high-end fence that deals mostly in Eastern European antiquities. She has only been arrested once, in France. The charges were mysteriously dropped. It is rumored that she has very powerful friends. (1.11)

Alex met Neal Caffrey when she became interested in Adler's South American acquisitions. They dated briefly before Neal hooked up with Kate. She is indirectly involved with Neal's break up with Kate. Neal tried to "con" Kate into going to Europe to help Alex steal the music box. Kate caught on, became upset and disappeared. (2.11)

Neal went to Copenhagen, Denmark, to meet up with Alex anyway . (2.11) They snuck into the Amalienborg Palace and hung out with the royal family. (1.14) They got very close to stealing the music box, but according to Neal it was a "three person job." (1.11, 2.11) Alex was injured after from jumping off the gate house. (1.11) She ended up in a hospital in France and Neal barely escaped. (2.11) Alex still has a scar that she received from the injury. Neal never visited her in the hospital. (1.14)

It is unclear what happened to Alex after that. All we know is that she did not visit Neal while he was in prison. (1.14) Neal tracks her down hoping that she might know where the music box is. Alex is reluctant to help Neal because he is working with FBI Agent Peter Burke. Once Neal makes it clear he can get out from under the bureau's watchful eye, she agrees to help. (1.13) She eventually locates the music box in the Italian Consulate. (1.14)

Gloria Votsis as Alex Hunter

Alex, Mozzie and Neal work up a con to steal the box from the consulate. During this time she also dates Duke Ignacious Barden to get into the consulate and because she "always wanted to dance with a duke." Alex initially runs off with the box, leaving Mozzie and Neal behind. She later returns to box to him. She tells Neal that she didn't want the box to mean good-bye for them. But she indicates that she doesn’t trust Kate. (1.14)

Alex hides out after that because she finds out that someone has been looking for her. She tries to get some money together to go to Europe and contacts Mozzie for help. Neal agrees to help her and enlists her help to bring down George Oswald. In exchange, Peter gives her a ticket to Italy Alex also manages to steal Matisse's 'View of Saint Tropez' from Oswald and takes it with her. (2.3) Alex later disappears in Italy (2.9).

She reappears in New York City where she is stealing silver and selling Spanish silver from the Almiranta, something she did previously. She then gives it to Hale to fence. During her thefts, Alex likes to do recon one block away before pulling the job. She looks for people who will be out of town, and then breaks in through a window. (2.9)

Alex tells Neal she has a target on her back, so Neal suggests she steals the music box from Diana's apartment safe and return it to the Russian Museum. Alex does and is almost caught, but manages to escape at the last minute. Alex disappears again, but this time she gives Neal her number. (2.9)

Alex and the Music Box

Gloria Votsis as Alex Hunter

Alex's grandfather is Gerhard Wagner. Wagner was the German who received the SOS signal from the u-boat carrying the stolen Nazi art. He encoded the information about the fractal antennae into the music box intending to build it once he arrived in America, but the music box got lost. (2.16)

After the fall of the third Reich, Wagner fled to America claiming to have top secret information. He was put into a detention center at Ellis Island. Wagner managed to slip over the wall of the center and immigrated into the U.S. using the name Michael Hunter. He later died in New York leaving only one surviving family member, his granddaughter Alex Hunter. (2.15)

Wagner told Alex about the music box and gave her the cherub key to unlock the hidden compartment. He also told her the story of Midas as a kid. He was the one who received the final SOS signal from the sub and encoded the S.O.S. antenna design into the music box. (2.16)

About Gloria Votsis

Alexandra Hunter is played by Gloria Votsis. She was born in upstate New York to a large Greek Family. She spent her senior year of high school in France. She is fluent in both French and Greek. She attended college at New York University. She's lived in New York City for several years and worked in finance to pay the bills while she did local theater in New York.

She eventually quit her job to pursue acting full time. She did over 40 commercials before managing to land a television spot. She eventually moved to Los Angeles. Besides her re-occurring role on White Collar, she can be seen on ABC's The Gates as the vampire Vanessa Buckley. Here are some links to interviews Gloria has done about her role on White Collar: